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Student Scholarships


Palm Beach State Foundation manages a number of student scholarships created to assist students with achieving their academic goals. Generous donors include individuals, businesses, foundations and community organizations. Scholarship recipients are selected based on scholarship criteria established by the donors. Scholarship criteria can include GPA, credit hours enrolled, program of study, financial need and/or other criteria specified by the donor and consistent with Foundation policies and guidelines. All decisions made by the scholarship committees are final.

Remember, maintaining a scholarship is as important as applying for one. If you are selected to receive a scholarship, make sure you review your scholarship criteria at the link below (List of Foundation Scholarships). If you do not maintain the scholarship criteria established by the donor (e.g. Financial Need, GPA, credit hours enrolled) or you drop/withdraw from class/classes, you may be required to repay the scholarship, at the discretion of the Foundation.

Spring Term 2017-18 Foundation Scholarships

Spring Term Foundation Scholarships are posted to student accounts and will be disbursed in February 2018.  If you do not maintain the donor criteria or drop/withdraw from your class, you may be required to repay the scholarship at the discretion of the Foundation.

By submitting the scholarship application, you are authorizing the release of the information in the application and any relevant supporting information to donors and persons involved in the scholarship process.

If you have questions regarding scholarships, please contact the Foundation Office at 561-868-3450.  

Wishing you a great term!

Before you apply for that scholarship, add some "WOW factor" to your submission!
See a tutor in the Student Learning Center and find out how!

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