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Do you have what it takes?

Answer the following questions to find out...Surgical Technologist

  1. Are you able to lift at least 20 pounds?
  2. Do you suffer from arthritis or joint pain?
  3. Do you have any back problems?
  4. Are you outgoing and assertive?
  5. Do you consider yourself organized?
  6. Can you adapt quickly to any situation?
  7. Do you have good listening skills?
  8. Do you like change and surprises?
  9. Do you suffer from leg cramps?
  10. Do you have varicose veins?
  11. How often do you need to take a bathroom break?
  12. Are you able to stand for 6 to 8 hours without sitting?
  13. How many times a day do you require a meal or a snack?
  14. Do you have sensitive skin or suffer from latex allergies?
  15. Do you have any skin problems on your hands or arms?
  16. What techniques do you use to alleviate stress?
  17. Are you willing to work holidays and weekends?
  18. How do you react to stressful situations?
  19. Do you enjoy working in a non-routine environment?
  20. Do you have good manual dexterity and fine motor skills?
  21. Do you experience pain in your feet with prolonged periods of standing?
  22. Are you able to hold a heavy object in the air for 10 mins without assistance?
  23. Are you willing and able to arrive at the hospital for clinicals at 6:30am?
  24. Can you arrange for child care if you are not relieved on time at the hospital?
  25. Have you ever been diagnosed with either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia?
  26. Do you experience numbness or tingling in your hands or feet or both?
  27. Are you able to see the big picture or do you become focused on details?
  28. Are you able to handle constructive criticism and make changes quickly?
  29. Are you able to apply book knowledge to practical performance? 
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