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Job Corps Programs

If you are ready to LEARN, TRAIN, and WORK, then Job Corps is ready for you!


At a Glance

Palm Beach State College has received a more than $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to provide job skills training and employment counseling for Job Corps-eligible youth and adults ages 18 to 24 years old.

Through its Jobs Corp Scholars Program, Palm Beach State will serve 80 low-income students throughout Palm Beach County with a focus on those from Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Belle Glade and Pahokee who face barriers to training and employment.

PBSC Campuses

The programs can be completed in one year at the Lake Worth and Belle Glade campuses.

Services available to students

Participants will receive individualized academic and career advising, as well as other support to ensure their success.

Program Funding

Each participant will receive $14,836.25 that the grant will allocate to qualified participants. Zero cost to participants.  

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien,  or other person authorized to work in the United States of America.
  • Ages 18-24
  • Qualify as low income
  • Male applicants 18 and older must register with Selective Service
  • Show a need for basic skills development or need further education or training to become employable
  • Be willing to participate in group activities and follow all student conduct policies at Palm Beach State College


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Note: Job Corps is recruiting students who are starting college at PBSC in the Fall 2021


Computer Programming Specialist

This college credit certificate program prepares students to analyze business situations and to design, develop and write computer programs. Individuals learn to store, locate and retrieve specific documents, data and information, analyze problems using logic/analysis tools, and write code in several computer languages. They also learn how to test, monitor, debug, document and maintain computer programs.

Course content includes computer programming concepts and programming languages.

Note: This application is separate from the PBSC Admissions Application that you will need to complete as well.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

This CCP program's course content includes broad, transferable skills, and stresses the understanding of all aspects of the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The curriculum emphasizes operational functions of systems, along with troubleshooting and repair of systems. The underlying principles of technology, labor issues, health, safety and environmental issues are also covered.

Shop or laboratory activities are an integral part of this program. These activities include instruction in the use of safety procedures and in the care of tools, equipment, materials and processes found in the industry.

Note: This application is separate from the PBSC Admissions Application that you will need to complete as well.

Manufacturing Certified Production Technician

This Corporate & Continuing Education program is a 120 hours, 4 modules program that will equip you with knowledge to work in the Manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Certified Production Technician

Course Number: PTO 0101

Program Hours: 120 hours

Instructor Name:             TBA

Program Prerequisites:    None

Textbook/Supplies:        Provided


Grading is on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. 

Program Description 

Get your in demand Certified Production Technician (CPT) manufacturing industry certification. The CPT certification includes four Modules:  Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness. This course will prepare you for the four CPT exams. Students will take the exams after completing coursework related to the specific exam topic. This course covers the information required to prepare for the four CPT exams only. For job skills students should take course PTO 0104 or have equivalent skills. These can include engineering or manufacturing experience or education.

Course Outline

Module 1: SAFETY

  1. Work in a Safe and Productive Manufacturing Workplace
  2. Perform safety and environmental inspections
  3. Perform emergency drills and participate in emergency teams
  4. Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
  5. Provide safety orientation for all employees
  6. Train personnel to use equipment safely
  7. Suggest processes and procedures that support safety of work environment
  8. Fulfill safety and health requirements for maintenance, installation, and repair
  9. Monitor safe equipment and operator performance
  10. Utilize effective, safety-enhancing workplace practices


  1. Participate in periodic internal quality audit activities
  2. Check calibration of gages and other data collection equipment
  3. Suggest continuous improvements
  4. Inspect materials and product/process at all stages to ensure they meet specifications
  5. Document the results of quality tests
  6. Communicate quality problems.
  7. Take corrective actions to restore or maintain quality
  8. Record process outcomes and trends
  9. Identify fundamentals of blueprint reading
  10. Use common measurement systems and precision measurement tools


  1. Identify customer needs
  2. Determine resources available for the production process
  3. Set up equipment for the production process
  4. Set team production goals
  5. Make job assignments
  6. Coordinate work flow with team members and other work groups
  7. Communicate production and material requirements and product specifications
  8. Perform and monitor the process to make the product
  9. Document product and process compliance with customer requirements
  10. Prepare final product for shipping or distribution


  1. Perform preventive maintenance and routine repair
  2. Monitor indicators to ensure correct operations
  3. Perform all housekeeping to maintain production schedule
  4. Recognize potential maintenance issues with basic production systems, including knowledge of when to inform maintenance personnel about problems with:
  5. Electrical systems
  6. Pneumatic systems
  7. Hydraulic systems
  8. Machine automation systems
  9. Lubrication processes
  10. Bearings and couplings
  11. Belts and chain drives



Note: This application is separate from the PBSC Admissions Application that you will need to complete as well.

Network Support Technician
This college credit certificate consists of five courses and is designed to teach students the skills necessary for entry level positions in the field of Cisco security.

Note: This application is separate from the PBSC Admissions Application that you will need to complete as well.


This program prepares the student for entry-level employment in a variety of occupations in the welding industry. The content includes, but is not limited to, communication skills, human relations, employability skills, safe and efficient work practices, reading blueprints, identifying metals and basic shop skills.

Shop activities are an integral part of this program and provide instruction in the various processes and fabrication skills, including torch cutting, arc welding, MIG welding, flux core welding, TIG welding, pipe welding, certification test preparation, use of current industry standards, practices and techniques.

Note: This application is separate from the PBSC Admissions Application that you will need to complete as well.

Contact Information

Contact Us
Jenny Posadas, Program Director

Phone: 561-868-3541

Carla Davidson
Personal and Career Counselor – Lake Worth
Phone: 561-868-3777

Serette Cherestal
Personal and Career Counselor – Belle Glades
Phone: 561-993-1175


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