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Human Resources Directory

Main Office Contact Information
Contact Method Number
Main Office Phone Number 561-868-3434
Main Office Fax Number 561-868-3131


Benefits and Wellness -
Name Title Phone Number
Katrina Valentino Benefits Manager 561-868-4002
Olidmy Jeoboam Benefits Analyst 561-868-3133
Donna Agard Benefits Administrator 561-868-3134


Classification and Compensation -
Name Title Phone Number
Sandy Canevari Classification & Compensation Manager 561-868-3985
Dawn Cooper Classification & Compensation Analyst 561-868-3616
Allison Fink Classification & Compensation Specialist 561-868-4382


Employee Engagement
Name Title Phone Number
Donna Holder-Hooper Employee Relations Manager 561-207-5707
Christine Belyeu Human Resources Business Partner 561-862-4479
Kaydeon Simpson Human Resources Business Partner 561-790-9047


Talent Acquisition -
Name Title Phone Number
Anjana Rangarao Talent Acquisition Manager 561-868-3765
Holly Cook Talent Acquisition Specialist II 561-868-3115
Kate DiCroce Talent Acquisition Partner 561-868-3902
Gayle Felicetti Talent Acquisition Partner 561-868-3157
Marc Hunt Talent Acquisition Partner 561-868-4039
Lorrayne Kirby Talent Acquisition Specialist I 561-868-3090


Professional Development and Training -
Name Title Phone Number
Debra-Anne Singleton Learning & Professional Development Manager 561-868-3113
Vincent Price Learning & Professional Development Coordinator 561-868-3889


Employee Records Management -
Name Title Phone Number
Marcia Grabarczyk Employee Records Supervisor 561-868-4292
Kara Lee Human Resources Representative 561-868-3629
Delicia Marshall Human Resources Representative 561-868-3737


Human Resources
Name Title Phone Number
Michael Pustizzi Chief Human Resources Officer 561-868-3879
Barb Matias Director, Human Resources 561-868-3110
Cheryl Hare Director, Total Rewards 561-868-3153
Juanita Benjamin Director, Human Resources & Equity Officer 561-868-3111
Norma Medina HRIS Administrator 561-868-3116


Office of Human Resources
4200 Congress Avenue, MS# 10
Lake Worth, FL 33461

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