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PTLC Event PowerPoints

"Leadership Skills for Managing Conflict"
Presentation by Professor Debbie Beres, 4/11/18.

"Small Changes, Big Results: The Last Five Minutes of Class"
Presentation by Professor Sandy DeMauro, 4/10/18.

"Small Changes, Big Results: Making Connections"
Presentation by Professor Oscar Ruiz, 4/10/18.
Icebreaker slogans provided by Professor Terrini Woods

"How to Stay Calm When Students Push Your Buttons"
Presentation by Professor Debbie Beres, 4/4/18. 

"Classroom Behavior Rubrics that Enhance Feedback"
Presentation by Dr. George Stoupas, 4/4/18. 

"Small Changes, Big Results: Spacing It Out"
Presentation by Dr. George Stoupas, 3/28/18. 

"Small Changes, Big Results: Giving Them a Say"
Presentation by Dr. Matt Klauza, 3/28/18. 

"#NoBlurredLines: Understanding Sexual Victimization"
Presentation by Sharon Daugherty, Sexual Assault Outreach Coordinator, Palm Beach County Victim Services and Certified Rape Crisis Center, 3/21/18.

"Small Changes, Big Results: The First Five Minutes of Class"
Presentation by Dr. Matt Klauza, 2/27/18.

"Creating a Lively Online Classroom"
Presentation by Dr. Elka Ivanova, 2/27/18.

"Academically Tired"
Presentation by Professor Nataliya Romenesko, 2/14/18.

"Making Writing Meaningful for Students"
Presentation by Dr. Matt Klauza, 2/7/18.

"Small Changes, Big Results: The Minutes Before Class"
Presentation by Dr. Matt Klauza, 2/7/18.

"New Technologies that Enhance Student Engagement"
Presentation by Dr. Sapna Gupta, 11/15/17.

"FAU CARD: Helping Students with Autism and Related Disabilities"
Presentation by Jennifer Percival, M. Ed., Clinical Support Specialist for Transition at FAU Center for Autism and other Related Disabilities (FAU CARD), 11/9/17.
   (Note: proprietary information has been removed from this PowerPoint at the speaker's request. Current Palm Beach State employees and students may request the entire PowerPoint by emailing or

"Speaking the Language of Power: Hacking Into Your Lizard Brain"
Presentation by Learning Specialist Lyam Christopher, 10/25/17.

"Why Transfer Programs Are Crucial in Helping Students Be Completers"     handout
Presentation by Student Development Advisors Cynara Stubbs and Naria Menard, 10/16/17. (PowerPoint not available)

"Secrets of the Library: Unlock Hidden Treasures with Your PantherCard"     handout     tri-fold handout
Presentation by Librarian/Professors Janet Naughton and Jill Saracino, 10/12/17. (PowerPoint not available)

"Generation Z: Introduction to the New Student Population"
Presentation by Professor Sandy DeMauro, 10/04/17.

"Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing"
Presentation by Dr. George Stoupas, 9/26/17.

"Helping Students with Communication Apprehension"      handouts
Presentation by Professor Megan Tomei-Jameson, 4/5/17.

Leveraging Your Career Experience in the Classroom
Presentation by Professor Jodi Weiss, 3/28/17.

"Happiness and the Academy"      handouts
Presentation by Professor Jeannette Sullivan, 1/18/17.

Trigger Warnings: How We Can Be Aware
Presentation by Dr. Matt Klauza, 12/1/16.

Making Class Participation Work
Presentation by Professor Allen Webber, 10/26/16.

Quick and Good: Using Voice Recording Software to Provide Feedback to Students
Presentation by Professor
Nick LaRocca, 10/26/16.

Why Exams are Overrated; Active Learning Instead of Memorization and Lecture”      handout
Presentation by Professor Bridgit Stoffer, 9/20/16.

"The Legal and Historical Evolution of Genocide"      photos/maps
Presentation by Dr. Irving Berkowitz, 4/28/16.

"On the Trail of the Queen's Jewels"
Treasure diving presentation by Professor Bruce Beck, 4/12/16.

"Veterans on Campus: From Boots to Books"
Presentation by Veterans Affairs Coordinator John Miles and Assistant Dean of Student Services Van Williams, 2/11/16.

"Your Campus Students of Concern Team"
Presentation by Penny McIssac, Jeannie Hoban, Mareta Iosia-Sizemore, Jelecia Kirk, John Smith, and Van Williams, 1/28/16.
Handout: Dealing with Students in Distress

"Genealogy and Family Tales: Are the Tales Fact or Fiction?" 
Presentation by Professor Doug Cornwell, 1/20/16.
Lib Guides with supporting info: Family Tales Workshop    Genealogy Resources

"Invisible Disabilities" 
Presentation by Jeannie Hoban and Jelecia Kirk, 11/17/15.
Handouts: Autism Spectrum    Dealing with Disruptive Students    Strategies for Working with Students with Asperger Syndrome in  Classroom Settings

"Barriers to Student Success and What We Can Do to Help"      handout
Barriers to student success from the students' point of view - research presentation and handout by Dr. Mia Ocean, 10/20/15.

"TRiO: We Make a World of Difference"
Presentation on the seven federally funded TRiO programs by Dr. Monica Powers, 9/15/15.

"A Toolkit for Creating and Sustaining Student Learning Communities"
(Handouts only. PowerPoint was not made available by speaker.)
Learning Communities presentation by Broward College Professor Trish Joyce, 2/26/15.

"Matters of the Heart"
Heart health presentation by Dr. Deborah Copeland, 2/17/15.

"Who Do You Think You Are?"
Genealogy presentation by Larry Vick of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County, 11/6/14.

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