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CCE - Trades

Construction, Cosmetology, Drafting, Water & Wastewater, Welding

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Thousands of workers each year are retiring from the trades, in fact for every five people who retire only one is trained to replace them. Our country is in a dilemma because we do not have a sufficiently trained workforce to replace them and as the industry is getting older, smaller, the local demands are getting bigger. Let us help you find your new career with our training programs, short-term training opportunities, and partnership with workforce boards, where you can earn a competitive wage while helping to build a better future.

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NCCER Core Certification - TIO0650

Required: Prior to taking any NCCER Level 1 courses.

The construction industry has many entry-level positions, and this course provides the entry-level skills to assist you with most trades.  Topics include basic safety, including the use of hand and power tools and OSHA regulations. This course also covers basic construction math, understanding construction drawings and basic employability skills. Upon successful completion students will receive the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Training Certificate.



NCCER Carpentry Level 1 Certification - TIO0655

Prerequisite: NCCER Core (TIO0650)

Carpenters make up the largest building trades occupation in the industry and those with all-around skills are in high demand. This hands-on training will enable you to learn how to safely construct, install and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. Curriculum includes building materials, hand and power tools, floor and wall systems, framing, stair layout and more.

NCCER Electrical Level 1 Certification - TIO0651

Prerequisite: NCCER Core (TIO0650)

Electricians are in demand and make excellent wages! Join this hands-on training and learn how to install electrical systems. Curriculum includes wiring and other electrical services and components such as circuit breaker panels, switches, light fixtures and pipe. Learn safety, electrical theory, how to read and follow blueprints, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and state and local codes.

NCCER HVAC Level 1 Certification - TIO0657

Prerequisite: NCCER Core (TIO0650)

The increasing development of HVAC (heating and air-conditioning systems) technology causes employers to recognize the importance of continuous education and keeping up to speed with the latest equipment and skills. Hence, this training provides an advantage and a higher qualification for employment. NCCER's program has been designed by highly qualified subject matter experts with this in mind. NCCER is North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized and presents theoretical and practical skills essential to your success as an HVAC installer or technician.

NCCER Plumbing Level 1 Certification - TIO0661

Prerequisite: NCCER Core (TIO0650)

Plumbers are in high demand, and make excellent wages. This hands-on training includes how to install, maintain, and repair many different types of plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and public buildings. Curriculum includes safety, tools of the trade, how to read and follow blueprints, fixtures and valves, water heaters and gas and oil systems.

NCCER Welding Level 1 Certification - TIO0653

Prerequisite: NCCER Core (TIO0650)

Welding is one of the hottest careers! This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to become an entry-level welder. Course covers SMAW bead and fillet welds, joint fit-up, and groove and open V-groove welds. Also learn how to effectively plasma cut and increase weld quality.

NCCER Welding Level 2 Certification - TIO0654

Prerequisite: NCCER Welding Level 1(TIO0650)

Welding is one of the hottest careers! This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to become an entry-level welder. Course covers SMAW bead and fillet welds, joint fit-up, and groove and open V-groove welds. Also learn how to effectively plasma cut and increase weld quality.


EPA Section 609  Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Certification - TIO0516

Any person that services motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) must be certified. This EPA Section 609 technician training is a theory and knowledge-based class to prepare for the certification test. This course does not cover the skills necessary to diagnose problems or make repairs in motor vehicle air conditioners. Rather, this training will prepare the technicians in the legal regulations, how to properly handle, recover and recycle refrigerants, and why it must be done to protect the stratospheric ozone layer. Test for certification is included in the course.


AutoCAD Introduction - TIO0325

Join us and learn about the new and enhanced tools that make AutoCAD a designer's dream. Learn to use Autodesk AutoCAD software, the industry standard for computerized drafting. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to create a basic 2D drawing using drawing and editing tools, organize drawing objects on layers, add text and basic dimensions, and prepare to plot. 

AutoCAD Intermediate - TIO0326

Prerequisite: AutoCAD Introduction or equivalent knowledge

Increase your AutoCAD skills by learning to use efficiency tools including grips and advanced object selection; drawing with complex objects including polylines, regions and multilines; defining blocks and attributes; using external reference files and image files; using layouts and advanced plotting features.

Revit Architectural Drafting Introduction - TIO0380

Learn to use Autodesk Revit, a fully parametric architectural 3D design software. By using Autodesk Revit, you will learn to design the same way the professionals do. When you change one view using a parametric program the other views are changed automatically to reflect your change. For example, if a door is deleted in the door schedule, that door is automatically deleted from the floor plan and elevations. This state-of-the-art software, also called Building Information Modeling, truly takes architectural computer design beyond being a high tech pencil. This course teaches you to create a 3-dimensional model of a residence, and print the floor plan and elevations of the building.

Revit Architectural Drafting Intermediate - TIO0381

Prerequisite: Revit Architectural Introduction or equivalent knowledge

Intermediate Revit teaches how to automate creation of schedules and sections by taking advantage of the parametric features. You will learn how Revit's building information model prevents errors in architectural drawings. With Revit it is almost impossible to have a miss-reference detail tag. The course teaches creation and printing of photo realistic renderings of the model, and how to create and print a whole set of drawings.


Welding NCCER: Level 2 Certification - TIO0654

Prerequisite: NCCER Level 1

Expand on your NCCER Level 1 Welding credential. Course covers GMAW, GTAW, FCAW fillet, joint fit-up, groove and open V-groove welds. Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a NCCER Welding Level 2 credential.

OSHA 10 Cards

This is for payment of OSHA 10 card.  



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