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Sister to Sister Program



Become a Mentor or Mentee with the Sister to Sister Program

  • Palm Beach State’s Sister to Sister Project advances behavioral health and wellness of 50 Black, Brown and Hispanic women who are First-Time in College students.


    Participants are paired with mentors who are Palm Beach State College alumni, faculty and staff.


    These young women will participate in a variety of activities: such as one on one sessions with their mentors, reviewing and discussing videos on psych/social topics, participating in life skill sessions on financial literacy and nutrition sessions, attending conferences and workshops to hear motivational speakers and engage in topics that assist them with understanding themselves and their communities and the mentees will be taken to the mentor place of work during the week of April 19, 2021, which is take your son or daughter to work.


    The FTIC women will participate in and Induction Ceremony and Tea which will introduce them to their mentor and bind them as “Sisters”. The closing ceremony of the program will be a Cultural Expo where the mentee with the help of her mentor will display her culture through, art, dance, food, written word, etc.


    The collaborators of this project are Ms. Sherry Fletcher, MPH, MS, RDN Student Development Advisor II, Dr. Roxanna Anderson, Professor II is a faculty member in the Psychology department and Dr. Karline S. Prophete, Interim Director of the Cross-Cultural Equity Institute.


    Ms. Fletcher who has been an educator since 1986 and who has coordinated several grant programs is developing the activities for the Sister to Sister program. Dr. Roxanna Anderson has been a member of Palm Beach State faculty for 12years. Dr Anderson will be collaborating on the videos for the program and assisting with recruitment as president of the National Council on Black American Affairs, Palm Beach State College Chapter. 


    The Sister to Sister program will be housed in the Barbara Carey-Shuler Cross-Cultural Equity Institute which focuses on addressing issues around diversity, equity and inclusion which has become a prolific part of the national dialogue in higher education. Dr. Karline Prophete is the Interim Director of the Institute. Finally, Sister to Sister will join the Aspiring Male Panthers (male component) which is also housed at the institute.


  • • Mentor

    • Program t-shirt

    • Conferences admissions

    • Gift Card for program participation

  • To qualify, participants must be:

    A First Time In College (FTIC) student

    A woman of color.

    Participate in program activities

    Work with your mentors on specific projects

    Attend virtual conferences

    Become a Sister to Sister Mentee

  • Mentors responsibility:

    Assist a FTIC student, woman of color

    Participation in activities with your mentee

    Invite your mentee to a day at your work

    Help the student prepare their cultural expo presentation

    be Palm Beach State College faculty, staff, or alumni

    Become a Sister to Sister Mentor

    Sister to Sister Mentor Session Form

  • Sherry Fletcher

    Student Development Advisor II


    Dr. Karline S. Prophete

    Interim Director, Cross-Cultural Equity Institute


    Molly D. Rhodes

    Grant Compliance Manager

  • "We are driven by a promise to do better for our children, families and neighbors.
    By working collectively with residents, providers and systems, we are taking action to change the status quo and positively impact Palm Beach County’s behavioral health outcomes"

    “What is unique about BeWellPBC is that we bring together funders, providers and residents at a table where we focus on a common goal, which is all about improving behavioral health here in Palm Beach County. I believe it’s an opportunity to reach deeper into neighborhoods.”

         — Rev. Kevin Jones, BeWellPBC's Stewardship Council Member



  • Self-Esteem

    Cecilia Suarez

    Navigating Self Worth and Internal Validation in College | TEDxUIUC

    College is hard. Period. When we turn in papers, assignments, or take exams, and we don't get the grade we'd hoped for, it can sometimes weigh heavy on us. This talk, focusing on students and faculty/staff alike, hopes to remind those involved in university life, that self-worth is self-made, if we remember to "lean back". Dr. Cecilia “CC” Suarez has dedicated her life work to carving out equitable access to higher education for all.


    Alicia Thompson

    The Antidote to Low Self-Esteem | TEDxFergusonLibrary

    Alicia Thompson is an international thespian and writer who hails from the "land of wood and water" known as Jamaica. Alicia uses artistry to uplift and inspire youth, especially girls and young women to help deal with issues such as self-image and self-worth. In a society where the standard of beauty is superficial and modesty is not often celebrated, she is determined to use AIM (Artistry is Ministry) as an initiative to create change.


