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Student Learning Center - Boca Raton

The Student Learning Center offers tutoring services to support courses that a student is taking at Palm Beach State College during the current semester. Tutoring is not available for non-Palm Beach State College courses.

Fall & Spring Hours

Mon. - Thur. 8:00am - 8:00pm
Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat. 10:00am - 3:00pm
Closed Sun.

Summer Hours

Mon. - Thur. 8:00am - 8:00pm
Closed Fri., Sat. & Sun.


Location: BT 216
Phone: 561-862-4493/4494

The Computer Lab is equipped with approximately 70 (seventy) Desktop computers and Laptop computers (Windows and Mac)  are available for loan to students.

Available Resources

  • Individualized Tutoring
  • General Assistance Blackboard, SAM and other online applications
  • Laptop Loans
  • Printing/Copying/Scanning
  • General Computer Use
  • Onsite FAU Librarian (schedule available)
  • Computer Workshops for Non-Computer Classes
  • PantherCard Card Management Center (for adding funds) 

Subjects Tutored

BT 216

  • Microcomputer Applications 
  • Programming Languages Taught on Boca campus
  • Web Page Design
  • Data Structures 


BT 123

  • Students' Hands-on Lab with Tutor Assistance {Installation Software, Hardware Configuration}
  • Network Technologies 
  • Microsoft Network Administration
  • Windows Network Infrastructure 
  • Security Essentials
  • Implementing & Administering Network Security
  • Computer Maintenance and Repairs
  • Linux Fundamentals 
  • Hours vary each semester.  Please call the main lab BT216 for information.

Location: BT 207
Phone: 561-862-4359

The Boca Raton Writing Lab provides academic support to Palm Beach State College students who are enrolled in PBSC courses that require writing assignments. Students may receive assistance with their writing assignments at various stages of the process.  The tutoring staff are available to assist students with the following:

  • homework (grammar and composition exercises)
  • tutoring on specific grammar and composition skills
  • understanding the content of assigned readings
  • planning and revising writing assignments
  • research methods and documentation of sources

The Writing Lab also provides remediation services for all levels of EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and Developmental English in the form of structured lab support and tutoring.

Writing Lab Resources

  • Individualized tutoring
  • Seminars and Review Sessions
  • Grammar material
  • Composition material
  • Research material
  • Lab and course textbooks
  • Computer, Internet and printer access
  • Library information

Schedule Your Appointment Online

The service most utilized by students is individualized tutoring.  Students may schedule an appointment in advance at WCOnline or meet with a tutor on a walk-in basis.

Appointment Information

Students are encouraged to make an appointment several days prior to the assignment deadline because revisions and follow-up appointments may be necessary.  After the first appointment, students may schedule up to two follow-up appointments per assignment: one appointment a day.  Appointments are 30 minutes long.

Preparation for Appointments

Prior to the appointment, student are encouraged to make a list of the specific questions that they would like answered during the appointment.  Students should also consider the purpose of the appointment and the goals that they would like to accomplish in the allotted thirty minutes.  When preparing for an appointment, students should bring the following:

  • two printed copies of the typed assignment
  • syllabus
  • class notes
  • textbook(s)
  • assignment instructions
  • professor's handouts

Seminars and Review Sessions

Every fall and spring term, the Writing Lab offers seminars and short review sessions on a variety of grammar and composition topics, such as punctuation, planning, organizing, and conducting research.  All Palm Beach State College students are invited to attend.

Seminar Schedule

Location: BT 207
Phone: 561-862-4485

The Student Learning Center (SLC) Math Lab offers academic support for Palm Beach State College students who require assistance with math, chemistry, physics, accounting, biology, anatomy and physiology, and Spanish. Students enrolled in PBSC courses are welcome to use all of the available resources of the Math Lab free of charge.

Math Lab Services

  • Walk-in tutoring assistance for math courses (30-minute sessions)
  • Tutoring appointments for math and science courses (30-minute sessions)
  • Tutoring appointments for Spanish courses (30-minute sessions)
  • Open study areas where students can work independently and raise their hands for assistance as needed
  • Guidance with MyMathLab and MyStatLab assignments
  • Math and science seminars
  • Math Lab on Facebook

Scheduling Math and Science Tutoring Appointments Online

The service most utilized by students is individualized tutoring.  Students may schedule an appointment in advance at WCOnline under the Math and Science schedule or meet with a tutor on a walk-in basis.   

