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The College is closed Saturday, January 15 - Monday, January 17, 2022 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Change Your Email/Network Password Instructions

Please Read Before Continuing
The following systems will be affected by changing your password.

  • Email (including Outlook Web Access)
  • PantherNet
  • EmployeeWeb
  • NT domain access
  • FTP access
  • All Intranet utilities except Web Control Panel
  • Faculty home page utility
  • Intranet home page login
  • Blackboard

Please follow these steps to change your Windows/Email password. This process will also change your PantherNet and EmployeeWeb passwords.

1. Go to the College home page ( and scroll to the footer to click on the "Faculty and Staff Resources" link.  Then click on the "Change Password" link.

Please Note: use this URL ( to go directly to the "Employee Change Password" page.


2. The page to change your password will open.


3. Enter your "User ID" (Do NOT include the @palmbeachstate), your "Current Password" and create a "New Password". Also don't forget to verify your new password.

Please Note:
Passwords are case-sensitive and must adhere to the following rules:

  • The password must be between 8 to 16 characters.
  • The password cannot match the last 24 passwords.

And must contain any three (3) of the following:

  • At least 1 lowercase character.
  • At least 1 UPPERCASE character.
  • At least 1 number.
  • At least 1 special character. (!#$%&'*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_'{|}~")

4. Press the button called "Change my password".

5. After your password has been successfully changed, you should log off your PC if you are logged into the college network and then log back on.


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