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Palm Beach State College is closed Monday, Jan. 21, 2019 is observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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Office of Human Resources

Information on the college's benefits, employment, employee relations, equity programs, employee learning opportunities, and other services.

Mission Statement

As a strategic partner and champion of change, the Office of Human Resources is committed to the advancement of Palm Beach State College's pursuit of educational excellence. 

Code of Ethics

The Office of Human Resources at Palm Beach State College strives to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional ethics. The following values will guide us:

  • Act with integrity and accept responsibility for what we say and what we do.
  • Model inclusiveness and treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Make thoughtful, informed and impartial decisions.
  • Avoid actions or decisions that could result in a conflict of interest or damage our credibility.
  • Honor our commitments and confidences.
  • Stand ready to make difficult decisions for the good of our College.
  • Further the positive public image of the College and our profession.


Guiding Principles

  • We value our constituents and their needs.
  • We are committed to conduct business in an ethical and professional manner.
  • We encourage new ideas that challenge the status quo in order to unlock creative solutions and deliver unparalleled service.
  • We foster relationships built on inclusiveness and mutual trust and respect.

Social Security Number Usage Notification

Florida Statute 119.071(5) requires that all employees be notified of the intention for the collection and usage of social security numbers. Palm Beach State College collects and uses your social security number for employment related purposes. To protect your identity, Palm Beach State secures your social security number from unauthorized parties and the Office of Human Resources has assigned you a unique personnel identification number (PID), in lieu of your social security number, for use in our personnel data system. Your PID number is located behind your ID Badge or login to the Employee Web. Whenever possible, the college will use your PID and will not require social security information. There are, however, occasions where your social security number will be used for business purposes in compliance with the following:

  • form 1095C
  • form I-9, if applicable
  • forms W-4, W-2, 1099
  • dental insurance
  • email account request
  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • long-term disability
  • retirement contribution
  • social security taxes
  • supplemental insurance options
  • unemployment
  • workers’ compensation

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions or concerns.

Human Resources Staff

2018 - 2019  Names, Titles and Phone numbers for Human Resources staff
Name Title Phone 
Michael Pustizzi Executive Director, Human Resources 561-868-3879
Barb Matias Director, Human Resources 561-868-3110
Cheryl Hare Assistant Director, Human Resources 561-868-3153
Juanita Hook Assistant Director, Human Resources & Equity Officer 561-868-3111
Norma Medina HRIS Administrator 561-868-3116
Christine Waugh Human Resources Generalist, Senior 561-868-3728
Benefits and Wellness
Melissa Solla-Gibble Benefits Manager 561-868-3134
Donna Agard Benefits Specialist 561-868-3133
Classification & Compensation
Kellie Schwamb Classification & Compensation Manager 561-868-4002
Sandy Canevari Human Resources Generalist, Senior 561-868-3985
Employee Engagement
Faith Lee Employee Engagement Manager 561-993-1435
Veronica Wood Human Resources Generalist, Senior 561-868-3902
Donna Holder-Hooper Interim Human Resources Generalist, Senior 561-207-5707
Talent Acquisition
Anjana Rangarao Talent Acquisition Manager 561-868-3765
Holly Chase Talent Acquisition Specialist 561-868-3115
Trenton Edwards Human Resources Generalist, Senior 561-868-3043
Kenlly Silvestre Talent Acquisition Specialist 561-868-3616
Lorrayne Kirby Interim Employment Specialist 561-868-3434
Institute of College Learning
Debra-Anne Singleton Learning & Professional Development Manager 561-868-3113
Adaly Maldonado Professional Development Representative 561-868-3889
Records Management
Kelsey Scotten Human Resources Specialist 561-868-3629
Claudette Grindley Human Resources Representative 561-868-3130
Farhana Rahman Human Resources Representative II 561-868-3666
Marcia Grabarczyk Interim Human Resources Representative II  561-868-4292



Office of Human Resources
4200 Congress Avenue, MS# 10
Lake Worth, FL 33461
561-868-3114 Telephone
561-868-3131 Facsimile

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