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Institute of Excellence in Early Care & Education

We are educators of the early childhood workforce, whose teaching practices will make a difference in the success of children. We are trainers, advisors, educators, and mentors. We are experts in the field of early childhood education.

All courses will be offered via Live Online and are eligible for micro-credentialing.
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Behavior Management I: Building Relationships - HEO0257

El manejo adecuado del comportamiento en el aula, se ve muy diferente hoy en día, que cuando usted era un niño. Aprenda cómo el amor conduce al aprendizaje, en este entrenamiento, le cual además le enseñará cómo prevenir comportamientos difíciles en el salón de clase.

Proper classroom behavior management looks a lot different today than it did when you were a kid. Learn how love leads to learning with this training, which will teach you how to prevent challenging behavior in the classroom.

Contact hours: 10                          

Creative Scientists - Creativity and Problem Solving - HEO0245

Do you need to refresh yourself on foundational STEAM concepts? Familiarize (or refamiliarize) yourself with STEAM to feel more confident when you support your little scientists in the classroom. You will walk away from this training with STEAM resources and activities.

Contact hours: 12      


Behavior Management II: Social-Emotional Teaching  - HEO0258

¿Podrían los niños de su clase usar una o dos lecciones sobre temas como el saber compartir, hacer amigos, identificar y expresar sus emociones y resolver problemas o conflictos? Si es así, ¡este es el curso para ti! Tome este curso para obtener ideas apropiadas para ayudar a enseñar estas habilidades a los niños que están a su cargo. Este curso utiliza estrategias de comportamiento del Centro sobre los Fundamentos Sociales y Emocionales para el Aprendizaje Infantil de la Universidad de Vanderbilt. 

Could the children in your class use a lesson or two on topics like sharing, making friends, identifying and sharing emotions, and problem-solving through conflict? If so, this is the course for you! Take this course to get developmentally appropriate ideas to help you teach these skills to the children in your care. This course uses behavior management strategies from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning at Vanderbilt University.

Contact hours: 10


Integrating Investigations, STEAM the Scientific Method in the P/S Curriculum - HEO0235

Success in learning requires children to be at the center of the experience. Children engaging in experimentation through the Scientific Method is beneficial in learning about the world around them. Take this training if you’re interested in incorporating activities that support STEAM and the Scientific Method in your classroom. This training aligns with CLASS Domain Instructional Support and GOLD Assessment.

Contact hours: 12

On Hold For Cohort



Behavior Management III: Effective Strategies for Challenging Behavior - HEO0266

Todo comportamiento es una forma de comunicación. Con este curso usted aprenderá a interpretar lo que los niños le están tratando de decir.   Usted se sumergirá profundamente en los comportamientos desafiantes, aprenderá a crear un espacio seguro para los niños, identificará adecuadamente los comportamientos de los niños, observará y monitoreara información sobre el comportamiento desafiante y aprenderá en el trayecto otras maneras de manejar el comportamiento de los niños.

All behavior is a form of communication. Learn to decipher what your children are telling you by taking this course. You will take a deep dive into challenging behavior, learn how to create a safe space for children, properly identify children’s behaviors, observe and track data of challenging behavior, and pick up other behavior management tips along the way.

Contact hours: 12


Developing Self-Regulation Micro-credential Pathway

Becoming Brain Smart®: Conscious Discipline - HEO0263

Nuestro enfoque en el curso será, comprender el modelo de los estados del cerebro que se utiliza en Conscious Discipline y cómo este se convierte en la base para entender cómo responder a los niños, de tal manera que se desarrollen óptimamente. Nuestra respuesta a los niños, permite formar el carácter, sin crear luchas de poder. Comprender el modelo de los estados del cerebro, le guiará para elegir conscientemente el responder, en lugar de reaccionar, frente a situaciones difíciles.

If you’re currently struggling with behavior management in your classroom, it’s time for you to become Brain Smart®. Take this training to learn about the Conscious Discipline® Brain State model, and how it can help you and your students increase academic achievement, decrease behavior problems, and improve the quality of relationships in the classroom. 

Contact hours: 12

Handling Big Emotions: Coaching Children to Self-Regulate - HEO0275

The time is now to pass self-regulation skills onto the children in your care. In this course, you will learn how to teach and coach children through their big feelings using the Feeling Buddies® Self-Regulation curriculum by Conscious Discipline®. It is recommended this course is taken after HEO0283. This course is available in Spanish. 

