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Center for Early Learning - PBG

Welcome! Palm Beach State College's Center for Early Learning (CEL) at Palm Beach Gardens opened on January 2, 2001. The center is owned and operated by Palm Beach State College. The Center is licensed by the Palm Beach County Health Department. The Center is designed to first serve the child care needs of Palm Beach State College students and the employees. However, if space permits, the Center does accept children from the community.

CEL building

Services We Provide

  • Serve children ages 12 months through 5 years
  • Large classrooms for children to explore and create
  • Ample materials to support developmental needs
  • Excellent teacher to child ratios and small group sizes
  • Low to no teacher turnover
  • Secure facility-key pad code entry
  • Breakfast and afternoon snacks free of charge
  • Participates in the State of Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program (VPK)
  • Participant of the Palm Beach County Early Learning Coalition
  • Social and emotional kindergarten readiness service
  • Year-round facility
  • Walking field trips only
  • Family involvement opportunities

The Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens enrolls children in the following order of priority:

  • Center for Early Learning Sibling (Currently Enrolled)
  • Palm Beach State College Faculty and Staff
  • Palm Beach State College Student
  • Palm Beach State College Alumni
  • General Public

We view our waiting list for spaces that may be available. However, a space might still become available if a child withdraws or a child moves up into another classroom within the year. If there is a space available, you will receive an email. Once you have received the email you will have 5 days to respond, after that the space will no longer be available. We will arrange a time to set up a tour of the classroom and a $250.00 non-refundable registration fee will be required in order to secure your child's enrollment.

The Center operates with a "Waiting List" and is a non-numerical system. We can not tell you where you are on our "Waiting List" since it is based on child's date of birth, along with one of the above classifications. We suggest re-submitting your form every six months. If you do not re-submit your form, it will expire after one year.

Add your child to our Waiting List.

We observe the same holidays as the college, along with additional closings for Teacher Planning Days.

Center Closing Dates

2017 Schedule Observance/Reason
Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb. 20 Teacher Planning Day
March 6 - 10 Spring Break
April 14 Spring Holiday
May 26 Teacher Planning Day
May 29 Memorial Day
July 4 Independence Day
Aug. 11 Teacher Planning Day
Sept. 2 Labor Day
Oct. 20 Teacher Planning Day
N/A Veterans Day
Nov. 23 & 24 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 19 Teacher Planning Day
Dec. 20 - Jan. 1 Winter Break

By enrolling in the Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens, you are securing your child's place within our program. Your tuition rates are based on receiving a high standard of quality early learning experiences for your child. In doing so, we have "fixed" costs associated with the early learning professional staff, the children's environment and the day to day operational expenses. If you choose not to send your child for any reason (illness, vacation, etc.) you are still responsible for your child's weekly tuition. We appreciate the fact that everyone from time to time has extenuating circumstances, but we are not in a financial position to offer discounted rates for one family if we cannot provide this benefit for all. However, if the Center is unable to provide services there will be a reduction in your weekly fee (unforeseen closures due to inclement weather and/or a facilities issue.) We do not charge for the two weeks the Center is closed during the college winter break, nor do we charge tuition in March when we are closed for the spring break week. All other closures due to holidays (Labor day, Memorial Day, etc.) and four teacher Professional Development Days (dates to be announced annually) the full weekly tuition will be due.

Activity Fee - The Center assesses an annual activity fee to support the cost of educational supplies and materials. This is a non-refundable fee if you choose to leave the Center.

Registration Fee - The Center assesses a one-time to secure your child's enrollment. This fee must be paid prior to the "start date." If for any reason after the fee has been paid and you choose to leave the Center, the registration fee in non-refundable.

Tuition Rates & Fees

Age Faculty/Staff/Student
Weekly Rate
Community Weekly Rate
TODDLERS:  12 months - 2 years $200 $235
TWO'S:  2 years - 3 years $190 $225
PRE-SCHOOL:  3 years - 5 years $185 $215
VPK PROGRAM EXTENDED:  4 years $125 $150
SUMMER PROGRAM:  5-6 years
June 6 - Aug. 12
$190 $200


  • Limited Scholarships available for additional reduction in student fees.
  • Limited Part-Time spaces available.

Weekly Rates Effective May 2, 2016

Registration fee:   $125 per child (Faculty/Staff/Student)   $250 per child (Community)

Annual Activity Fee:  $125 per child (Faculty/Staff/Student)   $250 per child (Community)

The Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens staff are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of every child that enters the facility. Many of the teachers have been with the Center since 2001. The Center for Early Learning teachers have completed all of the minimum education and training requirements established by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

In addition, the Center requires all teaching staff to have obtained either the National or State of Florida Child Care Professional Credential. Currently, 35% of the teaching staff have an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood. The Director has a Bachelor's Degree in Family Resources with a specialization in child development and an advanced State of Florida Director's Credential. All of the Center teachers have completed some college credit coursework in early childhood, specialized curriculum classes and are required to attend annual professional development trainings. All of the staff are certified in Advanced First-Aid and Pediatric & Adult CPR. The Center teachers are very committed to the emotional, social and educational experiences received by the children in their care.

