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District Board of Trustees Policies

Section 1: General Administration

1.00 The District Board of Trustees

1.01 District Board of Trustees - Organization and Membership

1.02 Meetings of the Board of Trustees

1.04 Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the District Board of Trustees

1.041 Notice to Amend, Repeal, or Adopt Board Rule

1.042 Nondiscrimination Policy

1.05 Authority of the President

1.051 Employment and Evaluation of the President

1.06 Presentation of a Subject before the Board of Trustees

1.08 College Catalog

1.09 Catalog Approval

1.10 Student Handbook

1.11 Administrative and Classified Handbooks

1.141 Mission Statement

1.15 Minors on Campus

1.20 Sexual Assault

1.21 Compliance with Federal Crime Awareness & Campus Security Act of 1990

1.22 Trespassing and Interference with the College's Educational Mission

1.23 Information Technology Resources and Systems

1.24 Public Records

1.25 Public Records Retention and Disposition

1.26 Naming Policy

1.27 Weapons and Firearms

1.28 Smoking Areas

1.29 Conflict of Interest

1.30 Identity Theft Prevention Program

1.31 Contracting Authority 

1.32 Alcohol Policy


Section 2: Academic Affairs
2.01 Curriculum Control

2.02 General Education Program

2.04 Cultural and Intellectual Environment

2.05 Instruction

2.051 Collegewide Course Outline and Syllabus

2.06 Instructional Program

2.07 Administration of the Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC)

2.08 Deletion of Courses from Catalog and Statewide Course Numbering System

2.11 Textbook Selection

2.12 Field Trips

2.13 Speakers or Guests

2.14 Online Course Equivalency


Section 3: Student Affairs
3.011 Admission of Students - Associate of Arts Degree Program

3.012 Admission of Students - Associate of Science Degree Program

3.0121 Admission of Students - Associate in Applied Science Degree Program

3.013 Admission of Students - Certificate Program

3.014 Admission of Transfer Students

3.015 Admission of Students – Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs

3.021 Readmission of Students

3.191 Grading

3.211 Standards of Academic Progress

3.34 Student Appeals Procedure

3.35 Disruptive Conduct

3.37 Student Activity and Service Fee

3.41 Hazing: Suspension of a Student; Suspension of a Student Organization

3.42 Students with Disabilities - Admissions and Graduation Substitutions

3.43 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

3.44 College Prep - 100% Payment of Cost

3.45 Alternative to Traditional College Preparatory

3.46 Awarded Degree Requirement

3.47 Intercollegiate Athletics and Intramural Activities

3.48 Student Records

3.49 Sexual Predator or Offender Information Notification/Publication

3.50 Student Loan Practices Code of Conduct

Section 4: Business Affairs
4.02 Approval of Expenditures

4.03 Deposit of Funds

4.031 Electronic Transfer of Funds

4.04 Loan Funds - Student Financial Aid

4.05 Designated and Undesignated Student Aid Funds

4.051 Externally funded Grants and Contracts

4.06 Food Service

4.07 Campus Bookstore

4.08 Budget Planning and Preparation

4.10 Budget Amendments between Organizational Units of a Fund and between Object Codes within a Class of Expenditures

4.11 Bidding Requirements

4.12 Official Recording of Bids

4.17 Student Fees

4.21 Fees and Tuition for Special Courses

4.27 Senior Citizens Fee Waiver

4.272 Fees for Parking

4.273 Parking and Traffic Control

4.29 Refunds

4.30 Other Individual Program Costs

4.32 Preparation, Certification, and Submission of Payrolls

4.331 Authorized Travel Expense Reimbursement

4.39 Insurance Settlements

4.41 Student Accident Insurance

4.42 Investment of Funds

4.43 Facsimile Signatures

4.44 Donations, Gifts, and Contributions

4.45 Scholarships and Endowments

4.46 Responsibilities of Property Custodians

4.47 Lost or Stolen Property

4.48 Reporting Vandalism

4.50 Delinquent Accounts

4.51 Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural, or Land Surveying Services

4.52 Fees for Architects, Engineers and Planners

4.55 Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act and Prohibition against Contingent Fees

4.56 Professional Liability Insurance for Architects, Engineers and Planners

4.59 Appraisal of Sites

4.60 Surveys of College Sites

4.61 Pre-qualification of Contractors on College Construction

4.63 Liquidated Damages

4.64 Construction Change Orders

4.65 Builders Risk Insurance

4.67 Preservation and Disposal of Electronic Records

4.68 Building Code Administration Program Implementation Policy

4.681 Florida Fire Prevention Code Administration Program Implementation Policy

4.69 Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Grant Program

4.70 Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

4.71 Video Surveillance

4.72  Direct Support Organization, Use of Resources

4.73  Anti Fraud


Section 5: Human Resources
5.02 Annual Vacation Leave for 12-month Full-time Employees

5.021 Terminal Vacation Leave Pay and Sick Leave Pay for Full-time Employees

5.03 Sick Leave for Full-time Employees

5.03P Procedure for Use of Sick Leave

5.031 Sick Leave Pool

5.07 Illness in Line of Duty Leave

5.08 Military Leave

5.09 Leave for Personal Reasons

5.10 Leave of Absence for Purpose of Campaigning for Office

5.11 Temporary Duty Elsewhere

5.11P-1 Temporary Duty Elsewhere Procedure

5.12 Holidays, Spring Break, Winter Break, and Other Paid Non-Duty Days

5.13 Extended Medical Leave of Absence

5.131 Family Medical Leave

5.14 Insurance Coverage

5.161 Retirement Plans

5.18 Nepotism

5.19 Disruptive Conduct

5.20 Nondiscrimination Policy

5.21 Responsibility for Recruiting, Recommending, and Hiring Faculty

5.25 Criteria for Academic and Professional Preparation for Full and Part-time Faculty

5.28 In-Service Training

5.301 Salary Schedules

5.31 Contracts

5.36 One Year's Experience Defined (Bargaining Unit)

5.371 Educational Leave for Non-faculty Employees

5.38 Leave for Court Purposes

5.39 Professional Leave and Extended Professional Leave

5.42 Performance Evaluation of Full-time and Part-time Faculty and Staff

5.43 Termination of Employment of Continuing Contract Employees due to Consolidation, Reorganization or Reduction of College Programs

5.44 Grounds for Termination of Employment - All Instructors or Administrators

5.45 Annual Contract

5.48 Unauthorized Absence from Duty

5.491 Written Complaint Policy and Procedure

5.50 Effect of Promotions on Continuing Contracts

5.51 Participation of Faculty in Community Activities

5.60 Commencement

5.67 Reference and Background Checks

5.68 Dismissal

5.74 Authorization of Overtime Pay

5.76 Waiver of Tuition Fees for Full-time Employees and Their Eligible Dependents

5.77 Non-Paid Leave

5.78 Outside Employment

5.82 AIDS Rule

5.84 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace


5.86 Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation Policy and Complaint Procedure

5.86P-1 Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Grievance Process

5.86P-2 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process

5.87 Consensual Relationships

5.88 Four-Year College/University Tuition Reimbursement

5.89 Degree Recognition

5.90 Ethics Policy

5.91 Domestic Violence Leave

5.92 Instructional Personnel Availability to Students

5.93 Probationary Observation Period


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