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CCE - Food and Beverage

Are you a “foodie?” Passionate about cooking? Interested in learning about wine and other beverages? Considering a career in the food & beverage industry? Get a jump start at PBSC! Our classes are designed to be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for the culinary arts and beverages.

Our certificate programs are ideal for those who wish to gain employment in restaurants, hotels/hospitality venues, catering companies, wine & liquor stores, food & wine import/export companies, food & wine distributors, and other venues.

Earn A Certificate In Fundamentals Of Professional Cooking In Just Six Weeks

Fundamentals of Professional Cooking - FSO0138

Fundamentals of Professional Cooking - FSO 0138

Contact hours: 36

CLASS NOTE:  This is a face to face class. The class will be meeting on campus at the regularly scheduled class meeting time.  Please check with the professor regarding CDC guidelines for attending class. Enhanced safety protocols due to COVID-19 will be observed, including limited enrollment for social distancing.

Required attire for class participation: long sleeved chef coat (any color), black pants (no leggings) and closed-toe shoes.

Explore the theory and techniques of cooking, receive hands-on training and prepare recipes with assistance from a professional chef instructor in our commercial kitchen. Each class is comprised of a theory segment and hands-on food preparation. Learn to identify which knives are best for which tasks, how to correctly hold a knife, and essential knife cuts for precision cutting and portioning meats and vegetables. Learn about stocks and their role as a foundation for soups, stews and sauces. Learn techniques to develop layers of flavor by using stocks, classic sauces, and soups. Learn about heat management, including which foods benefit from being cooked with moist heat (using water, stock, wine or some other liquid) and which foods are better with dry heat, with or without fat or oil. Learn the various steps of dough production and making bread. Learn to make the perfect pie dough and flaky pie crust from scratch. Select, measure and mix ingredients to bake cakes, and learn to decorate cakes.

Students that complete the 6-week program receive a Fundamentals of Professional Cooking Certificate of Completion. The certificate can be used to gain employment in restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other food/hospitality venues.

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Wine Appreciation, Service and Sales - FSO0137

This course introduces students to the many facets of the wine industry: wine production from vineyard to bottle; wine regions and wine labels from around the world; purchasing, serving and tasting wine; wine lists; wine pricing; matching wine with food; and wine sales and merchandising. Upon completion, students receive a course certificate that can be used in seeking career opportunities in restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues, wine retail, wine import/export, wine distribution and more. The course is also ideal for anyone who wishes to acquire a well-rounded wine appreciation background for personal improvement. Since this is a virtual class, a selection of wine styles will be suggested for students who wish to purchase and taste wines from home.   

Contact Hours: 24        

No Classes Available At This Time


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