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What's New

Changes in Purchasing procedures or news that may impact you and your department.

Welcome to Thomas Harkins, our new PCard Specialist. 11-16-16

Congratulations to Tranetta Rutherford, promoted to Buyer. 9-1-16

New page: Competitive Solicitations; formerly "Bid Openings" and "Bids Completed". 7-13-16

New page: Tools & Resources; formerly "Procedures, Training & FAQ" and "Forms, Contracts & Reports". 7-13-16

2015/2016 Fiscal Year End timeline posted. 04-22-16

New Training Item: Panthernet Shortcut Keys. 02-16-16

New Training Guide: Types of Purchase Orders01-04-16

New FAQ: I mistakenly used my PCard to make a personal purchase. What do I need to do? 12-04-15

New procedure guide: How to return a damaged/defective item to Office Depot. 12-03-15

Welcome to Andre Lowe, our new Warehouse Technician. 11-19-15

Welcome to David Chojnacki, the new Procurement Director. 11-02-15

Prohibited Vendors list added. 10-26-15

New training guide: Purchase Order Life Cycle. 10-16-15

Congratulations to Jason Meadows, as the new Central Receiving Warehouse Coordinator. 10-16-15

Congratulations to Rene Almonte, as the new Central Receiving Warehouse Supervisor. 10-16-15

New FAQ posted: Fire Extinguisher purchase procedure. 10-08-15

Bulk mail procedures have been revised. 09-30-15

Office Depot order submission reminder. 09-22-15

New training guide: Understanding Backup Paperwork. 02-23-15

New webpage: Procurement. Portal site for Purchasing, Auxiliary Services, Central Receiving and Property Records, all subset departments of the Procurement department. 07-30-14.

New webpage: Central Receiving. Lots of useful information about mail, packages and stores orders. 06-11-14

New webpage: Property Records. Reusable furniture/equipment, surplus, forms and more. 06-11-14

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