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Public Forums & Distribution Guidelines

. . . for non-Palm Beach State College Entities

The regulation of any commercial or solicitation activity on a PBSC campus is necessary to preserve the educational mission of the College, to prevent unnecessary distraction during classes and study periods, to provide for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff members, and to protect the property of students, faculty, staff, and the College.

Commercial or for profit entities are not permitted to solicit on campus. Non-profit organizations (as defined by the Federal Internal Revenue Code) may distribute materials (to include but not limited to post cards, petitions, flyers booklets, pamphlets, magazine and newspapers) on the campus under the following guidelines. (Tax exemption number is acceptable)

  1. Requests for distribution must be submitted in writing to the campus Student Services Dean or designee no later than three business days prior to the requested date of distribution, and if all public forum spaces are reserved, another date would be negotiated. Written approval is required and must be produced by the parties upon request.

  2. Approved entities’ representatives must remain in the designated area or behind tables provided by the campus.

  3. No person, including a student or employee, shall distribute any petition, handbill, object, or piece of material; post or carry any sign, placard; or engage in speech if it is obscene, libelous, or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action or is likely to incite or produce such action.

  4. Distribution of materials must be conducted in a manner that does not interrupt or interfere with the academic programs or administrative activities of the college or any program or activity that is conducted by or is authorized by the College; does not interfere with entry to or exit from a building, structure, or facility; does not interfere with the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic on sidewalks or streets or at places of ingress and egress to and from property, buildings, or facilities; does not harass, or intimidate the person or persons being solicited; and does not violate applicable State, federal, or local laws or regulations. Signage is limited to no more than two feet from the table.

  5. The Dean of Student Services or designee will determine the location of each table to be staffed. The locations of tables shall be reasonable to assure access by students but also assure free flow of pedestrian traffic.

  6. Individual organizations may distribute materials no more than 3 days in a semester and no more than nine days in a calendar year on any one campus of the college.

  7. Individuals or groups seeking to conduct voter registration must be cleared through the Supervisory of Elections Office and provide their Third Party Voter Registration ID number.

  8. Materials promoting activities or businesses that deal in products or merchandise which is not legal for minors to obtain or purchase is not permitted.

  9. Audio/Visual materials must be appropriate for viewing by minors that may be present on the campus.

  10. Audio equipment must be adjusted as not to be heard more than fifteen feet from the table.

  11. The sale of items or publication, solicitation of funds and exchange of currency is not permitted.

Failure to comply with these regulations and other rules and regulations of the College may result in the revocation of an organization’s privilege to distribute materials at the college. Persons violating this policy will be asked to leave by campus administration or security. Employers wanting to recruit on campus should consult the On-campus Recruiting Guidelines on the Career Center webpage.

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