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Right and Responsibilities

If you have experienced any type of sexual harassment or gender-discrimination, including sexual violence, it is important to know your rights. First, You have a right to  report the incident to the College and/or local law enforcement. Second, you may file a report  as inquiry for assistance, as an informal report for support services or a formal complaint for investigation. This can be done by contacting the College Title IX Office, the College Equity Officer,  the campus Dean of Student Services Office, Campus Security or Online at Panther Watch web page.


Three ways we can help you...

...Students can notify the College of situation to get information, ask questions and get assistance with referrals for help, or

...File an informal complaint to also gain access to interim supportive measures., or

...File a formal complaint with the intent of holding the other party accountable.…be treated with dignity, respect, and sensitivity.

What to expect when you file a confidential report:

...a fair and impartial investigation if you choose to file a formal complaint.

…choose to report an incident of sexual violence to campus or local law enforcement.

…request a student advocate or have an independent advocate present.

…be notified of the time-frames for all major stages of the investigation.

...present witnesses and evidence.

…report any retaliation by College employees, the alleged perpetrator, and other students.

…have any proceedings documented, which may include written findings of fact, transcripts or audio recordings.

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