Contact Hours: 15

Required Textbook:

Bailey, B. Helping My Feeling Buddies. Loving Guidance, Inc. SKU: B114


Audio CD:
Listen to Your Feelings by the Feeling Buddies (2016).
ASIN: 1889609366



Navigating Emotional Chaos Using Self-Regulation Skills - HEO0283

Do you want to see changes in behavior for the children in your care? If so, the change starts with you! Learn how to calm your internal chaos first so you can then pass on those self-regulation skills to children. It is recommended that this course is taken prior to HEO0275 - Handling Big Emotions: Coaching Children to Self-Regulate. This course is available in Spanish.

¿Desea ver cambios en el comportamiento de los niños a su cargo? Si es así, ¡el cambio comienza con usted! Aprenda a calmar primero su caos interno para que después pueda transmitir esas habilidades de autorregulación a los niños. Se recomienda que haga este curso antes de tomar HEO0275 - Handling Big Emotions: Coaching Children to Self-Regulate.

Contact hours: 15

Required Textbook:
Bailey, B. (2015). Managing Emotional Mayhem. Loving Guidance, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-889609-35-5

Creating Safety through the Lens of SEL - HEO0292  

Are you ready to dive deeper into composure and assertiveness skills for both you and the children? In this course, you will immerse yourself in the safety chapters of Dr. Becky Bailey’s book Conscious Discipline®: Building Resilient Classrooms. By the end of the course, you will have a full toolbox of strategies and language to help the children in your care feel safe and ready to learn in the classroom.

 Contact hours: 15

Required Textbook:
Bailey, B. (2015). Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms. Loving Guidance, Inc. ISBN #: 978-1-889609-48-5

Connected Moments for Infants/Toddlers  - HEO0270

How do we make the greatest impact on our youngest citizens ages 0-3? We connect with them! Take this course to learn how to maximize your one-on-one time with each child in your care. Learn the importance of attachment, attunement, social play, and visual routines, while also getting hands-on practice with peek-a-boo social games and dolls.

Contact Hours: 15

Required Textbook
Montero-Cefalo, E., Bailey, B. (2012). Baby Doll Circle Time. Loving Guidance, Inc. ISBN: 9781889609416

Creating a Peaceful Classroom through Connections - HEO0269

You might think that the idea of teaching in a peaceful classroom is a fairy tale. Turn that fantasy into reality by taking this training! We’ll provide you with Conscious Discipline® connection rituals that you can use in the classroom to strengthen relationships that can create a peaceful and loving classroom.

Contact hours: 10

Required Textbook:
Bailey, B. (2000). I Love You Rituals. William Morrow Paperbacks. ISBN: 0688161170


Creativity Micro-credential Pathway

Our Artful Earth  - HEO0246  

Nature provides the perfect opportunity to mix both art and science together to teach about the beauty and exploration of our planet. Take this course if you’re interested in incorporating STEAM activities related to the environment into your classroom.

Contact hours: 12



Awareness and Balance Micro-credential Pathway

Wellness of the Spirit - HEO0302  

As a center leader, the key to creating a compassionate and healthy school climate rests in your hands. Take the first steps in learning how to foster a happy and encouraging school environment by taking this course, which highlights the power that self-reflection and self-awareness have to make positive change happen.  

 Contact hours: 10



Lesson Planning Micro-credential Pathway

Understanding Math through GOLD - HEO0240  

Young children should experience mathematics through effective teaching practices. This training will show you ways to implement research-based, valid, and reliable ways to teach early math skills through Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment. Learn about teaching number concepts, spatial relationships and shapes, comparing and measuring, classification, and patterns. This training aligns with the GOLD Assessment. 

 Contact hours: 15


Understanding Literacy through GOLD - HEO0250  

Strong reading skills form the basis for learning in all subjects. Support early literacy by taking this training, where you will gain practical knowledge of how to increase children’s early literacy skills. Learn about implementing emergent storybook reading, read alouds, turn and talk, and shared reading. This training is aligned with Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment. This training is available in Spanish.

 Contact hours: 12



English Language Acquisition for Adults Micro-credential Pathway

Basic for ECE ESOL - HEO0272  

Are you interested in taking a course in English for Academic Purposes, but you need a little more practice in basic English? This course is the perfect introduction to academic language for beginner-level ESOL students. Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities in English by reading beginner-level news articles, playing games, and practicing the language in both whole-group and small-group settings. 

Contact hours: 16

On Hold For Cohort


Equity Micro-credential Pathway

Integrating Anti-Bias Education into our Thinking and Practice - HEO0297  

Are you ready to take the first step in making your classroom and center an equitable place for all? Start your journey into the world of anti-bias education with this course, which focuses on reflection and change in both the practitioner and the classroom/center. You’ll learn how to answer children’s questions about differences and social identities in a culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate manner. You’ll also be prepared on ways to engage families in an anti-bias partnership. 

Contact hours: 6



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