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Representatives are available from: Admissions & Registration | Financial Aid and Academic Advising


REGISTER NOW: 12-Week Term starts 2/9/2021 & Express B Term (7.5 wks) starts 3/16/2021

Note: Find your advisor and check your registration appointment date & time by logging into Pantherweb




Events for Remote Learning


  • On Campus COVID-19 Release and Waiver

    Students who are on campus for an extended period of time (i.e. using the library, SLCs, testing centers, taking classes, etc.) should complete this waiver. 


    Need your Class Syllabus?

    Find your class Syllabus and find all of the information.


    Lake Worth Dunkin Donuts
    Open Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm
    Closed on Friday*

    Facial coverings are required and appropriate social distancing should be followed.

    Consider using the Dunkin’ app and placing your orders to go
    *Hours are subject to change.


    Need a Laptop for class?

    Supplies are limited. Loaner Laptops are available for the Spring 2021 semester. Instructions will be sent to you on how to pickup the laptop after you complete the request.

    Note: Laptop supplies are limited and completion of this form does not guarantee that a laptop will be available for you to borrow. Only currently enrolled students with a paid schedule may borrow a laptop.
    Register for Spring  2021 Classes?

    Still haven't registered for Classes? Need answers and guidance?
    Here are your options:

    I am currently in a Career Pathway and want to register.

    Join the queue to speak with an Academic Advisor before Registering for your Fall semester classes

    I just want to take a class, I don't want to be in a Career Pathway.

    Explore classes, dates, times and register

    I don't have a Career Pathway, I am undecided.

    Complete a Career Assessment

    Speak to an Undecided Career Advisor

    Register for classes

    Still not satisfied, and want to speak to someone? Join the queue to speak with an Academic Advisor

    Loxahatchee Grove Campus

    Loxahatchee Grove campus is Open

    Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 7PM
    Friday: 7AM - 5PM


    Panthercard: Virtual or Physical

    Students who have not yet received or have misplaced a physical PantherCard can use the Virtual Card to make online bookstore purchases and for identification at various campus locations.

    Students and staff wishing to use the Virtual PantherCard should have already submitted a photo using the online photo upload process or obtained a physical card in person in order for the Virtual Card to be available. For information on how to submit a photo online, please check out our photo upload page.

    To access your Virtual PantherCard:


    • Log on to PantherWeb
    • Select "Information" from the yellow bar at the top of the screen
    • Select "PantherCard Online Card Office"
    • Select "Log On" 
    • From the navigation menu on the left, select "Virtual Card Display"
    • Once your card appears on the screen, you can click on the card to view the ID number and card number from the back of the card


    • Log on to Employee Web
    • Select "Miscellaneous" from the yellow bar at the top of the screen
    • Select "PantherCard Online Card Office"
    • From the navigation menu on the left, select "Virtual Card Display"
    • Once your card appears on the screen, you can click on the card to view the ID number and card number from the back of the card

    I am under 18 and do not have a Driver's License, can I still get a PantherCard?
    Dual-enrollment students may present a high school ID and will be asked to answer additional verification questions. Students under the age of 18 who do not have any form of identification may have their parent/guardian complete a verification form in place of photo ID and submit it with a copy of a valid photo ID from the parent/guardian.

    How do I open a PantherCard account on my PantherCard?
    The account is automatically created once you complete your application to Palm Beach State.

    How can money be added to my PantherCard account?

    Cash deposits can be made at the PantherCard Kiosks located on each campus. You can also make deposits online, at the campus cashier, or by mail.

    My PantherCard has been lost or stolen. What should I do?

    You should immediately notify the PantherCard Office of the situation at (561) 868-3567. Your account will then be inactivated to prevent unauthorized use until a replacement card can be issued and your account re-activated. You can also report your card lost/stolen online at the online card office.

    How do I get a replacement PantherCard?

    Replacement PantherCards are available for a fee of $10. The replacement fee must be paid in advance via PantherWeb before a replacement card will be issued. (Once logged in, select  Pay fees by credit card then purchase additional items, you will see an option for paying for a duplicate ID.) The fee will be waived for a stolen PantherCard if a police report has been filed. Please send a copy of the report to the panthercard office via email (  You can then upload a new photo using our online photo upload option or contact the PantherCard Office via email to request a replacement card to be mailed to you using the photo already on file. Cards are mailed to the student's mailing address on file with the College. 


