Mission and Goals

The Institute for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (IEES) was established by the College and the District Board of Trustees of Palm Beach State College in 2009 as a strategic imperative to meet the community's need for a highly-trained Green Economy Workforce. Working with the support and guidance of community, education, business and industry advisors, IEES is committed to:

  • Producing a pipeline of highly qualified technicians for the New and Emerging Green Economy in response to demand in local engineering technology, power, aerospace and manufacturing industries

  • Creating "rigorous" and "relevant" courses of study that connect STEM standards/benchmarks to job skills for the New Green Economy

  • Developing the STEM Collegiate Scholars initiative for middle and high school students to increase the awareness of STEM careers, improve their college readiness, and increase retention and graduation rates of students enrolling in the Electrical Power Technology and Engineering Technology A.S. degree programs

  • Collaborating with Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers and national associations to disseminate "best practices" and "lessons learned" in development innovations in increasing graduates in STEM disciplines with focus on Women and under-represented minorities

  • Laying the foundation for development of curriculum and courses of study for the emerging Smart Grid Technician - a person working in the Power and Renewable energy industry who has knowledge and skills of Information Technology, Communications and Energy Management

  • Developing articulation agreements with colleges and universities to enable students to achieve advanced degrees in Electrical Power Technology and Engineering Technology

  • Procuring grants to support Sustainability Development Goals as established in United Nations declarations for creating a sustainable world community


STEAM Implementation Plan

IEES Archives

Green Economy Workforce Assessment

2014 Energy Education Forum

IEES References and Resources 2014

IEES Technical Education Center (Belle Glade)


IEES Archived Projects

Eissey Campus E-Metering Project

Smart Grid and energy efficiency systems management is a key to building a sustainable energy future. Institute for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (IEES) at Palm Beach State College has established technology learning laboratories designed to educate and train workforce in new and emerging green occupations. With support from Congressionally-Directed grant (FIPSE) and US Department of Energy Gateway to Power Grant, IEES produced graphical charts displaying in real time the energy consumption of the campus for ten buildings. Also displayed are real time graphical charts of energy generated from the integrated solar and wind electrical vehicle carport.

The smart grid technology learning laboratory is a study in energy management systems that allows faculty to provide students with authentic learning experiences as aligned with Green-STEM standards/benchmarks. This provides critical teaching and learning events to prepare workforce for advanced skills required for the new Green Economy. Emphasis throughout is placed on development of course and program learning outcomes that teaches students higher cognitive skills important to critical thinking and problem solving.

IEES Energy Kiosk

energy kiosk    energy kiosk

energy kiosk    energy kiosk


Facilities mounting Wind Turbine on tower Creating Foundation of EV Car Port
wind tower installation ev car port


Dr. Matteson
visiting Renewable Energy Learning Lab site
Installing panels on Solar Car Port
dr. matteson construction of car charging station


IEES and Facilities working together
on the Learning Lab Site
Battery Storage Units
iees & facilities battery storage units


A look inside the Mechanical Room  
mechanical room mechanical room


First of its kind  
renewable energy ev car port renewable energy ev car port

renewable energy ev car port


Golf Cart Converted into a Solar Golf Cart - Students gain knowledge of applied principles of solar, energy storage, and performance capabilities

solar golf cart

Below: Dr. Jean Wihbey, Provost of Palm Beach Gardens Campus and Dr. Matteson taking a ride in IEES' Solar Golf Cart

dr. wihbey and dr. matteson in solar cart

Below: Jarvis Sigler of Security gives a supporting hand

dr. matteson & jarvis sigler


Take a look at what has been going on inside our Biofuels Learning Lab

Biofuel interns working on the BioPro190

biofuels learning lab    biofuels learning lab

biofuels learning lab    biofuels learning lab

biofuels learning lab


Learning To Grow Algae for Fuel


Practicing OSHA Guidelines

biofuels learning lab    biofuels learning lab


Washing Station and Outside Storage Units

biofuels learning lab


Facilities and IEES outside MOD254

outside mod254     outside mod254


IEES with assistance from college departments Media Technology & Instructional Services, E-Learning, and Library Services are developing a "Virtual Learning Library Repository" (VL2R) to provide faculty and students with rich-context and ultimate media for learning of advanced STEM principles. This method of teaching & learning emphasizes "learning by doing" by providing students with authentic learning experiences as aligned with industry standards to objectively measure and assess the student's capability to perform the skills required of employees working in Clean and Renewable energy & environmental occupations. 

The VL2R will also be of great benefit to other programs and departments throughout the college that are currently working cooperatively to support Palm Beach State's initiative for critical thinking as inspired and guided by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation Quality Enhancement Plan.

energy kiosk computer workstation

Pictured above: Energy Kiosk Computer Workstation for study of Renewable energy generation & energy consumption at PBG campus

Pictured below: Energy Kiosk display in foyer of BioScience Technology Complex monitoring in "real-time" total campus energy profile and solar and wind energy generated

energy kiosk computer workstation



IEES Archived Events

Below are previous events the Institute has sponsored or been a participant:


FPL Gateway to Power Archived Courses

Carbon Management: Issues & Solutions

Enhanced Electric Power Quality & Reliability: Architecture, Standards, Policies, Services and Jobs for Modern Energy Economy

Home Area Network for Smart Grid Management (HAN)

Introduction to Smart Grid: Energy Systems and Career Opportunities

Workshop: Smart Grid & Energy Technology Management - Operations, Integration of Renewables, Distribution Intelligence

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Robert Van Der Velde, Associate Dean  561-207-5416   vanderr@palmbeachstate.edu


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