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Seminars & Workshops

The Palm Beach Gardens Student Learning Center offers free student seminars and workshops each semester.

All seminars are held in BB 207, unless otherwise noted.

Computer Lab Seminars 11:00am
Keeping Files Organized January 16
Formatting text in Word January 26
Adding Headers, Footers and Page Numbering February 6
Inserting Pictures and Word Art in Documents February 13
Creating a Work Cited Page Using Reference Tab February 20
Excel: Explanation of Excel Cursors' and Shape (Move, Copy, Fill) March 13
Excel: Inserting Cells, Columns and Rows March 20
Excel: Inserting Charts March 27
Getting Started with PowerPoint April 3
Adding Animation & Transitions to PowerPoint April 10
Inserting videos April 24


English- Writing & Grammar Seminars


Mon. - Thur. 12:30pm, 3:30pm & 5:30pm

Friday 10:00am, 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Saturday 10:30am & 12:30pm

English-Writing Seminars  
The Writing Process: Understanding the Assignment and Research Project January 22-27
Narrowing Essay & Research Topics and Organizational Patterns January 29-February 3
Paragraphs and Topic Sentences/Transitions/Supporting Details February 5-10
Avoiding Plagiarism – Annotating, Summarizing & Paraphrasing February 12-17
MLA, APA & Chicago Formatting Styles February 19-24
 Identifying Sources; Adding Quotes & Signal Phrases February 26-March  3
 Writing Resumes & Cover Letters March 12-17
 Workplace Writing; Memos, Emails, Reports. Purpose, style & tone March 19-24
 Proofreading Strategies. Identifying Personal Error Patterns March 26-29 
 Writing the Final Draft of a Research Paper April 2-7
 Identifying Scholorships & Writing Scholorship Letters April 9-14
 Writing College Admissions Letter & Personal Statement April 16-24
Grammar Seminars  
Basic Grammar: Parts of Speech & Sentences. Diagnostic Test January 22-27

Coordination & Subordination; Compound & Complex Sentences

Conjunction, Transitions and Punctuations

January 29-3
Fragments, Run-ons, & Comma Splice. Correcting Sentences February 5-10
Verb From & Verb Tenses. Correcting Tense Shifts February 12-17
Subject- Very Agreement. Identifying Subjects and Verbs February 19-24
Pronoun case, type, & usage. Avoiding Pronoun Shifts February 26- March 3
Comma Usage and Comma Rules March 12-17
Apostrophe Usage: Possession, Contractions & Abbreviations March 19-24
Proofreading Strategies. Identifying Error Patterns March 26-29
Preparing for Grammar Test April 2-7
Completing the Mastery Test and Grammar Overview April 9-14
Individual Proofreading Sessions April 16-21


Spanish Language Seminars Mondays - Thursdays 10am, 1pm, 3:30 & 4pm
Fridays 1:30 & Saturdays  10am, 1pm
Understanding Spanish Pronunciation January 22-27
Reading Formal and Informal Commands January 29-Feb 3
Conjugating Present Tense Regular and Irregular Verbs February 5-10
Direct Object Pronouns and the Personal "a" February 12-17
Understanding Reflexive Verbs February 19-24
Indirect Object Pronouns February 26-March 3
Saber and Conocer to express "to know" March 12-17
The use of Gustar to express like and dislike March 19-24
Understanding the use of Ser and Estar March 26-29
Oral Exam Review April 2-7
Grammar Exam Review April 9-14
Oral Exam Review April 16-21


Math Seminars

Test Taking Strategies

February 6 10:30am
Building Mathematical Intuition February 12 10:30am
Truth Tables (Liberal Arts Math) February 13 10:30am
TI Graphing Calculators February 13 3:00pm
Test Taking Strategies March 12 10:30am

5 Steps to College Success

March 13 3:00pm

Failure to Motivation

March 15 10:30am
Building Mathematical Intuition March 15 1:00pm
Truth Tables (Liberal Arts Math) March 16 10:30am
Intro to Geometry March 20 10:30am
Prime Factorization March 21 3:00pm
Methods of Factoring (Algebra) March 26 10:30am
TI Graphing Calculators (Algebra) March 26 3:00pm
TI Graphing Calculators (Statistics) April 2 10:30am
Building Mathematical Intuition April 2 5:00pm
Failure and Motivation April 3 3:00pm
Methods of Factoring (Algebra) April 9 10:30am
Learn Basics of Chess April 10 3:00pm
Test Taking Strategies May 7 10:30am


Reading Seminars

Wed. & Thur. 9:30am and 5:30pm  Fri.11:00am

Mastering Main Idea January 17-19
Surviving Supporting Details January 24-26
Improving Implied Main Idea February 14-16
Investigating Inference February 21-23
Practicing Patterns & Relationships March 14-16
Perfecting Purpose & Tone March 21-23
Bias Brainstorm April 11-13
Final Exam Review April 23-27


Science Seminars - Held in SC 224 1:00pm
Conversion Building Blocks January 10
Beat the Reaction: Naming, Balancing and Predicting the Product January 17
Heading to the Mole: Stoichiometry, limiting reagent and sequential reaction February 15
You are Holding me Back: Kinetics Rate Laws and Mechanisms/Rate Limiting Steps March 14
What's up with the Atoms: Quantum numbers and Electron configuration April 17


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