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POST-IRMA UPDATE:  Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When will PBSC reopen for classes and business?
A. The College will reopen for classes and business on Monday, Sept. 18.

Q. Are PantherWeb, EmployeeWeb, College email and Blackboard working?

A. Yes, all College systems are back in full operation.

Q. I’m registered or want to register for the 12-Week Term. What do I need to know?

A. The 12-week term will begin as scheduled on Monday, Sept. 18. The Add/Drop period is scheduled through Friday, Sept. 22, so there is still time to register for classes. Once registered, please make every effort to attend the first session as professors typically discuss the syllabus and provide other important information that you need to know. This also is important because attendance begins the day your name appears on the roster.

Q. What if I have not paid for my 12-Week Term classes?

A. Don’t worry. The tuition and fees payment due date is Wednesday, Sept. 20. Students who receive financial aid will have additional time to allow the financial aid payment to post to their accounts. Please be sure to attend your classes as soon as you register so that you can start the term on the right track.

Q. When can I get my financial aid disbursements?

A. Financial aid disbursements will begin the week of September 25. If you have an emergency, please contact the Financial Aid office on your campus.

Q. I was scheduled to attend New Student Orientation on a day the College was closed because of Hurricane Irma. What should I do?

A. Student Services will conduct additional New Student Orientation Sessions for students enrolled in the 12-week term (Session 3) on Monday, Sept.18 through Thursday, Sept. 21. Students will be contacted by phone and via email. It is important to follow up to reschedule your orientation.

Q. Will I be required to make up class days missed because of Hurricane Irma?

A. PBSC was officially closed nine days from Sept. 7-16 (1 Monday, 1 Tuesday, 1 Wednesday, 2 Thursdays, 2 Fridays and 2 Saturdays). Those days will be considered non-class days, and students will not be penalized. However, students will be required to make up the days missed. Makeup sessions will be during such times as Veterans Day, Saturday, Nov. 11, and Final Exam Week, Dec. 11- 16. In addition, the Wednesday, Oct. 25 fall holiday for students will now become a makeup day for students taking classes that meet on Thursdays (Thursday only and Tuesday/Thursday). Friday only classes will be extended each week to make up the time missed. Your professors will discuss the makeup plans in detail during class.

Q. Will more time be allowed to complete work for online classes?

A. Professors teaching online and Hybrid classes will modify their online assignments and due dates to address the missed days. Your professor will explain this during class.

Q. How will the makeup schedule affect Final Exam Week?

A. Typically, students do not attend class during Final Exam Week. However, that will not be the case this fall. Students will continue to meet for their classes during Final Exam Week, and their final exam may instead be on the final day of class. Your professor will provide details during class.

Q. What are the hours for Student Services?

A. The hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. Please note that Student Services on the Belle Glade campus closes at noon on Fridays.

Q. I began the 16-week term, and I feel overwhelmed. Should I withdraw?

A. Hurricane Irma and its aftermath can seem overwhelming for our students, as well as our faculty who will have to make curriculum adjustments. We encourage you not to withdraw until you’ve had an opportunity to see what the adjustments are and/or have had the opportunity to discuss concerns with your professor(s).

Disaster Assistance Information

FEMA Declaration
Preliminary damage assessments estimate approximately $19 million of damage in the county at this time. As a result, Palm Beach County has been included in a FEMA Major Disaster Declaration, triggering the release of Federal funds to help people and communities recover from Hurricane Irma.

Residents with losses due to Hurricane Irma in Palm Beach County may now register for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Individuals can register online at

You may also register by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EDT seven days a week until further notice.

Once an individual has filled out their application, they can follow up with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson's office. Each person requesting assistance needs to fill out the consent form below so Sen. Nelson's office can follow up on his/her request. Please include their application receipt number.

Sen. Bill Nelson Consent for release of Information form

Helpful Links

Small Business Assistance

Individual Assistance Fact Sheet

Application Checklist Help and Resources

Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA)

Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) is program intended for residents who are unable to return to their home because it is uninhabitable or inaccessible due to a Presidentially-declared disaster. TSA is intended to reduce the number of disaster survivors in shelters and assist those whom cannot return home by transitioning survivors into short-term accommodations through direct payments to lodging providers.

TSA is funded under Section 403 of the Stafford Act and is subject to a state cost-share. Palm Beach County is now eligible due to Palm Beach County receiving Declaration.

Under TSA, disaster survivors may be eligible to stay in an approved hotel or motel for a limited period of time and have the cost of the room and taxes covered by FEMA. For those who are eligible, FEMA will authorize and fund, through direct payments to participating hotels/ motels, the use of hotels/motels as transitional shelters.  The applicant is responsible for all other costs associated with lodging and amenities, including, but not limited to incidental room charges or amenities, such as telephone, room service, food, etc.

The initial period of assistance will be 5-14 (adjustable to 30 days, if needed) days from date of TSA implementation. FEMA, in conjunction with the state, territorial, or tribal government, may extend this period of assistance, if needed, in 14-day intervals for up to six months from the date of disaster declaration.

The list of approved hotels is available at or the FEMA Helpline at 1.800.621.FEMA.

Please note the following hotels are the only hotels on the list currently registered with FEMA in Palm Beach County. The status of the hotels located in Palm Beach County are as follows:

  1. Hilton Garden Inn (8201 Congress Ave, Boca Raton) - There is a problem with their phone lines, so the calls could not go through.
  2. LaQuinta Inn (34 Fisherman, Jupiter) - They are booked for the next 2 weeks, no rooms set aside for FEMA.
  3. Red Roof Inn (2421 MetroCenter, WPB) - They will begin taking FEMA reservations on Saturday, September 16th. Anyone interested must book directly at their front desk (they will not taking reservations on the phone or online).


  • ID Citizenship Verification Necessary
  • Home must be uninhabitable
  • Residence is located in Palm Beach County
  • They are unable to obtain lodging through another source

Please note: FEMA does not provide ice following disasters.

Caring Community Coalition for Disaster Relief

In order to lead an organized and effective response effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and to address the unmet recovery needs of individuals and families in Palm Beach County, the Caring Community Coalition for Disaster Relief has been created. The coalition will host centers across the county to assure all residents have an opportunity to register for assistance.

Services Available (All Services Based On Eligibility):

  • FEMA Application Assistance (Transitional Sheltering Assistance, Blue Roof Program, etc.)
  • SNAP (Food Stamp) Application Assistance
  • LIHEAP (Electric Bill) Application Assistance
  • Employment Application Assistance
  • Eviction Prevention Application Assistance
  • Medicaid Application Assistance
  • Legal Assistance

Items Needed For Registration Process:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Financial information
  • Contact Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Electronic Funds Transfer/Direct Deposit Information


South Bay South Bay City Hall
335 SW 2nd Ave, South Bay, FL 33493
Sept. 21 1pm - 7pm
Pahokee Pahokee High School (Cafeteria)
900 Laramore Rd, Pahokee, FL 33476
Sept. 22 3pm - 6pm
West Palm Beach Salvation Army
2122 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, WPB, FL 33409
Sept. 26 1pm - 7pm
Lake Worth Lantana Road Branch Library
4020 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33462
Sept. 27 3pm - 8pm
Delray Beach Delray Beach Public Library
100 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Sept. 28 1pm - 7pm
Riviera Beach Riviera Beach Public Library
600 W Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Sept. 29 12pm - 6pm


Visit to complete the online FEMA application

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