What is the BRAVO! Award?Bravo Lapel Design

The Bravo Award is a college-wide employee recognition program where specific actions that go above and beyond the call of duty, and behaviors that embody the philosophy and mission of Palm Beach State College can be acknowledged. Performing spectacular actions or behaviors are the qualifications to be nominated for the Bravo Award. This is defined as follows:

  • Going above and beyond the normal expectations of the job; providing extraordinary services to the faculty, staff, students or the community we serve.
  • Enthusiastically supporting Palm Beach State through creative contributions, outstanding and dedicated service, and exceptional process improvements that are in alignment with the mission of the College.

Employees eligible to be nominated for the Bravo Award include full-time faculty and staff, adjuncts and regular part-time staff, after a minimum of six months of employment. Senior management and temporary (OPS) employees are not eligible for the award.

Nomination Process
Nominations may be submitted by a fellow employee who was a witness to and "caught someone doing something SPECTACULAR!" The Employee Recognition Committee will accept nominations for the current academic year up to July 31, and formal awards will be presented in the Fall of the following academic year. All nominees will receive a Bravo Award nominee lapel pin. Download the Bravo Award Nomination Form and submit the completed form to erc@palmbeachstate.edu.

Recipient Award
Award recipients will be presented with an engraved plaque, a luncheon with President Parker, a $75 payment of recognition (applicable taxes apply), and a spotlight of their spectacular action in the News Center.

Bravo Award Review Committee
A Bravo Award Review Committee of 10 people, representing all classifications of employees including faculty and staff, will be developed. Those interested in serving on the Bravo Award Review Committee may contact the Employee Recognition Committee.

Palm Beach State’s Employee Recognition Committee presented the coveted Bravo Award to two College employees.  The award recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. The winners were chosen from a pool of 32, all nominated by peers for their exceptional efforts that embody the College’s mission to foster student success.

Congratulations to the winners and all of the nominees!

Kanathy Haney Kanathy Haney
Associate Professor, Health Science and Education,
Lake Worth campus

Haney, associate professor of Health Science and Education, Lake Worth campus, was honored for her efforts to stop human trafficking, a tragedy that permeates the globe, including Palm Beach County. With clarity of purpose, Haney goes beyond teaching about human trafficking in her classes to educating the entire College and local community. She organizes documentary film showings, guest speakers and training sessions in partnership with local human trafficking organizations. What started small has grown into standing-room-only events. The ongoing interest of students, faculty and staff fuels her passion and has led her to develop a service learning course to prepare PBSC students to become advocates for victims of human trafficking. A volunteer advocate herself, Haney also collaborated with an outside agency to create a scholarship program for these victims.

“I’m very honored to win the award because it recognizes the issue of human trafficking and brings more awareness and prevention to the community of what’s going on in the world, the country, the state and in our backyards,” said Haney. “If anything that I’m doing can help shed more light on the people who are victims of this crime against humanity, then we can all work together to emancipate human souls.”


Christopher Schmersahl Christopher Schmersahl
Associate Professor, English, Belle Glade campus

Schmersahl, associate professor of English, Belle Glade campus, won the award for his work to help students seek and earn scholarships. Schmersahl tackled the chief obstacle that students face in completing scholarship applications: writing a personal statement. Bringing together a team of Student Services staff and English faculty members, Schmersahl developed a two-part workshop to address this problem. He led off with a lecture on how to write a personal statement, followed by a hands-on session in which he and the other instructors coached the students in drafting their statements. Student Services staff then assisted the students in the application process. Eight students won $4,000 in scholarship funds as a result of the workshop, which is nearly 100 percent of the workshop attendees.

“Oftentimes the barrier for the students in applying for the foundation scholarships is the personal statement,” said Schmersahl.  “They are a little bit afraid of having to do that, and this scholarship workshop helped them overcome that fear and barrier. I’m very pleased to be honored in such a way, and I’m thankful that I have such great co-workers that helped me with this project.”

Palm Beach State’s Employee Recognition Committee presented the coveted Bravo Award to three College employees.  The award recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. The three winners were chosen from a pool of 33, all nominated by peers for their exceptional efforts that embody the College’s mission to foster student success.

Congratulations to the winners and all of the nominees!

AndricOleg Andric
Electrical Power Technology Program- Associate Professor,
Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Oleg goes far above and beyond his job title as Professor I to place his students in excellent paying positions and fulfilling careers.   He has built solid relationships with the local business community, and in a few short years has become the “go to” person for Palm Beach County employers in his field of engineering.   His program has 100% job placement.

Professor Andric single-handedly created a new degree program in Engineering Technology, developing 19 different new courses.  Because of his existing relationships, employers posted paid internship opportunities for students in Engineering Technology even before the first course was offered.


Martinez-WhiteSusana Martinez-White
Program Director & HSI Initiative Committee Chair,
Lake Worth Campus

Susy was nominated for her leadership in spearheading three important College initiatives.

She wrote and we received 3 mini-grants from a national organization to improve student services and retention activities on the Lake Worth campus.  These programs will be replicated on all campuses.

She co-chaired the college-wide HSI committee with Dr. Vallejo for over 7 years with the ultimate goal for the College to become a Hispanic Serving Institute and be eligible for Title V funds.  The Title V grant was received in the fall of 2014.