    I need to purchase my books with financial aid but I have not yet received my PantherCard in the mail, how can I buy my books?
    You can view your Virtual PantherCard online and obtain the card number that is needed to make an online bookstore purchase. 

    My card says Palm Beach Community College - will it still work?

    Older PantherCards (including those with the Palm Beach Community College logo) are considered valid cards as long as there is a 14-digit card number listed on the back. Students will be charged the $10 replacement fee to obtain a new PantherCard if the card is considered valid. Additional information on replacement criteria is available in the policies and procedures section of the PantherCard website.

    I left the College for awhile and now I am back, do I still have to pay the replacement fee for a new PantherCard?

    Students who were last enrolled at the College prior to 2018 will receive a free replacement. Additional information on replacement criteria is available in the important information section of the PantherCard website.

    Can I withdraw money from my debit account(s)?

    Withdrawal of cash funds are not permitted from any PantherCard account unless you have graduated or withdrawn from Palm Beach State College. Details of the account termination and refund policy are available in the important information section of the PantherCard website.

    What happens to funds on my PantherCard accounts at the end of the year?

    PantherCard account funds automatically carry over from year to year, ready for use at any time.  Refund requests are processed after the last day of final exams for the spring term with the refund applied to the student's account at the Office of Student Account Services. For students who have graduated or withdrawn, requests for refunds are accepted at any time. A refund form must be submitted to the PantherCard Office in order to receive a refund.

    What is PantherCard Online?

    PantherCard Online is a web-based account management tool for PantherCard cardholders. It allows cardholders to add additional funds using a credit card, access transaction data for their account, report their cards lost or stolen, and contact the PantherCard Office.

    What can I do using PantherCard Online?

    Cardholders can do the following using the PantherCard Online:

    • View transaction data
    • Add funds using a credit card
    • Report PantherCard lost or stolen
    • Contact the PantherCard Office by email

    How do my parents access my PantherCard Online account without seeing my grades and academic information?

    The online guest deposits are not linked to PantherWeb and do not allow parents to see your transaction history, account balance, or academic information.

    Who do I contact if the system is down?

    For any problems associated with the PantherCard Online website, please contact the PantherCard Office at (561) 868-3567 or by email.

    Who do I contact if there is a discrepancy in my account?

    For all account discrepancies or other issues, please contact the PantherCard Office by email. Please include contact information, including PantherCard card number and first and last name when sending emails. Someone from the PantherCard Office staff will be in touch with you to assist with your problem.

    Bookstore hours & Important Information

    The campus bookstores are open on a limited basis. Students are encouraged to order online and take advantage of shipping options instead of visiting the stores in person. Please monitor this page for any changes in the schedule (below).

    Despite the bookstores being open, other College services will continue to operate virtually and students should leave campus immediately after completing their business at the bookstore.

    Bookstores will only allow 50% capacity inside the stores at one time, and staff will continually disinfect regular touchpoints. They will also wear facial coverings. Customers at the store are also encouraged to wear facial coverings and practice social distancing as marked in the stores.

    Online Tutoring available (SLC)
    Days & Times of Online Tutoring at the Student Learning Center (SLC)

    Mon: 9 AM – 9 PM

    Tues: 9 AM – 9 PM

    Wed: 9 AM – 9 PM

    Thurs: 9 AM – 9 PM

    Fri: 9 AM – 6:00 PM

    Sat/Sun: 12:00-9:00 PM

    If you need additional help or have questions, please call 561-862-4485


    Meet your Florida International University (FIU) Bridge Connect4Success Advisor

    Yanella Gilbert -  FIU Transfer/Bridge Advisor
    Discuss your major, prerequisites, and receive transition support on how to complete your Bachelor's degree at FIU


    How to avoid disruptive Behavior in your online classes

    Remember the Student Code of Conduct applies to your Virtual Learning Environment!

    Code of Conduct for PBSC students

    Virtual classes are still governed by the same Code of Conduct as in person classes. Please visit the student handbook if you need further clarification.


