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Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment

 ILO Assessment

Institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) are measured by sampled course-level assignments that can be scored by the ILO rubrics. These assignments are called Signature Assignments.

Signature Assignments are selected by faculty, count toward course grades, and can be scored by at least one ILO rubric dimension. 

All credit faculty are invited and encouraged to submit Signature Assignments for consideration. 

Embedded competencies are scored using a rubric by faculty scorers.


 General Education Assessment

Every ILO has embedded within the rubric competencies that students should achieve as they complete their general education courses. These competencies serve as student learning outcomes for general education.

As the broad ILOs are measured, we are able to drill down into the competencies to simultaneously measure general education within each ILO.

A map of general education courses to the ILO directs this work and will be updated periodically as faculty continue to review the alignments.

 Academic Programs

Faculty in every academic program identify an establish program learning outcomes (PLOs).

Every PLO is evaluated to determine which ILOs are supported by the PLO. This alignment is documented in annual assessment reports. The alignment will begin during the 2019-2020 academic year.

A map of academic programs to the ILOs has been drafted and will be updated as alignment is documented.


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