Ms. Merri Wright

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Darlene Ponsch

Program Coordinator
Ms. Janet Carbone

Food Service Attendant
Ms. Clara Espinosa

Toddler A Room
Ms. Angela Johnson
Ms. Pamela Neal

Toddler B Room
Ms. Juanita Proby
Ms. Luna Marie Joseph
Ms. Mimy Raymonde

Two's A Room
Ms. Kelly Ramsaran
Ms. Marcia Ryan

Two's B Room
Ms. Christine McKinnie


Pre-K Room 2
Ms. Catherine Stefano
Ms. Janyce Gonzalez
Ms. Rosana Rivera

 VPK Room 1
Ms. Debra Rudolph

VPK Room 2
Ms. Sandra Mealing
Ms. Bobbie Newcomb


Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission
The mission of the Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens is to offer the students, staff and faculty of Palm Beach State College and the residents of the surrounding communities a developmentally appropriate, educational and nurturing program that provides children ages 6 weeks to 5 years with individual care and guidance and is collaborative with and supportive of the child's family system. In addition, the Center is committed to providing Palm Beach State College and the community with a high-quality early childhood research and training site.

Our Philosophy
The staff at the Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens believes that all children are unique and capable, and should be nurtured, valued and respected by those who care for them. Our program is designed to meet the needs of children ages 6 weeks to 5 years through a commitment to the developmental, individual and age appropriate practices established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

We celebrate and affirm the unique heritage of each family in our Center. We strive to encourage the children to value differences and to see them as strengths. We view our relationship to the children's families as a partnership. We respect each child's family as the primary and most important provider of care and nurturing and as the child's first, best teacher. We seek to work as a team with each family, together creating the most optimal environment for each child to reach their full potential.



The Center for Early Learning Palm Beach Gardens implements the High/Scope Curriculum with all age groups. The High/Scope Curriculum is an open framework model derived from Piagetian developmental theory and years of field testing as to what are appropriate early childhood classroom experiences. Several essential components have emerged to define the nature of this curriculum framework. Please focus your attention on how children respond to the environment and the daily routine.

Active Learning -The hands-on experience children have with people and things is the context for their thinking and the method through which they develop concepts and skills.

Room Arrangement - The High/Scope learning environment is designed to encourage children's active learning. The room is therefore divided into different, logically organized and labeled work areas so that children can find and use materials that further their self-initiated activities.

Daily Routine - A consistent daily routine provides children an opportunity to plan, carry out and review activities, thereby developing their own interest, talents and goals. By observing each child within this learning environment, teachers are able to plan follow-up activities and teaching strategies, which extend each child's concepts and skills to the next developmental level.

Key Developmental Indicators - Adults using the High/Scope Curriculum extend children's social-emotional and concept development around Key Experiences in Language and Literacy, Representation, Math and Logic, Music and Movement and Social Relationships. The Key Experiences reflect the basic long-range educational goals early childhood educators have for young children.

  • Develop each child's ability to make choices and decisions about what to do and how to do it and how to use his or her own time and energy.
  • Develop each child's self-discipline and ability to identify, pursue, & complete self-chosen goals and tasks.
  • Develop each child's knowledge of objects, skill in the arts, and comfort with physical environment.
  • Develop each child's ability to work with other children and adults in group planning, cooperative effort, and shared leadership.
  • Develop each child's ability to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings; to speak, dramatize, and graphically represent experiences in order to communicate them to others.
  • Develop each child's ability to comprehend others spoken, written, dramatic, and graphic representations.
  • Develop each child's ability to apply reasoning to a wide range of situations using a variety of materials.
  • Develop each child's creativity, initiative, spirit of inquiry, & openness to knowledge and other viewpoints.

Teacher-Child Interaction - While teacher-child interaction is a most important aspect of any educational process, within this curriculum the adult role is not to surge to the lead and offer pre-digested facts and knowledge. Adults will plan open-ended questions, which encourage children to discover and follow their own paths to knowledge and maturity. Children's answers are accepted and teachers use this information to access individual developmental levels from which future plans can be made.


Hours & Contact Info

Hours of Operation
7:15 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Physical Address
3205 RCA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Mailing Address
3160 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Phone Number
(561) 207-5226

Thank you for visiting our webpage, if you have any additional questions please email us.

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