  • Our Librarians are still here for you



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    1. File a report for any of the following reasons:

    - Academic Concerns

    - Administrative Concerns

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    - Sexual Misconduct/Harassment

    - Accessibility & ADA 504 Concerns

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  • FAQs: You have questions, we have answers

    For Blackboard issues contact E-learning at:

    For other issues, contact the service desk

    The Center for Student Accessibility ( CSA) will provide information and advising appointments to students via email, Skype conference call, or Skype online video meetings. Skype communication will be coordinated between students and advisors or managers.

    When students are contacting CSA, they should have their student id number available and be prepared to verify their identity to continue to protect their privacy. Students are to make accommodation requests by email to their assigned advisors. New students may make accommodation requests by contacting the manager of the campus of their choice.

    Here is the contact information for each campus:

    Contact information per campus is listed below.

    Belle Glade & Loxahatchee Groves

    Boca Raton

    Lake Worth

    Palm Beach Gardens

    Remote testing will be offered for certain types of testing.

    If the test is for an online course, your instructor has made it available to take from home. If it's a "make up" or "missed test", you will need to make arrangements with your instructor because these tests are unavailable to be taken through a remote format. Please check with your instructor for questions regarding these types of tests.

    If the test is for PBSC placement or other tests, remote access may be available through the Testing Center website,

    It’s possible, depending on whether you withdraw from the entire semester or stay enrolled in one course or more. If you withdraw from ALL of your courses, you could have part, or all, of your federal funding returned creating a balance owed that you have to pay back. For additional questions, please feel free to email

    If you withdraw from one or more of your courses, but stay enrolled in at least one course and you pass that course, your financial aid will not be affected. If you have additional questions, please email

    Please keep in mind that withdrawing from any or all of your classes could potentially impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you have SAP questions, please contact .

    CCP/Clock Hour: Please reach out to the CCP Financial Aid Team at

    All students are encouraged to contact any Bachelor’s Advisors, they are available via email until further notice. You can contact them at the following:

    PBSC continues to offer ways in which students can stay engaged with nutritional  personal health and fitness resources, such as home workouts, wellness tips, nutritional information, and physical activity resources, which can be found at

    Students can also stay connected with virtual student activities by clicking on and by visiting PBSC social media pages.
    You may stay in the U.S. on an expired F-1 visa as long as you maintain your immigration status by being in possession of a valid I-20 and by meeting normal enrollment requirements. (Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the U.S.
    If you leave the U.S. and your visa will have expired by the date you wish to re-enter the U.S., then you will need to obtain a new visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate before you can re-enter the U.S. (Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter the U.S.) The U.S. State Department announced on March 18th that routine U.S. visa issuance has been suspended indefinitely worldwide.
    You must be physically in the U.S. at the time you submit your Optional Practical Training (OPT) application. Our office will continue to process OPT applications as soon as we receive your submitted request.
    Yes, you will need to update your records immediately through Pantherweb

    1. Apply for admission and pay your application fee.

    2. Submit transcripts.

    3. If interested in receiving financial aid and/or scholarships, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

    4. If you plan to claim Florida residency, submit declaration and supporting documents.

    5. Access your PantherWeb account.

    6. Discuss college placement/assessment.

    7. Complete new student orientation.

    8. Register for your courses and pay tuition.

    9. Obtain your student ID and parking decal.

    New students will be assessed a $40 (nonrefundable) application fee. International (F-1) students will be assessed a $75 (nonrefundable) application fee. Returning students, high school dual enrollment and early admission students, and transient students who attend a Florida public institution will not be assessed an application fee.

    Note: The fee for the first PERT, TABE or LOEP exam taken at Palm Beach State is included in the application fee. The application fee must be paid before taking the exam.

    All students seeking a degree or college credit certificate or who intend to take Gordon Rule writing and mathematics courses and have not successfully completed college-level math and English must furnish official test scores. Students may provide their official scores from the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), Accuplacer, ACT or SAT and must do so before registration. Test scores are valid for two years from the date the test was taken.