  • Please be on time for your appointment or cancel appointment.  If you are more than five minutes late;  your appointment might be given to another student.  
  • Students may make one half-hour appointment per day.
  • If students need help in more than one subject on a given day, the lab can accommodate them on a walk-in basis, depending on tutor availability.
  • After missing three appointments, a student's account will automatically be disabled.  If your account becomes disabled, please come to BT207 to see a full-time Learning Specialist to enable privileges.  
Math Lab Seminars for Summer 2019-3
Seminar Title Date Time Room Presenter

TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator

1/13/20 11AM-12PM BT207/213 Gary
Factoring Trinomials 1/13/20 6:30-7:30PM BT207/213 Juana
TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator 1/14/20 9:30-10:30AM BT207/213 Wentworth
Factoring Trinomials 1/14/20 6:30-7:30PM BT207/213 Juana
Intro to Financial Accounting debits and credits 1/15/20 11AM-12PM BT207/213 Mathurin
TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator 1/15/20 3:00-4:00PM BT207/213 Wentworth
TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator 1/16/20 9:30-10:30AM BT207/213 Wentworth
Factoring Trinomials 1/16/20 6:30-7:30PM BT207/213 Juana
TI-83/84 Graphing Calculator 1/17/20 11AM-12PM BT207/213 Gary
Factoring Trinomials 1/17/20 1-2PM BT207/213 Gary

  • A&P 1 and 2
  • Microbiology
  • Biology
  • Nutrition
  • HESI
  • 3D Plastic Models
  • Microscopes with Microbiology, Anatomy, and Biology slides.
  • Q. I have a test in a few hours, and I don't know the material. Can a tutor teach it to me?
    A. You should come prepared prior to seeing a tutor.  This means attending class or catching up on a missed lecture by reading the book and/or watching taped lectures.  Tutors don't teach.  However, within a 30-minute tutoring session, tutors can assist you with the course concepts you have trouble understanding.

  • Q. I have a take-home test/quiz that my instructor has given me. Can a tutor help me with it?
    A. Tutors do not help students with problems given on a take-home test, quiz, extra-credit or graded assignment, unless special permission is given by the instructor.  Tutors can help with a similar problem found by you in your textbook.

  • Q. What if I forget/lose my PantherCard? Will I still be able to enter the Math Lab without it?
    A. Based on the circumstances, students may be allowed one pass per semester if they do not have their PantherCards; after that, the student will not be allowed to enter the lab without the PantherCard ID.

  • Q. Can I talk on my cellphone in the Math Lab?
    A. Talking on your cellphone is not permitted inside the Math Lab.

  • Q. Can I bring food and drinks into the Math Lab? Food and drinks are not allowed in the Math Lab.
    A. Only water in a closed container is allowed.

  • Q. Can I bring a non-Palm Beach State College student with me to the Math Lab?
    A. Only currently enrolled Palm Beach State College students are allowed to use the Math Lab services. Non-Palm Beach State College students (children and adults) are not permitted in the Math Lab, even if accompanied by a Palm Beach State College student.

  • Q. If I don't have my textbook with me, is it possible to borrow a textbook from the Math Lab?
    A. Math textbooks and solution manuals can be checked out by tutors only to be used with students during tutoring sessions. Textbooks and solution manuals are not checked out directly to students from Assignment Station.  A limited number of textbooks can be checked out from the Front Desk for a 2 hour loan period for usage in the SLC only.  

Helpful Links

Developmental Math Resources

RU Ready 4 Math?

Khan Academy

Polo for Learning


Location: BT 207
Phone: 561-862-4359

The Boca Raton Reading Lab provides reading improvement strategies and assistance for all Palm Beach State College students. Staff are available to provide individual tutoring. In addition, review seminars and a variety of academic resources are offered to help students improve their reading skills. The Reading Lab is designed to help students become better readers and critical thinkers and to achieve academic success across the curriculum.

Reading Lab Resources

  • Reading improvement strategies
  • Supplemental handouts
  • Academic references
  • Lab and course textbooks
  • Style guides
  • Lending Library

Schedule an Appointment Online

For students who prefer one-on-one assistance, the Reading Lab staff is available to work with students on an individual basis.  The staff can help with reading skills across disciplines.  Each individual tutoring appointment is 30 minutes, and to schedule an appointment, students should visit WCOnline, call 561-862-4359, or stop by the lab.

Reading Review Seminars

The Reading Lab offers seminars on various reading skills for students in developmental and EAP reading courses.  The seminars address a variety of topics, including vocabulary in context, main idea, and valid arguments.  In addition, the Reading Lab offers Critical Reading Seminars for students who are looking to improve their reading comprehension in such areas as annotating and summarizing.  Seminars are offered regularly during the fall and spring semesters.

