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Staff, Mission & Office Overview

In keeping with the mission of Palm Beach State College to provide a responsive curriculum, the mission of Academic Services is to facilitate the curriculum development process and support effective academic activities and programs.

Dr. Velmarie Albertini, Dean, Curriculum - (561) 868-3891
Dr. Albertini coordinates curriculum activities district-wide and will help you with issues relating to the Curriculum Committee and curriculum development, articulation agreements, distance learning, class scheduling, faculty credentialing, and the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS).

Natalie Defraene, Associate Administrative Assistant - (561) 868-3892
Natalie coordinates office and staff activities for Academic Services, and assists staff with faculty credentialing and special projects. She will assist faculty and staff with reservations for Conference Room - TC427.

Cyndi Demitruk, Compliance Coordinator - (561) 868-3617
Cyndi will assist college staff and faculty with academic compliance activities with board policy, state statute, and federal law. She also coordinates field observation placements and is responsible for the Faculty Handbook. 

Jennifer Hudson, Academic Scheduling and Catalog Coordinator - (561) 868-3281
Jennifer will assist you with catalog and academic scheduling questions.

Maria Lopez Curriculum Specialist - (561) 868-3894 
Maria will assist you with the course dictionary, class scheduling, faculty credentialing, and catalog questions.

Clarisse May, Academic Coordinator - (561) 868-3831
Clarisse will assist you with questions on faculty credential procedures and its utility, Faculty Development Online Course,  Academic Management Manual updates, Prior Learning application process, and Career Pathways Articulation agreements' (with SDPBC).  She also maintains the Course Learning Outcomes and Course Special Fee databases.

Marcella Montesinos, Manager, Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College - (561) 868-3895
Marcella Montesinos is responsible for the oversight of the Dr. Floyd F. Koch Honors College.

Julie Sivigny, Curriculum and Accreditation Resource Manager - (561) 868-3914
Julie manages and maintains resources for use in the academic units and college-wide curriculum projects.  She also works with faculty and administrators to develop articulation agreements and facilitate pathways between the College and other institutions.

Christi White, Academic Coordinator - (561) 868-3893
Christi will help you with questions that relate to the Curriculum Committee, textbook updates, course outlines, catalog course descriptions, Dual Enrollment course updates, and the Statewide Numbering System (SCNS).


Academic Services Fax Number - (561) 868-3651 Mail Station #51

Office Overview - Academic Services supports the following activities:

  • Curriculum Development
    Curriculum Forms

    Curriculum Committee
    Course Dictionary
    Statewide Course Numbering System Contact
  • Honors College Activities Committee
    Development of Honors Courses, Sections, and Projects

    Graduation with Honors Recognition
    Online Resources
  • Instruction
    Cluster Meeting Agendas

    Faculty Files and Forms (Continuing Contract, Textbook, etc.)
    Faculty Handbook
  • Instructor Resource Management (IRM)
    Training and Troubleshooting

    Class Scheduling Training
  • Program Review
    Data displays

    Completed Reports
  • School District Activities
    Career Pathway Articulation Agreements
    Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement
    Teacher Education Field Observation
  • Compliance 
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Prior Learning Procedures
  • Adjunct Faculty Development Course
  • Accreditation Information
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