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Spot Award

Spot Awards are intended to recognize employees for meaningful or special contributions above and beyond their standard job responsibilities.



All exempt and non-exempt regular full-time and part-time staff members, full-time faculty, and adjunct instructors are eligible for this program. Members of the President’s Cabinet are ineligible.

  • Nominations for the Spot Award may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year, at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Nominations must be submitted by the employee’s direct supervisor.
  • Spot Awards are established at $200. All awards are considered taxable income, subject to applicable deductions and will be reflected on the employee’s income earnings statements.
  • Eligible staff, faculty, adjunct, and administrators may receive one Spot Award each fiscal year.
  • Spot Awards are only awarded to individuals, not groups.
  • All nominees must have received a satisfactory performance review (regular employees) or classroom observation (adjunct) in the most recent review period.


Nomination Guidelines 

The direct supervisor of an employee has the authority to recommend Spot Awards for their employees. Anyone outside the chain of the leadership structure seeking to recognize an employee are encouraged to communicate the action to the supervisor for consideration.

One level of supervision up to the President’s Cabinet member in the chain of command need to concur and approve the nomination. Final determination rests with President’s Cabinet with each nomination presented by the recommending Cabinet member.


To manage the recognition awards budget and ensure the awards meet the standards of the Spot Award Program for each fiscal year, awards will be reviewed and approved during President’s Cabinet meetings.

After the President’s Cabinet has approved the award, the direct supervisor will receive a notification in Workday. Supervisors are encouraged to communicate approval of the award to the employee immediately following receipt of the notification.

Recipient names will be submitted to Payroll. Payment will normally occur in the next scheduled pay cycle.


Timing and Funding

The staff member should be recognized as soon as possible from the date of the action being recognized.

Funds and awards will be dispersed up to the amount budgeted for the fiscal year.



One-time specific and exceptional activity or accomplishment that qualifies may include:

  • Providing great service: Delivered superior support to a student, faculty member, staff member, alumni, or visitor. Exhibited compassion, positivity and understanding when providing assistance. Made a community member feel valued.
  • Great campus ambassador: Upheld the College’s mission through an on-campus activity such as serving on a key college committee which required months of additional work, research, and participation beyond normal job duties.
  • Going above and beyond: Exceeded regular job responsibilities by going the extra mile with a positive attitude and taking initiative without being asked.
  • Creative problem-solving: Offered an idea that improved our workplace or College operation.
  • Commitment to team: Put in the extra effort to help a co-worker or team. Filled in to support someone else in need outside of normal work expectations.
  • Innovation: Outside the box thinking. Put forth a creative idea or solution that was implemented and impacted a departmental or college-wide operations, process, or procedure.

A supervisor may nominate their employee in Workday by utilizing the Spot Award Job Aid.


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