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New Faculty Experience

Exploring and Evolving Together


PBSC values talented, capable, self-reflective faculty who contribute to the culture of teaching and learning and who continuously refine their teaching, keeping pace with ever-changing students and the world around us.


The New Faculty Experience (NFE) will be a year-long, bi-weekly series of dialogues and seminars that provides information, activities, and interactions to integrate new faculty into the life of the college and to enhance their teaching skills.


We envision a community of effective educators, engaged in intellectual dialogue and development that explores available resources and enhances their skills in order to build upon a culture of teaching and learning.  Through this process, faculty will learn just as much from their peers as from the facilitator and presenters.


Two theories dictated the design of the NFE:

  1. The symbiosis of the overlapping areas of exploring the college, evolving teaching abilities, and establishing community within the cohort.
  2. The importance of using a cycle of self-reflection to identify individual needs to enhance teaching, with subsequent, continuous reflection on the effectiveness of those enhancements.


The New Faculty Experience will...

  1. Build a community
  2. Help faculty better understand PBSC students
  3. Enhance teaching skills and approaches
  4. Raise awareness of available support personnel and services
  5. Further orient faculty to the college
  6. Develop a habit of active, conscious reflection
  7. Accomplish the above through analysis, creation, dialogue, reflection, and/or play

Contact Info

Dr. Matt Klauza, Faculty Developer  |  561-868-3155

Rachel McDermott, Faculty Developer  |  561-862-4443

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