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CCE - Food and Beverage

Are you a “foodie?” Passionate about cooking? Interested in learning about wine and other beverages? Considering a career in the food & beverage industry? Get a jump start at PBSC! Our classes are designed to be enjoyed by anyone with a passion for the culinary arts and beverages.

Our certificate programs are ideal for those who wish to gain employment in restaurants, hotels/hospitality venues, catering companies, wine & liquor stores, food & wine import/export companies, food & wine distributors, and other venues.

COMING SPRING 2021: Earn a Certificate in Fundamentals of Professional Cooking in 6 weeks 

The certificate can be used to gain employment in restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other food/hospitality venues:

  1. Stocks, Sauces, and Soups - FSO0131
  2. Turning Up the Heat vs. Moist Heat Cooking Methods - FSO0132
  3. Sharpening Your Knife Skills: Grilling Bonanza  - FSO0133
  4. Baking Bread 101 and Cheese Appreciation - FSO0134
  5. Perfecting Pies and Tarts - FSO0135
  6. Cakes and Cake Art - FSO0136




Stocks, Sauces, and Soups - FSO0131

Stocks are the foundation for soups, stews and sauces. Learn the secrets for developing layers of flavor by making white and brown stocks, classic sauces and soups. On Day 1, you will make a variety of stocks and two classic sauces. On Day 2, you will use the stocks and sauces prepared the day before to make a classic dish and several soups.

Contact Hours: 6   



Turning Up the Heat vs. Moist Heat Cooking Methods - FSO0132

Learn to use the best cooking method for the type of food being prepared. Find out which foods benefit from being cooked with moist heat (using water, stock, wine or some other liquid) and which foods are better with dry heat, with or without fat or oil. On Days 1 and 2, you will prepare a variety of meats and chicken using both dry and moist cooking techniques.

Contact Hours: 6



Sharpening Your Knife Skills: Grilling Bonanza  - FSO0133

Take your backyard grilling expertise to a higher level! In this class you also will learn to identify which knives are best for which jobs, how to correctly hold your knife, and essential knife cuts for precision cutting and portioning of meats and vegetables. You will also prepare seasoning rubs, sauces and all the fixin's. On Day 1, you will practice cutting a variety of vegetables into julienne, batonnet and other shapes. On Day 2, you will use the acquired knife skills to carve (and grill) meats and seafood.    

Contact Hours: 6



Baking Bread 101 and Cheese Appreciation - FSO0134

In this class you will master the steps of dough production, making bread and appreciating the nuances of various cheeses. On Day 1, you will mix, proof and bake several classic breads. On Day 2, once the breads are baked, the class will wrap up with tips on selecting, storing, serving and tasting cheese and arranging the perfect cheese platter. You will sample the baked breads paired with a selection of cheeses from around the world.  

Contact Hours: 6



Perfecting Pies and Tarts - FSO0135

Explore hands-on techniques, tips and tricks to make the perfect pie dough and flaky pie crust from scratch. On Day 1, you will prepare pie dough and fillings. On Day 2, you will assemble three pies and fresh mini-tartlets. You will work with   a traditional French tart dough, pastry cream and assorted fresh fruits.

Contact Hours: 6



Cakes and Cake Art - FSO0136

This class introduces you to the techniques and methodology for baking cakes and cake decorating. On Day 1, you will prepare basic cake bases, flavor fillings and frostings to customize any cake. On Day 2, you will learn how to level, fill and frost a cake, decorate with icing and practice piping techniques. You will make several traditional cakes during this class.   

Contact Hours: 6 



Wine Appreciation, Service and Sales - FSO0137

This course introduces students to the many facets of the wine industry: wine production from vineyard to bottle; wine regions and wine labels from around the world; purchasing, serving and tasting wine; wine lists; wine pricing; matching wine with food; and wine sales and merchandising. Upon completion, students receive a course certificate that can be used in seeking career opportunities in restaurants, hotels and hospitality venues, wine retail, wine import/export, wine distribution and more. The course is also ideal for anyone who wishes to acquire a well-rounded wine appreciation background for personal improvement. Since this is a virtual class, a selection of wine styles will be suggested for students who wish to purchase and taste wines from home.   

Contact Hours: 24        




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