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The College is closed Saturday, January 15 - Monday, January 17, 2022 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Employee Resource Center

The Employee Resource Center is designed to provide useful tools, forms and information for Palm Beach State College employees.

Congratulations on your new position and welcome to Palm Beach State College!

To ensure you receive and retain all of the information you will need to be successful as an employee with Palm Beach State College, resources and information have been gathered in one place for an easier transition. You will also take part in an on-going year-long New Hire Panther-Boarding Program which includes informational sessions, performance management, training and recognition activities.

New regular part-time and full-time employees are required to attend a Panther-Boarding Session coordinated by the Office of Human Resources. These informational sessions occur on the first working day of each month, at the locations listed below on the Lake Worth campus. The material presented in this session will provide you with an understanding of the various functions of the College and your role within those functions.

Panther-Boarding 2021 Dates

Panther Boarding takes place on the first business day of each month. Panther Boarding is from 8AM - 4PM with an hour for lunch. During the morning session, information will be presented on the College’s policies and procedures, safety, and equity programs. The afternoon session will include information on the benefits available.

Day Date Location 
Thursday July 1 Zoom – Link to be sent via email
Monday  August 2 Zoom – Link to be sent via email
Wednesday September 1 Zoom – Link to be sent via email
Friday October 1 Zoom – Link to be sent via email
Monday  November 1 Zoom – Link to be sent via email
Wednesday December 1 Zoom – Link to be sent via email


As a guide through the Onboarding process, an Employee Road Map has been created which outlines the important timelines and required activities of the Program.

Onboarding Guide for Managers

Onboarding Guide for ManagersAs someone who supervises or manages people, you have primary influence on the success and satisfaction of your employees at work. You may be the single most important person to influence the success and job satisfaction of your new employee.

The Managers’ Guide to Onboarding helps you plan and successfully implement the processes through which your new employee becomes fully oriented to your department/area and to Palm Beach State College.

Feeling more connected to Palm Beach State includes getting a better handle on our rich history, our “place” in the world, our achievements and current initiatives.

  •  Learn about the founding of the college by visiting the webpage History of Palm Beach State.
  •  View our Strategic Plan which outlines the Mission, Vision, Beliefs, Goals and Objectives of the College.
  •  Fast Facts about Palm Beach State includes an excellent summary of student profile, programs, athletics, tuition and fees, and highlights of its history.

Palm Beach State College Publications and Events
Palm Beach State publications can assist you in learning about the College and resources available to you:

You may also wish to ask your supervisor about departmental publications that would be useful for you to review.

District Board of Trustees Policies
These policies cover the areas of General Administration, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business Affairs and Human Resources. The Human Resources section of the Board Policies will be given to you in print form during you Onboarding Informational Session. All other policies can be viewed on the District Board of Trustees website.

Spring Focus Link to NewsLetter

The Human Resource Focus newsletter is distributed bi-annually to all employees to give valuable updates, important information and reminders in the areas of policies and procedures, learning programs,inclusion, employment, talent development, and benefits. Suggestions for future newsletters are always welcome.

Read the current issue of Focus Newsletter


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