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Academic Advising


Academic advisors assist students in designing an educational plan, serve as a referral source for the many supportive services and resources at the College. Students are urged to maintain contact with their advisors to be certain they are on track to complete their program of study. Students assume ultimate responsibility for course selection.

Virtual Express advising via phone on a first-come first-served basis. Please click below to speak to an advisor. 

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Virtual Service

Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm
Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

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In-person Service

Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm
Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
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My Assigned Advisor

Academic Advisors are assigned by Academic Pathways. Your assigned advisor will engage with you directly throughout every semester and offer support for ongoing academic success. Please visit the Student Portal or MyPBSC App to contact your assigned advisor.


Student advising appointments are now available!
Now, through November 12th, students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisor to discuss their academic progress and prepare a plan for the upcoming semester. To make an appointment with your assigned advisor, please log into your Student Portal or the MyPBSC App. See instructions below.


Log into the Student Web Portal.

Using the Student Portal, students can view their assigned advisor’s contact information and make an appointment



Using the MyPBSC App, select the ‘Academic Advising’ icon to view your assigned advisor’s contact information and make an appointment


Bachelor's degree Advising

All students are required to consult with an Academic Advisor before registering. If you have applied to Palm Beach State College, have been accepted into the Bachelor's program and you are about to register for classes, please select from the following:


I am a current bachelor’s degree-seeking student

I am new to the bachelor’s degree programs and interested in getting started

General Advising Questions?

Office Number: 561-868-3036
Email Address:
Advising Hours:  Monday - Thursday:  8 am - 7 pm, Friday:  8 am - 5 pm

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is required for all first-time in college students.

Please visit our orientation page for a pre-orientation checklist and additional information.

Learn About New Student Orientation

Advising Staff Information

Advisor Title Phone Email
Erica Weissman Student Dev & Career Advisor (561) 862-4383
Jonathan Glass Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5343

Advisor Title Phone Email
George Zombek Student Development Advisor (561) 993-1172
Lucia Pasqualini Student Development Advisor (561) 862-4315
Michael Hicks Student Dev & Career Advisor (561) 862-4706
Rosalina Loayza Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3921
Charlene Cranford Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3650
John Maloney Student Development Advisor (561) 790-9021
Shirley Carrie-Hartman Student Development Advisor (561) 868-4165
Kevan Bennett Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5368
Tamara Ramos-Zamora Post Secondary Advisor, Supply Chain Management (561) 868-4129

Advisor Title Phone Email
Angela Vickers Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3876
Leigh Merritt Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5419
Maureen Mangar Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3965
Amber Palomares Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5352
La'Drena Marshall Student Development Advisor (561) 993-1183

Advisor Title Phone Email
Yolanda Sneed Student Dev & Career Advisor (561) 862-4706
Sherry Fletcher Student Development Advisor (561) 862-4318
Jennifer Llanos Student Dev & Career Advisor (561) 862-4380
Claire Girtman-Gayle Student Development Advisor (561) 862-4382
Cathy Lombard Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3949
Armando Carrasco Student Development Advisor (561) 790-9046
Dede Dyer Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5319
Corinne Lull Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5338
Wanda Rosa-Malave Student Development Advisor (561) 207-5375

Advisor Title Phone Email
Mikayel Ishmael Student Development Advisor  (561) 868-3557

Advisor Title Phone Email
Felisia Hill Post Secondary Advisor (561) 993-1427
Ashton Davis  Student Dev & Veterans Advisor (561) 207-5354

Advisor Title Phone Email
Shannon Smigo Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3357
Mary Moffett Student Dev & Outreach Advisor (561) 207-5246
Derrell Mccolister Student Dev & Outreach Advisor (561) 207-5329
Ashley Turner Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3289
Brandon White Post Secondary Advisor (561) 207-5349

Advisor Title Campus Email
Richard Hunter Accessibility Advisor BG/LOX
Rosemary Mendonez Accessibility Advisor BR
Janice Bell Accessibility Advisor LW
Khanisha Nicholson Accessibility Advisor PBG

Advisor Title Campus Email
Joanna Campos (Spanish) Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3897
Price Jean Creole) Student Development Advisor (561) 868-3898

Staff Title Office Email Phone 
Laura D. Babooram Academic and Student Services Manager CBP 0118 (561) 868-4106
Milagros Davila Student Development Advisor II CBP 0125 (561) 868-4104
Deslee Francis-Grant Student Development Advisor II CBP 0126 (561) 868-4113
Laderne Jeudy Student Development Advisor II CBP 0126 (561) 868-4114

Assistant Deans and Managers

Management Title Campus Email
Jernae Thomas  Interim Assistant Dean, Student Services BG/LOX
 Topeka Zigler  Accessibility Manager BR
 VACANT  Assistant Dean, Student Services BR  
 Karen Burrell  Student Dev Manager LW
 Sheamus Hunt  Student Dev Manager LW
 Jelecia Kirk  Accessibility Manager LW
 Laura Babooram Bachelor Program Manager LW
Destiny Keen Student Dev Manager PBG
Tracey Olsen-Oliver  Assistant Dean, Student Services PBG
John J. Kiefer  Accessibility Manager PBG

Other Helpful Resources


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Career Center - make appointment Florida Shines (formerly FL Virtual Campus)
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