As part of her involvement with our last strategic plan on First Generation/Multi-cultural students, she coordinated SOAR, a team project with members representing the three coastal campuses.  As part of an invitational program, this team spent 6 days in Vermont working in a college-wide program supporting achievement and retention of targeted populations.  This became the template for our Title V grant, including Learning Communities and case management for cohorts college-wide beginning this fall.

Our efforts as an institution in addressing the needs of First Generation students have been given national recognition in several publications due to the leadership that Susy has demonstrated and the dedication and commitment of the team members she garnered to get the job done.


McGranePete McGrane
Paramedic Program- Occupational Skills Evaluator,
Lake Worth  Campus

Pete successfully coordinated the Annual Palm Beach State Panther EMS Challenge. Pete took a lead role with a team of Palm Beach State EMS professionals to plan this competitive event open to EMS professional and student teams across the state. The event required the coordination of staff not only from our EMS programs, but faculty and staff from other programs, who volunteered to participate as patients, judges, and observers in the highly-creative scenarios. To assure realism in each of the various scenarios, Pete even designed and built instructional props, much of which was done on his own time and with his own resources. 

Pete is a valuable member of our EMS team and goes above and beyond from behind the scenes, never seeking recognition.  His creativeness and attention to detail fully support the mission of Palm Beach State College to create a dynamic teaching and learning environment. As an EMS professional and PBSC EMS team member, he works to prepare students for a competitive workplace where their skills much be second nature and critical thinking to resolve complicated medical situations is top priority. 

Palm Beach State’s Employee Recognition Committee presented the coveted Bravo Award to three College employees.  The award recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. The three winners were chosen from a pool of 28, all nominated by peers for their exceptional efforts that embody the College’s mission to foster student success.

Congratulations to the winners and all of the nominees!



Kerry Weiss
PSAV Coordinator, PBSC Fire Academy
Lake Worth campus

Beyond his role as Fire Academy coordinator and the lead instructor for its evening program, Weiss devotes his personal time to running a study group, taking a special interest in helping struggling students overcome obstacles. The study group is just one aspect of his extensive mentoring that has shaped and guided countless academy graduates who are now firefighters in the community.






Nicholas LaRocca
Associate Professor, Communications
Lake Worth campus

LaRocca, who also is a published author, volunteers as a guest speaker for the College’s American Literature classes, even during summer terms when he is not teaching. In his sessions, he reads from his work, engages students in discussion and shares his writing strategies. LaRocca’s dynamic approach broadens students’ understanding of fiction and nonfiction, and inspires many to try writing themselves.







David Childers
Associate Professor, Speech
Belle Glade campus

Throughout the year, students, faculty and staff are tapped to speak at various College and community events. Luckily they can turn to Childers, who has become their ‘go-to’ speech coach. Devoting hours of personal time and expertise, Childers never turns down a request. He pitches in with zeal to help nervous speakers prepare, rehearse and ultimately deliver outstanding presentations.

The Employee Recognition Committee honored four employees out of 24 nominees for their outstanding efforts with a Bravo Award.

Congratulations to the winners and all of the nominees!   The 2013 Bravo Award winners are:


Sheamus Hunt
Postsecondary Advisor/Volunteer Program Specialist 

While looking for new and innovative methods to increase enrollment, Hunt became aware of a company called College Week Live, an online tool that helps students find the college or university that best fits their needs.  His research revealed that, although other local institutions were listed, Palm Beach State was not.  After calling the company, Hunt learned that more than 100 prospective students had searched for Palm Beach State College using the site.  He then became a champion for College Week Live, promoting its benefits to the College and obtaining necessary support.  With just two days from the time the contract was signed until the first live event, Hunt built the College's webpage with photos and information relevant to prospective students and facilitated the first live chat session.




James Robinette
Instructional Technology Specialist


Susan Setterlund
Librarian, Professor I

Robinette and Setterlund were nominated together for their collaboration and implementation of the POLO learning object repository.  Despite having no budget and no initial marketing efforts, they managed to obtain some 150 submissions before the official "roll-out" of POLO in the fall of 2013.  POLO will allow students to access material specifically developed for their course work at the College. It also allows faculty and staff to create resources that might be useful to their colleagues. 

Their nominations attribute this success to Setterlund's willingness to reach out to faculty as she worked to build the inventory and Robinette's willingness to help faculty create the resources they wanted to submit.  Because of their effort and constant promotion of the project, POLO received more than 15,000 user-hits during its start-up phase.



Dr. Kristy Taylor
Professor I

Since joining Palm Beach State, Taylor has worked to promote health and social awareness campus-wide through various events, such as Health Awareness Week and Social Awareness Week. This year, she led a service-learning initiative that partnered Palm Beach State students with three community organizations in the Belle Glade area: Bridges of Belle Glade, the Charles Drew Foundation and the Comprehensive Aids Program of Palm Beach County, Inc. In nominating Taylor, a colleague provided an extensive list of activities that Belle Glade students have engaged in through service-learning.  Among them, her students hosted a Health and Safety Conference on the Belle Glade campus to teach parents about hands-on activities they can do with their children and how to promote health and safety in the home. She also hosted a HIV Awareness Day, providing free HIV testing and educational materials.  This year, she was chosen as a Florida Compact Emerging Scholar and represented Palm Beach State at the 2013 fall conference for her work in service-learning.

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