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Academic Advising

Academic advisors and counselors assist students in designing an educational plan that meets their academic and personal goals. They also serve as a referral source for the many supportive services and resources at the College. Students are urged to maintain contact with their advisors to be certain they are on track to complete their program of study. Students assume ultimate responsibility for course selection

All first-time-in-college (FTIC) degree-seeking students must complete New Student Orientation before being allowed to register for classes.

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Important!! All communication with students is done through College student email. Activate your college Email.


Other Helpful Resources

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Starfish Advising Appointment - by Service (PDF)

Starfish Advising Appointment - by Primary Advisor (PDF)


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Office & Staff Info

Belle Glade

Advising Hours

Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 7 pm
Friday:  8 am - Noon

Belle Glade Advising Department Contact Information
Counselor/Advisor Title Phone Number Email
Roberto Carballoso Interim Assistant Dean, Student Services 561 993-1156
La'Drena Marshall Student Development Advisor 561-993-1183
Stephanie Sense Student Development Advisor / Career Advisor 561-993-1172
Michael Shatara Student Development Advisor
Edward Tucker Student Development Advisor / Outreach Advisor 561-993-1023
Felisia Hill PSAV Advisor 561-993-1431
Richard Hunter Accessibility Advisor 561-790-9022

Boca Raton

Advising Hours

Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 7 pm
Friday:  8 am - 5 pm

Main Office Number: 561-862-4313
Walk-Ins are welcome!

Boca Raton Advising Department Contact Information
Counselor/Advisor Title Phone Number Email
Audrey Jackson Assistant Dean, Student Services 561-862-4331
Sherry Fletcher Academic Advisor 561-862-4318
Mary Hicks Academic Advisor 561-862-4538
VACANT Academic Advisor 561-862-4373  
Yolanda Sneed Academic/Career Advisor 561-862-4706
Sheria Johnson Academic Advisor 561-862-5386
Emily Dahlin Academic/Career Advisor 561-862-4380
VACANT Academic/Career Advisor 561-862-4382  
Lucia Pasqualini Academic Advisor 561-862-4315
VACANT Academic/Career Advisor 561-862-4394  
Cindy Stromberg Academic/Career Advisor 561-862-4355
Erica Weissman Academic/Career/ Veterans Advisor 561-862-4376
Brad Hawkins Counselor/Associate Professor 561-862-4317
Tequesta Adams Administrative Assistant 561-862-4312
Sarah Edris Office Assistant 561-862-4372

Lake Worth

Advising Hours

Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 7 pm
Friday:  8 am - 5 pm

Main Office Number: 561-868-3036

Lake Worth Advising Department Contact Information
Counselor/Advisor Title Phone Number Email
Ronnie Malave Assistant Dean, Student Services 561-868-3583
Karen Burrell Student Dev Manager 561-868-3931
Sheamus Hunt Student Dev Manager 561-868-3636
Daniel Alvarez Academic Advisor 561-868-4164
Ashley Turner Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Joanna Campos Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Shirley Carrie-Hartman Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Charlene Cranford Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Karen Handy Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Mikayel Ishmael Academic Advisor 561-868-3602
Price Jean Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Don Lawrence Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Rosalina Loayza Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Cathy Lombard Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Maureen Mangar Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Sandrine Petit Frere Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Shannon Smigo Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Cynara Stubbs Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Angela Vickers Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Tanya Washington-Bostic Academic Advisor 561-868-3037
Christopher Shanks Veteran's Advisor 561-868-3037
Janice Bell Accessibility Advisor 561-868-3037
Cynthia Ramirez Administrative Asst. I 561-868-3037
Jennifer Roisland Rivera Administrative Asst. I 561-868-3037

Loxahatchee Groves

Loxahatchee Groves Advising Department Contact Information
Counselor/Advisor Title Phone Number Email
Helen Shub Interim Assistant Dean, Student Services 561-790-9009
John Maloney Student Dev & Veterans Advisor 561-790-9021
Armando Carrasco Student Dev & Career Advisor 561-790-9046
Ashley Anderson Student Dev & Outreach Advisor 561-790-9020
Richard Hunter Accessibility Advisor 561-790-9022
Effie Scott-Jackson Financial Aid Advisor 561-790-9030
Jernae Thomas Financial Aid Advisor 561-790-9022

Palm Beach Gardens

Advising Hours

Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 7 pm
Friday:  8 am - 5 pm

Main Office Number: 561-207-5340
Call for an appointment

Palm Beach Gardens Advising Department Contact Information
Counselor/Advisor Title Phone Number Email
Tracey Olsen-Oliver Assistant Dean, Student Services 561-207-5341
Kevan Bennett Academic Advisor 561-207-5368
Dede Dyer Academic Advisor 561-207-5319
Leigh Merritt Academic Advisor 561-207-5419
Jonathan Glass Academic Advisor 561-207-5343
Mary Moffett Academic Advisor 561-207-5340
Lois MacNamara Academic Advisor 561-207-5314
Corinne Lull Academic Advisor 561-207-5338
Wanda Rosa-Malave Academic Advisor 561-207-5375
Eric Vargas Post Secondary Advisor 561-207-5372
Ashton Davis Veteran's Advisor 561-207-5354
John J. Kiefer Accessibility Manager 561-207-5345
Khanisha Nicholson Accessibility Advisor 561-207-5381
Alice Spanomitsos Administrative Assistant 561-207-5336
Tyler Ryan Administrative Assistant 561-207-5336
Patricia Hoyle-Robinette Starfish Administrator 561-207-5342

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