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Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics

Palm Beach County is a major hub for logistics and supply chain management.


The expansion of international shipping through the Port of Palm Beach, including local warehouse and manufacturing operations, is driving demand for employees with knowledge and skills in logistics, transportation, distribution, procurement, inventory and management.

Supply Chain Management A.S.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for further education and employment in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics career cluster. The program is designed to develop the student’s general employability by improving their work attitudes, communication, critical thinking, technical skills, problem-solving skills and occupation-specific skills relative to supply chain management.

Logistics & Transportation Specialist CCC

The Logistics & Transportation Specialist College Credit Certificate prepares students for initial employment with an occupational title or to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in these occupations with cross-functional skills necessary for planning, acquisition, flow and distribution of goods and services.

Career Pathway: Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Technology CCP

This Program prepares students for employment in the transportation, distribution and logistics industry. Course content focuses on the practical knowledge and skills needed by a variety of employers, including distribution facilities, carriers, ports, manufacturers, retailers and third-party logistics firms. The program also covers general employability skills, technical skills and an overview of career pathways.


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Jenny Posadas, Program Director  561-868-3864

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