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Programs & Wall of Fame

Wellness Center - Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Beach Yoga 2017

The Palm Beach Gardens campus Wellness Center offers a variety of diverse programs and classes for current students, faculty and staff.

Physical Activity Resource for the Older Adult


Track Your Fitness
The Wellness Center offers comprehensive Body Composition Assessments and Fitness Assessments with Program Planning. Walk-ins are welcome for Body Composition Assessments using the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer scale, however an appointment is required for a skin caliper test as well as the Fitness Assessments.

Track Your Fitness

Take advantage of the state-of-the-art testing equipment and facility available at Palm Beach State College by completing a Body Composition and/or Fitness Assessment with a Health and Fitness Professional.
Assessments are available to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

Fitness Assessments are a series of tests that determine muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, and can aid in developing a more personalized program to attain your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessments available include:
- Upper Body Muscular Strength/Endurance Push Up Test
- Abdominal Muscular Endurance Curl Up Test
- Flexibility Sit and Reach Test
- Cardiovascular Endurance Step Test

Body Composition Assessments are measurements that determine body fat, body weight and circumference to determine risk for disease and healthy recommendations.

Body Composition Assessments available include:
- Height, Weight, Girth Measurements
- Body Fat Percentage and/or Body Mass Index
- Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate

Assess once to know your numbers, or assess on a quarterly or yearly basis to track your fitness and health over time!
Walk-in for basic body composition tests, please make an appointment for caliper body fat measurement.
Basic assessments can be completely on a walk-in basis during the designated time slots. For more comprehensive assessments and coaching based on results, please schedule an appointment with Wellness Center Staff. Call (561) 207-5099 or email for availability.

Printable Version of Fitness Assessment

Wall of Fame

Come by to see if you can get your name on the Wall of Fame by competing in one of these challenges.  Just ask the Wellness Center staff how!  Top Males & Females are posted by Wellness Staff when a challenge has been completed.  We also encourage everyone to try and set a personal record for themselves! We even have a designated "Fittest Over 50" portion on the Wall.

Have a new challenge idea?  Email it to us!

Wall of Fame

Fittest Over 50

 Current Challenges

Max Push Ups* Max Pull Ups*
Max Chin Ups* Max Jump Rope Reps*
1 Minute Sit Ups 1 Minute Burpees
Fastest 1/2 Mile Run Fastest 1 Mile Run
Fastest 5k Run Fastest 1000M Row
Fastest 2000M Row Fastest 5000M Row
Longest Plank Longest Headstand
Longest Handstand

* As many as you can do until you can no longer keep going

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