Seminar Schedule


  • Q. Where is the Reading Lab?
    A. The Reading Lab is located in the Student Learning Center in the Boca Tech (BT) Building, Room BT 207.

  • Q. When is the Reading Lab Open?
    A. Fall & Spring:  M-R 8am-8pm; Fri 8am-5pm; Sat. 10am-3pm  Summer:  M-R 8am-8pm

  • Q. What kind of help can I receive for reading?
    A. Reading tutors can help with all reading assignments in any class, from guiding students through reading challenging passages to answering questions on specific reading skills.

  • Q. What kinds of reading resources are available to students?
    A. The Reading Lab offers the following resources:  textbooks, dictionaries and thesauri, helpful handouts and tip sheets, supplemental practices.

  • Q. What should I bring to the lab?
    A. Students should bring a copy of the assignment they are working on so that the tutors can provide effective feedback and guidance.

  • Q. If I am in a reading course, how many quizzes am I able to take per day?
    A. Students are permitted to take one quiz per day.  Make sure to arrive at least a half hour before the closing to have adequate time to take the quiz.  The quiz is complete once a student receives a score of 70% or higher.

  • Q. Does the Reading Lab help with TABE?
    A. If students are enrolled in the TABE Reading Remediation Course, they are given structured lab work and personalized tutoring in the SLC.  Call 561-862-4492 for TABE reading information.

  • Q. Do I need to make an appointment?
    A. Students who need help with reading passages or need guidance with an assignment are encouraged to make an appointment.  Students do not need appointments for quick questions or to complete lab work.

Location: BT 207
Phone: 561-862-4485

The Writing, Reading & Math Labs offer a series of short-term courses with a lab component for Post Secondary Adult Vocational (PSAV) students who wish to remediate for all or part of the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). The labs offers personalized instruction with learning specialists and tutors. Computer programs and additional learning materials are available for the students.

Registering for a TABE Course

Before registering for any TABE remediation course, students should first meet with an advisor to discuss the entry requirements for the courses and then visit the SLC for a course schedule and further information. There is a $30 fee for each TABE remediation course. A required workbook for each course is available in the bookstore.

Boca Raton TABE Remediation Contacts

Writing:  Marc Fedderman   561-862-4492
Math:    Ewa Neginsky    561-862-4888
Reading: Kimberly Copeland    561-862- 4492

Location: BT 207
Phone: 561-862-4484

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program of peer-assisted weekly study sessions that target difficult academic courses.  Student attendance at the study sessions is voluntary, and the sessions, which are free, are open to all students registered in the class.

SI leaders are students who have previously completed the targeted course with a high grade and have been recommended by the instructor to work as an SI leader. An SI leader attends the same class again, with the same instructor, and then facilitates twice-weekly study sessions for his/her classmates. Within each session, the SI leader emphasizes study skills and strategies, and the sessions benefit students of all skill levels. All study sessions are conducted outside of classroom time.

Research shows that SI attendees typically earn a half to one full letter grade higher in the targeted courses than non-attendees. SI is currently helping students to succeed at more than 1000 colleges around the world.

Location:     Boca Tech Building (BT 207)
Telephone:  561-862-4551
Contact:     Lana Findley -- SI Coordinator

Supplemental Instruction Schedule


Important SLC Policies

  • You must have your PantherCard on you to gain access to the Labs.
  • Talking on your cell phone inside the Labs is prohibited.
  • Food & Drinks are not permitted inside the Labs.
  • Children are not permitted inside the Labs.


SLC Staff - Boca Raton
Name Title Phone Number Email
Elizabeth Caulfield SLC Manager  561-862-4495
Carol Morabito Administrative Assistant II/Front Desk  561-862-4485
Audrey Lawrence Computer Learning Specialist  561-862-4493
Marc Fedderman Writing Learning Specialist  561-862-4492
Dharshini Suthakaran STEM Learning Specialist  561-862-4487
Ewa Neginsky Math Learning Specialist  561-862-4488
Tomas Pena Math Learning Specialist  561-862-4489
Kimberly Copeland Reading & Communications Learning Specialist  561-862-4491
Lana Findley Supplemental Instruction Coordinator - SI Program  561-862-4551

Dr. Sheri Goldstein Dean, Student Services,  561-862-4310

Academic Advising
Lucia Pasqualini,  Student/Career Development Advisor,  561-862-4315

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