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CCE - Computers & Technology


Computer Basics

MS Office 2013 Fundamentals (Part 1) - CWO0246

This course teaches the newest features in the common applications of word processing and presentation software. Applications include Microsoft Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013.

MS Office 2013 Fundamentals (Part 2) - CWO0247

This course teaches the newest features in the common applications of spreadsheets and Email management software. Applications include Microsoft Excel 2013 and Outlook 2013.


Excel Basics - CWO0115

This course teaches students how to create, modify and format worksheets;work with toolbars, formulas ranges and functions; and format and print worksheets.


Excel Intermediate - CWO0116

Prerequisite: Excel Basics

Manage and work with large worksheets with confidence! Create hyperlinks; split worksheet windows; set print options; use Office templates and create custom templates; set passwords; use linked formulas; attach digital signature; create tables and outlines; create SmartArt; and more.


Excel Advanced - CWO0117

Prerequisite: Excel Intermediate

Expand your worksheet knowledge! Create and format PivotTables and PivotCharts; create macros to automate routine tasks; use financial and auditing functions; learn advanced formatting and analysis tools; create shared worksheets; integrate Excel with other Office programs; and more.


Word Basics - CWO0120

This course teaches students how to create and save documents, edit documents, manipulate text, formate text and paragraphs, find and replace text and use proofing tools.


PowerPoint: Create - CWO0164

For the user with little or no experience with MS Office PowerPoint software. This course will take students on a journey through creating basic slides and a slideshow, creating and editing titles, selecting and importing pictures, files, graphics, music and much more. Class size is limited so enroll now!


PowerPoint Pizzazz - CWO0197

Join our talented instructors in our state-of-the-art computer labs and take your existing PowerPoint presentations to the next level. Using MS Office PowerPoint software, students will learn the tips and tricks of effortless navigation and fine-tuning presentations for business and personal use. Class size is limited so enroll now!


PowerPoint en Espanol - CWO0223

Crea presentaciones graficas usando un programa de computadora a mediante de la combinacion de textos, imagenes, colores, formas, dibujos, efectos de animacion y sonido. Las presentaciones seran ordenadas en una secuencia de diapositivas (slides), por ejemplo, puede presentar su album de fotos y otras presentaciones y slide shows.


Prezi - CWO0293

This is an interactive course. The student will learn how to navigate the user interface, how to create, animate, share and publish a Prezi.


Digital Arts

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 1) - CWO0245

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of image editing using the latest version of Photoshop. The focus is on basic tools for creating graphic images, retouching of images, color correction in photographs or artwork, using layers and filters to create composites, and preparing images for output either on the web or for print. Hands-on computer usage.


Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 2) - CWO0252

This course introduces students to more advanced image editing using Photoshop. The focus for this class is to build on the basic images composing, including in-depth work with filters, drawing with custom shapes, automating processes, and basic animation and more hands-on computer usage.


Photoshop Retouching and Restoration - CWO0281

Prerequisite: Photoshop Foundations

In this class, we work on present images which need to be retouched, or older or damaged images to return them to their original state and then, enhance them. We use a variety of tools and methods to bring a photo "Back to life", from a torn, stained or otherwise damaged state. We also do popular techniques like "Glamor", retouching for blemishes, wrinkles, etc. We also take vintage photos and re-color them, or take a newer image and create a vintage look. 


Photoshop Artistry - CWO0286

Prerequisite: Photoshop Fundamentals

This is the creativity zone. Take either photographic or natural media artistic creations such as paintings or drawings and enhance and manipulate them inside of Photoshop. Use painting tools and methods, blending modes, filters and all manner of special effects to create works of art.


SQL for Beginners - CWO0248

Learn the basic concepts behind The Structured Query Language (SQL) and obtain a solid working knowledge of this modern database architecture and the data definition language. You'll learn the basic structure of relational databases with an in-depth look at specific SQL commands. Learn how to read and write simple and complex SQL statements, and data manipulation procedures.

Graphic Design & Web

Introduction to Web Marketing - CWO0254

Computers are a great tool for marketing products or services. During this hands-on lab class, you will be introduced to various online marketing strategies. You will learn the basics to help you determine and implement the web marketing strategies that best fit your business style.


Digital Web Analytics - CWO0296

Digital Web Analytics is a combination of digital analytics, which examines how website visitors view and interact with a site's pages and features, and business/personal intelligence, which in turn enables management to use data on customer purchasing patterns, demographics and demand trends to make effective strategic decisions.

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