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Corporate & Continuing Education



 We provide our community with quality professional education & training and lifelong learning opportunities. Start a new career or build your skills or enhance your life with affordable, accessible short-term courses. 





You may already understand that top-notch customer service begins with knowing your customers and their needs, but do you know how to evaluate those customers, or better yet, what to do with the data once you have it?   You will take a look at that, as well as identify how your customer service stacks up right now, and how you can build on even the sharpest of service policies.   Plus, you will learn how to communicate, resolve complaints, and build long-lasting customer programs.





Today, there are no shortages of opportunities for skilled salespeople. In good times or bad, companies never stop looking for sales representatives that can help them meet their financial goals.

If you've always dreamed of becoming successful in sales, this course is exactly what you need. You'll learn how to turn prospects into buyers, how to provide proper customer service, how to develop a sales plan, and much more. 





Questions?  Please call 868-3700 or email 





 Build your English skills using this combined approach to language learning. Through an integrated focus on basic grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and cultural information with high-interest themes, you will achieve your language goals.

  • Learn about contemporary, real-world topics while practicing language
  • Produce natural, conversational language
  • Use grammar in communicative contexts
  • Be able to comprehend task-based listening activities
  • Practice fun, personalized speaking activities that build speaker self-confidence
  • Learn to correctly pronounce American English as it is used in conversation
  • Focus on language accuracy and fluency by integrating combined skills






Looking for a way to fuel your mind, add to your professional growth and/or enrich your career? 

Use your time to learn online from the comfort of  your home. 

  • Prepare for industry certification or start a new career
  • Start Anytime - Personal Instructor assistance
  • Many programs completed in less than six months
  • In-depth study, all learning materials provided

Financial Aid is available through Ed2Go application 

child care directors

This course is to assist child care program directors in implementing trauma-informed care for the families they serve.


Want your motorcycle license endorsement? Want to become a better, safer rider?

PBSC will soon be offering the state required mandatory rider education course.  Basic Rider, 3 wheel and advance courses will be available.

Note: The start of this program is contingent on the COVID-19 response. Please keep checking for updates and timelines. 



Do you love animals? Have you ever thought about a career as a veterinary assistant? This intensive course will provide the information you need to become a productive member of a veterinary team. The course is designed for people who want to work as veterinary assistants at veterinary hospitals and for those already employed in related positions. Upon completion of the course, you will also have the opportunity to gain access to an Externship Starter Kit.

225 Hours


Increase your business and financial awareness by obtaining skill in QuickBooks, SHRM or many other courses. We want to help you strengthen your business skills and keep you moving in the right direction.

Continuing Education at PBSC offer classes that will help you develop knowledge, and skills for everyday life.  These classes will give the skills you need to succeed. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you will find courses aimed at your skill level. Master the leading software packages, create web pages, or add graphic design or digital photography to your skill set. Learn how to navigate social media, blogs and other online communication tools to increase your business success.

Cosmetologists of today need to stay ahead of the latest trends and produce the highest quality of work. To assist you to achieve the next level, Palm Beach State College offers continuing education and training beyond basic cosmetology. No experience necessary for Hair Braiding. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive your State of Florida license.  For Esthetician and Make-up courses, you must possess an active State of Florida Cosmetology or Facial Specialist license.

The Criminal Justice Academy is a limited access program governed by Palm Beach State, Region XII Justice Training Council and the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. This minimum standards class is regulated by Florida statutes and is a highly structured and disciplined program with special rules, policies and procedures.

Courses for certified emergency services professionals designed to improve and expand their level of knowledge and skills as well as coursework needed to maintain their certification.

A variety of topics of interest to fire service professionals are available. In addition to on-campus offerings, classes may also be held off-campus at local emergency services agency facilities. Customized training programs can also be developed for agencies interested in providing training on a specific fire or EMS topic for their personnel.

Advanced Training courses for the Health Sciences areas are designed to provide specialized training for the individual wanting to increase their current knowledge or move forward in their career.

Are you a “foodie?” Passionate about cooking? Interested in learning about wine and other beverages? Considering a career in the food & beverage industry? Get a jump start at PBSC! Our classes are designed to be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for the culinary arts and beverages. Our certificate programs are ideal for those who wish to gain employment in restaurants, hotels/hospitality venues, catering companies, wine & liquor stores, food & wine import/export companies, food & wine distributors, and other venues.


We are educators of the early childhood workforce, whose teaching practices will make the difference in the success of children. We are trainers, advisors, educators and mentors. We are experts in the field of early childhood education.  The mission of the Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education is to provide the child care workforce of Palm Beach County with a comprehensive approach to career development in the field of early childhood education.

The Department of Teacher Education is committed to meeting the needs of educators in Palm Beach County by providing academic services and support through its strong community partnerships and its dedicated and knowledgeable staff. PBSC CCE Professional Development courses are open to all teachers or future teachers wishing to continue their education or to obtain additional credentials to support them, while striving to be the best educators in Palm Beach County and in their field. 

Thousands of workers each year are retiring from the trades, in fact for every five people who retire only one is trained to replace them. Our country is in a dilemma because we do not have a sufficiently trained workforce to replace them and as the industry is getting older, smaller, the local demands are getting bigger. Let us help you find your new career with our training programs, short-term training opportunities, and partnership with workforce boards, where you can earn a competitive wage while helping to build a better future.



SATURDAY CLASSES for Ages 8 to Teens

MOMMY/DADDY and ME Classes




Corporate training

The college works with businesses to deliver tailored, customized training for their employees. 

These specific programs enable executives to develop new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

This knowledge translates into the capability an organization applies to the products and services it brings to the marketplace.

business partnerships

The BP and PA Councils are established to assist Palm Beach State College in planning, implementing and evaluating each of its occupational programs in order to respond to the changing needs of the community.


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