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Institute of Excellence in Early Care & Education

We are educators of the early childhood workforce, whose teaching practices will make a difference in the success of children. We are trainers, advisors, educators, and mentors. We are experts in the field of early childhood education.



Understanding Writing through GOLD - HEO0251 

 Learning to write requires more than just holding a pencil; it also involves having ideas to write. Take this training to start your preschool children on the right path to writing by learning the benefits of teaching letter knowledge, shared writing, and interactive writing. This training aligns with the GOLD Assessment.

Contact hours: 12                           



Behavior Management 1: Building Relationships - HEO0257

Proper classroom behavior management looks a lot different today than it did when you were a kid. Learn how love leads to learning with this training, which will teach you how to prevent challenging behavior in the classroom.

Contact hours: 10       


Spanish Behavior Management 1: Building Relationships  - HEO0257

 Spanish El manejo adecuado del comportamiento en el aula, se ve muy diferente hoy en día, que cuando usted era un niño. Aprenda cómo el amor conduce al aprendizaje, en este entrenamiento, le cual además le enseñará cómo prevenir comportamientos difíciles en el salón de clase. Proper classroom behavior management looks a lot different today than it did when you were a kid. Learn how love leads to learning with this training, which will teach you how to prevent challenging behavior in the classroom. 

Contact hours: 10


Behavior Management III: Effective Strategies for Challenging Behavior - HEO0266

This training is the third training in the Behavior Management series. You will look deeper into why misbehavior occurs and apply helpful strategies for challenging behaviors. This is a Hybrid  course

Contact hours: 12


Becoming Brain Smart®: Conscious Discipline - HEO0263

If you’re currently struggling with behavior management in your classroom, it’s time for you to become Brain Smart®. Take this training to learn about the Conscious Discipline® Brain State model, and how it can help you and your students increase academic achievement, decrease behavior problems, and improve the quality of relationships in the classroom. 

Contact hours: 12


Connections That Count - HEO0296

In this course participants will explore ways to create connections with the children in their care using the social-emotional learning skills of encouragement, choices and empathy. The material for this course is based on Dr. Becky Bailey’s book, “Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms”. This course will offer tools and strategies to assist adults in exploring ways to create connections with their children that help wire their brains for optimal development. These connections will help the children with impulse control, willingness and motivation to be more successful in class and life.

Contact hours: 15


Building Resilient Classrooms 


Spanish  Creating a Peaceful Classroom Through Connections - HEO0269

Usted podría pensar que la idea de enseñar en un aula tranquila es un cuento de hadas. ¡Convierta esa fantasía en realidad al tomar este entrenamiento! En este entrenamiento, nosotros le proporcionaremos rituales de Conscious Discipline® los cuales le enseñaran cómo hacer conexiones que usted podrá usar en el aula, para fortalecer las relaciones con los niños y así poder crear un aula tranquila y amorosa.

Contact Hours: 10



ISBN: 13:978-0688161170


Creative Scientists - Creativity and Problem Solving - HEO0245

Do you need to refresh yourself on foundational STEAM concepts? Familiarize (or refamiliarize) yourself with STEAM to feel more confident when you support your little scientists in the classroom. You will walk away from this training with STEAM resources and activities. 

Contact hours: 12


Spanish Creative Scientists - Creativity and Problem Solving - HEO0245  

¿Necesita actualizarse en conceptos FUNDAMENTALES de STEAM? Familiarizarse (o Re familiarizarse) con STEAM para sentirse más seguro cuando apoya a sus pequeños científicos en el aula. Usted saldrá de este entrenamiento con recursos y actividades de STEAM. (La sigla STEAM, en español significa, Ciencias, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Artes y Matemáticas).

 Contact hours: 12


STEAM Lesson Planning for ECE - HEO0290

 This hybrid course is designed to give early learning practitioners understanding and knowledge of the benefits of a carefully designed lesson for implementing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math).  You will learn how to use open-ended experiences, materials and questions to positively influence development and learning.  This training will emphasize the use of various standards and resources as tools for creating engaging lessons that incorporate critical thinking and creativity.

Contact Hours: 4



Integrating Investigations, STEAM the Scientific Method in the P/S Curriculum - HEO0235

Success in learning requires children to be at the center of the experience. Children engaging in experimentation through the Scientific Method is beneficial in learning about the world around them. Take this training if you’re interested in incorporating activities that support STEAM and the Scientific Method in your classroom. This training aligns with CLASS Domain Instructional Support and GOLD Assessment. Preschool Teacher

Contact hours: 12



The Science of Wellness:  Wellness of the Mind for ECE - HEO0293

This is the first in a series of trainings called The Science of Wellness for ECE.  Each training will touch on a different aspect of wellness, Wellness of the Mind for ECE, Wellness of the Body for ECE and Wellness of the Spirit for ECE.  In Wellness of the Mind for ECE you will be introduced to strategies to help you find wellness and happiness within.  Many strategies and mindfulness practices that can lead you to a happy well-rounded life as a teacher in the early childhood classroom and in your personal life will be offered.  The journey will begin by understanding what stress is and how it affects your entire life, work and home.  Come join us on our journey to find a life filled with wellness practices that can be used daily in your work life and your personal life.  

Contact hours: 10 



ESOL Basics for ECE - HEO0272  

 Are you interested in taking a course in English for Academic Purposes, but you need a little more practice in basic English?  This course is the perfect introduction to academic language for beginner-level ESOL students. Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in English by reading beginner-level news articles, playing games, and practicing the language in both whole-group and small-group settings.

Contact hours: 16




Reflection I: The Lens of Reflection - HEO0294  

This course will help participants explore multiple ways to leverage the benefits of reflection to improve daily practice as an early childhood education practitioner.     

 Contact hours: 6


Outcomes Driven Training Registry Approval Trainer - HEO0203  

This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to become a Palm Beach  County Registry-Approved Trainer. Learn how to create trainings using the      backward design training technique, a research-based technique that supports the transfer of learning to the workplace.  This course will also address professional training skills based on principles of adult learning and activities that engage and respect the adult learner. 

 Contact hours: 18










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