    Katrina from Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    DBT Emotion Regulation #1: Recognizing Your Emotions | Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    Slow down emotional spirals and start recognizing what is happening to you with this six-step process. 1. Describe the situation 2. What caused the situation 3. Primary and secondary emotions 4. Identify your urges 5. What did you do? 6. Outcomes



    Chika Okoro

    Confessions of a D Girl: Colorism and Global Standards of Beauty | TEDxStanford

    “If you look like me, you’re used to colorism,” says Stanford Graduate School of Business student, Chika Okoro. She calls the phenomenon known as colorism – discrimination against those with a darker skin tone -- “both as sinister and as subtle as racism.” In a world where light skin, light eyes and long “real” hair are sought after features, Okoro tells us how she copes, and what we can do to unlearn this deep rooted, destructive mindset.


    Amaya Allen

    50 Shades of Black: My Experiences with Colorism | TEDxVanderbiltUniversity

    It affects all humans, no matter if you’re Black, White, Asian or otherwise. It is a judgement that we make about people within our own race based on a system created so long ago we were not even thoughts. It is something ingrained in us, something that we do unconsciously. It is a cover up that is always covered up. It is ugly. It is beauty. It is history. It is herstory. It is my story. It is colorism. Amaya Allen is a Vanderbilt University sophomore studying Law, History and Society and Communications Studies on a pre-law track.


    Mental Health

    Camryn Alexis

    Mental Health for College Students | Camryn Alexis YouTube Channel

    Welcome back to my channel! Today is a special one, during this time I know a lot of us have struggled mentally and have thought a lot about ourselves. I created this video because I know someone out there is struggling looking for an outlet and someone to relate to. It might be hard sometimes but love yourself and appreciate and uplift yourself.


    Stacy-Ann Buchanan

    Mental Health - The Blind Stigma | TEDxMilton

    Stacy-Ann Buchanan is a powerful speaker on raising awareness and changing the stigma on how mental health is viewed. She is powerful at letting the audience know that their pain is their power and how to cultivate their passion into their paycheck. In 2014, Stacey-Ann directed and produced her first award winning documentary—The Blind Stigma, which discusses mental health within the black community.


    Chante Meadows

    Changing View on Mental Health in the Black Community | TEDxKingLincolnBronzeville

    Why don’t we make our mental health as important as our physical health? Unfortunately, because of mental health stigma. How we view mental health keeps people from ever seeking proper treatment. Just as addressing any physical illness early provides better outcomes, so can addressing our mental health. Chante is a Clinical Social Worker licensed by the State of Ohio.


    Kimberly N. Foster

    Let's Talk About Black Women and Body Image | For Harriet

    If you cannot respect a Black woman's right to govern her body as she sees fit, then you don't respect Black women. For Harriet is a Black feminist community (open to all but centering the needs and experiences of Black women) that features creative work meant to move critical conversations forward.


    Dr. Tracey Marks

    What Are Panic Attacks – Why You Get Them? | Dr. Tracey Marks YouTube Channel

    Panic attacks are a sudden onset of intense anxiety. Sometimes when you get anxious, you can feel uptight or on edge. Or you may worry about things. Panic is different. You have a surge of intense fear or physical symptoms that come on suddenly and reach peak intensity within minutes. With a panic attack you experience four of the following symptoms. This is as defined by the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 5th edition.

    Anxiety is More than Worry – 10 Scary Physical Symptoms | Dr. Tracey Marks YouTube Channel

    What does an anxiety attack physically feel like? If you’re anxious in your head, you can worry, but not all anxious people worry. There are some scary physical symptoms associated with it. This video discusses some of the scary physical symptoms associated with anxiety.



    Everyday Mindfulness | AboutKidsHealth

    This video explains what everyday mindfulness is, and how being aware of what is going on around you and inside of you can help make life more enjoyable and less stressful. This video is provided for general information only. It does not replace a diagnosis or medical advice from a healthcare professional who has examined your child and understands their unique needs.




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