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Computer & Science Lab

Location: Lake Worth campus TC 204

Phone: 561-868-3799

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The SLC Computer & Science Lab provides students with academic support. Students can access application programs online on both Dell and Apple computers. The SLC Computer & Science Lab offers individual tutoring sessions in accounting, computer, and science. Please call 561-868-3799 if you have any questions.

All students visiting the lab are encouraged to view the Computer & Science Lab Orientation video ( Video information subject to change )

Schedule an Appointment Online

To schedule your appointment:

  1. Register (if it's your first time).
  2. Log in (make sure you select the correct lab).
  3. Click a white box to schedule an appointment. Fill out required information. You may select a tutor of your choice.
  4. You will receive an email confirmation. If you cannot keep your appointment, please log in and cancel.


Important SLC Policies

  • You must have your PantherCard on you to gain access to the Labs.
  • Talking on your cell phone inside the Labs is prohibited.
  • Food & Drinks are not permitted inside the Labs.
  • Children are not permitted inside the Labs.

Available Assistance & Resources

  • Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Anatomy & Physiology models
  • Check / Send Email
  • Create Slideshows
  • PantherCard Money machine (to add money to card)
  • Print / Scan - Documents and Pictures
  • Research Online
  • Receive Tutoring
  • Special Computer Software for classes
  • Surf the Internet
  • Type Essays / Reports
  • Two Apple computers
  • Walk-in Tutoring Assistance

Tutoring Subjects

Tutoring Available For These Accounting Courses:

  • ACG2022 - Financial Accounting
  • ACG2071 - Managerial Accounting
  • ACG2450 - Microcomputer Operations Accounting (QuickBooks)
  • APA1111 - Bookkeeping
  • APA2172 - Peachtree - Computer Bookkeeping
  • MTB1103 - Business Mathematics
  • TAX2000 - Federal Income Tax 1

Tutoring Available For These Anatomy & Physiology Courses:

  • BSC2085 - Anatomy & Physiology 1 and Lab
  • BSC2086 - Anatomy & Physiology 2 and Lab

Anatomy & Physiology Resources:

Anatomy & Physiology LibGuide Resource (video/ebooks/lectures)

Palm Beach State Natural Science Gallery

UTSW Cranial Nerves Music Video


Tutoring Available For These Biology Courses:

  • BSC1005 - Concepts in Biology and Lab
  • BSC1010 - Principles of Biology 1 and  Lab
  • BSC1011 - Principles of Biology 2 and  Lab

Biology Resources:

Palm Beach State Natural Science Gallery

Tutoring Available For These Chemistry Courses:

  • CHM1025 - Introductory Chemistry and Lab
  • CHM1032 - Principles of Chemistry and Lab
  • CHM1045 - General Chemistry 1 and Lab
  • CHM1046 - General Chemistry 2 and Lab
  • CHM2210 - Organic Chemistry 1 and Lab
  • CHM2211 - Organic Chemistry 2 and Lab

Assistance Available For These General Computer Education Courses:

  • Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • CGS1100 - Microcomputer Applications

Tutoring Available For These Computer Programming Courses:

  • COP1000 - Introduction to Programming Logic
  • COP1220 - Introduction to Programming in C
  • COP2334 - Programming in C++
  • COP2700 - Introduction to SQL in Oracle
  • COP2800 - Programming in Java
  • COP2822 - Web Site Design

Tutoring Available For These Computer Networking Courses:

  • CNT2000 - Network Technologies
  • CNT2402 - Implementing and Administering Network Security
  • CNT2700 - TCP/IP and Network Administration
  • CTS1150 - Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • CTS2301 - Linux Fundamentals
  • CTS2320 - Wide Area Networks
  • CTS2334 - Local Area Networks

Tutoring Available For These Economics Courses:

  • ECO2013 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO2023 - Principles of Microeconomics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I forget/lose my PantherCard? Will I still be able to enter the Computer & Science Lab without it? A. As a student, if you don't have a PantherCard, you can not enter the Computer & Science Lab. You can get PantherCard at bookstore or use computers in the library.

Q. How many tutoring appointments can I make?
A. Each appointment is 30 minutes long, except programming appointment, which is 60 minutes. If you are late, you can have whatever time is remaining in your appointment. There is a minimum wait time of 30 minutes between appointments for the same subject. Scheduling appointments is now done online at

Q. I have a test in a few hours, and I don't know the material, can a tutor teach it to me?
A. You have to come prepared prior to seeing a tutor. This means attending class or catching up on a missed lecture by reading the book and/or watching the taped-lectures. Tutors are not allowed to teach, but to assist you in the areas you are having trouble understanding within the allowed appointment time.

Q. I have a take-home test/quiz that my instructor has given me; can a tutor help me with it?
A. Tutors are not allowed to work on problems given on a take-home test, quiz, or graded assignment. Tutors are allowed to help with a similar problem found by you in your textbook.

Q. Can I talk on my cell phone in the Computer & Science Lab?
A. Talking on your cell phone is not permitted in the Computer & Science Lab. Any cell phone calls must be taken outside the lab.

Q. Can I charge my laptop and/or cell phone in the Computer & Science Lab?
A. Laptops need to be running on battery power.

Q. Can I bring food or drinks to the Computer & Science Lab?
A. Food is not allowed in the Computer & Science Lab; only beverages in a spill proof container can be brought in. (Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups with plastic snap-on lids are also not permitted).

Q. Can I bring a non-Palm Beach State College student with me to the Computer & Science Lab?
A. Only currently enrolled Palm Beach State College students are allowed in the lab. Non-Palm Beach State College students (children or adults) are not permitted in the Computer & Science Lab even if accompanied by a Palm Beach State College student.

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