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Quality Learning For Quality Teaching Practices


The IEECE’s digital badging system visually shows identified education pathways that move students forward to achieving proficiency in employability skills necessary for all teaching professionals in the field.

The pathways are comprised of trainings/noncredit college courses that enhance classroom teacher employability skills. These skills are valued by employers because they support the creation of quality learning environments. They are valued by parents because they ensure supportive teacher and child interactions that encourage cognitive, social, and emotional development. And they are valued by teachers who can transport their professional development achievements wherever their careers might take them.

In recognition of successful learning, there is financial recognition awarded for each badge on a pathway and again when the pathway is completed and the micro-credential is achieved!

Here’s how micro-credentialing works –

  • A badge is awarded when a student successfully completes a set of grouped trainings (noncredit courses) within a specific pathway.
    • There are 12 pathways:
      • Decision-Making
      • Awareness and Balance
      • Lesson Planning
      • Problem-Solving
      • Developing Self-Regulation
      • Leadership Reflection
      • Creativity
      • Observation and Feedback
      • Cultivating Belonging
      • Classroom Assessment
  • A micro-credential is awarded after the accumulation of badges within a specific pathway and the completion of a portfolio associated with the specified micro-credential pathway.

  • A financial recognition is awarded to eligible students after successful completion of each badge and micro-credential pathway. Eligibility criteria includes being an early childhood professional and working at least 20 hours per week in an early childhood program in Palm Beach County that receives some form of public funding/subsidy

  • Financial recognition is given three times per year, at the end of each semester

The Micro-credentialing program operates under Badgr, a digital credential network that allows students to create an account and track their progress on the pathways.


Micro-credentialing Pathways

Decision-Making PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and skills for essentialism, time management, data informed decisions and marketing.

View the Decision-Making Pathway

Awareness & Balance PathwayThis pathway provides knowledge and understanding of how to live a stress-free life using mindfulness practices and other healthy exercises. Knowledge and skills will also be taught to help children with their daily life stresses.

View the Awareness & Balance Pathway

Lesson Planning PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and strategies in lesson planning for the areas of STEAM, language, literacy, writing, science and social-emotional.

View the Lesson Planning Pathway

Problem-Solving PathwayThis pathway provides foundational problem-solving knowledge and skills for behavior management and STEAM.

 View the Problem-Solving Pathway

Developing Self-Regulation PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and strategies in creating safety, creating connections and building executive function.

 View the Developing Self-Regulation Pathway

Leadership Reflection PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and skills in reflecting on self, children and the environment.

 View the Leadership Reflection Pathway

Creativity PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and strategies for practitioners to be creative when designing learning opportunities that allow children to express themselves and be creative.

View the Creativity Pathway

Observation and Feedback PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and strategies for leaders in observing staff and providing feedback, as well as establishing a culture of coaching and mentoring to provide a quality learning experience for children.

 View the Observation and Feedback Pathway

Adapt Lessons PathwayThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and skills in adapting lessons to incorporate language, literacy, science and mathematics skills during centers and other parts of the daily schedule to meet children's needs.

View the Adapt Lessons Pathway

English Language Acquisition for AdultsThis pathway provides foundational knowledge and skills in academic English. Learners will practice written and oral communication abilities through activities with authentic application in the early childhood classroom.

View the English Language Acquisition for Adults

Cultivating Belonging Microcredential Badge

This pathway provides knowledge and skills in children’s social identity development, creating a culture of equity, and building equitable relationships.

View the Cultivating Belonging Pathway

Classroom Assessment Pathway Microcredential BadgeThis pathway provides the knowledge and strategies to understand and complete the foundations of the CLASS observation tool and incorporate these findings into the preschool classroom. 

View the Classroom Assessment Pathway


Learn how to access and use Badgr for micro-credentialing, in this step-by-step video.

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