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District Board of Trustees Policies

4.02:  Approval of Expenditures

4.03:  Deposit of Funds

4.031:  Electronic Transfer of Funds

4.04:  Loan Funds - Student Financial Aid

4.05:  Designated and Undesignated Student Aid Funds

4.051:  Externally funded Grants and Contracts

4.06:  Food Service

4.07:  Campus Bookstore

4.08:  Budget Planning and Preparation

4. 09:  Budgeting Hospitality Funds

4.10:  Budget Amendments between Organizational Units of a Fund and between Object Codes within a Class of Expenditures

4.11: Purchasing

4.17:  Student Fees

4.21:  Fees and Tuition for Special Courses

4.27:  Senior Citizens Fee Waiver

4.272:  Fees for Parking

4.29:  Refunds

4.30:  Other Individual Program Costs

4.32:  Preparation, Certification, and Submission of Payrolls

4.331:  Authorized Travel Expense Reimbursement

4.39:  Insurance Settlements

4.41:  Student Accident Insurance

4.42:  Investment of Funds

4.43:  Facsimile Signatures

4.4:  Donations, Gifts, and Contributions

4.45:  Scholarships and Endowments

4.46:  Property Control

4.48:  Reporting Vandalism

4.50:  Delinquent Accounts

4.51:  Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural, or Land Surveying Services

4.52:  Fees for Architects, Engineers and Planners

4.55:  Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act and Prohibition against Contingent Fees

4.56:  Professional Liability Insurance for Architects, Engineers and Planners

4.59:  Appraisal of Sites

4.60:  Surveys of College Sites

4.61:  Pre-qualification of Contractors on College Construction

4.63:  Liquidated Damages

4.65:  Builders Risk Insurance

4.67:  Preservation and Disposal of Electronic Records

4.68:  Building Code Administration Program Implementation Policy

4.681:  Florida Fire Prevention Code Administration Program Implementation Policy

4.69:  Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Grant Program

4.70:  Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

4.71:  Video Surveillance

4.72:  Direct Support Organization, Use of Resources

4.73:  Anti Fraud

5.02:  Annual Vacation Leave for 12-month Full-time Employees

5.021:  Terminal Vacation Leave Pay and Sick Leave Pay for Full-time Employees

5.03:  Sick Leave for Full-time Employees

5.03P:  Procedure for Use of Sick Leave

5.031:  Sick Leave Pool

5.07:  Workers' Compensation and Illness in Line of Duty Leave

5.07P:  Workers Compensation and Illness in Line of Duty Procedure

5.08:  Military Leave

5.09:  Leave for Personal Reasons

5.10:  Leave of Absence for Purpose of Campaigning for Office

5.11:  Temporary Duty Elsewhere

5.11P: Temporary Duty Elsewhere Procedure 

5.12:  Holidays, Spring Break, Winter Break, and Other Paid Non-Duty Days

5.13:  Extended Medical Leave of Absence

5.131:  Family Medical Leave

5.132:  Paid Parental Leave

5.14: Employee Benefit Plans

5.18:  Nepotism

5.19:  Disruptive Conduct

5.21:  Recruiting and Hiring of Employees

5.25:  Criteria for Academic and Professional Preparation for Full and Part-time Faculty

5.28:  In-Service Training

5.301:  Employee Classification and Compensation Program

5.36:  One Year's Experience Defined (Bargaining Unit)

5.371:  Educational Leave for Non-faculty Employees

5.38:  Leave for Court Purposes

5.39:  Professional Leave and Extended Professional Leave

5.42:  Performance Appraisal of Full-time and Part-time Employees

5.42P:  Procedure for Performance Appraisals

5.43:  Termination of Employment of Continuing Contract Employees due to Consolidation, Reorganization or Reduction of College Programs

5.44:  Grounds for Termination of Employment - All Instructors or Administrators

5.45:  Employee Contracts

5.47: Alternate Worksite Program

5.47P: Alternate Worksite Implementation Procedure

5.48:  Unauthorized Absence from Duty/Job Abandonment

5.491:  Written Complaint Policy and Procedure

5.50:  Effect of Promotions on Continuing Contracts

5.51:  Participation of Faculty in Community Activities

5.60:  Commencement

5.67:  Reference and Background Checks

5.68:  Dismissal

5.74:  Authorization of Overtime Pay

5.76: Waiver of Tuition Fees for Employees and Their Eligible Dependents

5.78:  Outside Employment

5.82:  AIDS Rule

5.84:  Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

5.86:  Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation Policy and Complaint Procedure

5.86P-1:  Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Grievance Process

5.86P-2:  Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Process

5.87:  Consensual Relationships

5.88:  Four-Year College/University Tuition Reimbursement

5.89:  Degree Recognition

5.90:  Ethics Policy

5.91:  Domestic Violence Leave

5.92:  Instructional Personnel Availability to Students

5.93:  Probationary Observation Period

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