    If ACT or SAT scores do not meet the state-designated minimums, Non-Exempt students must retest or take PERT for placement. The fee for the first PERT, TABE or LOEP exam taken at Palm Beach State is included in the application fee. Students must pay the application fee before taking the exam. A retest fee is charged for any subsequent testing. Students whose primary language is not English and did not graduate from a U.S. high school, or pass a U.S. GED test in English are required to prove college-level English proficiency. Students who transfer from a non-U.S. postsecondary institution must also prove English proficiency. For more information, contact any campus Academic Advising department.

    Placement Test Exemptions
    Students are exempt from the placement test requirement if they provide the appropriate documentation showing that they: entered 9th grade in a Florida public high school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a Florida standard high school diploma; or are serving as an active duty member of any branch of the U.S. Armed Services; or have test scores (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer or PERT) that are less than two years old from date test was taken and scores meet the state-designated minimums for college-level English and mathematics courses; or have successfully completed college preparatory or developmental education course requirements in English, reading and mathematics; or provide proof of successful completion of college-level English and mathematics courses from a regionally accredited college or university.

    Note: Students who are exempt may request to take the PERT or to enroll in developmental education if they wish. Exempted students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor, prior to enrollment of classes, to assist them in evaluating their college readiness level.

    Palm Beach State College (PBSC) now has an App (MyPBSC) for all of your educational needs.

    Yes. We have a Student Learning Center (SLC) where we offer tutoring for all students.

    Please check out our Student Activities center for all in person and virtual activities PBSC has to offer!

    BAS - Bachelors of Applied Science
    B.A.S. degrees are designed for students who wish to earn a bachelor's degree for career advancement after earning their A.A. or A.S. degree.

    BS - Bachelor of Science
    A Bachelor of Science degree prepares students to continue on to pursue advance degrees or to enter the workforce ready to start their careers.

    BSN - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    A BSN degree prepares licensed Registered Nurses (RN) for advancement into administrative and supervisory positions in the nursing and health care fields.

    AA - Associates in Arts
    The Associate in Arts transfer degree equals the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. By earning your A.A. degree at PBSC, you are guaranteed admission to one of Florida's public universities to complete your bachelor’s degree. You also may transfer to certain private institutions or PBSC bachelor's programs. Our A.A. degree tracks will help guide you in selecting general education and elective courses that fit your desired major and the requirements of your chosen transfer school. Always work with your PBSC academic advisor in making your final choices.

    AS - Associates in Science
    Career-oriented A.S. degree programs prepare you for immediate entry into the workforce or transfer into Palm Beach State College's bachelor's degree programs. Transfer to certain bachelor's degree programs at other colleges and universities is possible as well.

    CCC - College Credit Certificates
    A CCC awards college credit and delivers the technical core of the A.S. degree in that area of study. Completing a CCC gives you an immediate credential for skilled employment, allowing you to start or advance a career. And because CCC credits transfer into an A.S. degree, you'll have a great start toward your degree goal, too.

    CCP - Career Certificate Programs
    Career Certificate Programs prepare you for high-skill, high-demand jobs.

    ATC - Advanced Technical Certificate
    The ATCs are advanced specialized programs of study for people with degrees (associate and above).

    ATD - Applied Technology Diploma
    The ATD provides training for high-demand careers. The courses usually can be applied toward an Associate in Science degree.

    CPP - Certificate of Professional Preparation
    A CPP offers pathways to professional occupations for degree holders (Bachelors and above).

    EPI - Educator Preparation Institute
    The EPI is a teacher certification program for qualified professionals who have completed a non-education bachelor's degree.

    Academy Degree
    The Correctional Cross-over to Law Enforcement prepares currently certified Correctional Officers to become certified Law Enforcement Officers in the State of Florida.

    You are placed under a career pathway based on the program of study or transfer major answer in the admissions application. You can find your career pathway under Starfish Dashboard.
    Log into PantherWeb. Under the yellow drop down menu bar above, click on Advising and choose “Change Program of Study”. Scroll down and click SUBMIT at the bottom. Ad the bottom of this page, click the hyperlinked CLICK HERE to the to the form. Check off “Change my program” and add the new code. Check box that you understand how this change may impact you, then click Submit Request.
    By definition, credit programs allow students to earn college credit toward obtaining a degree. Non-credit programs lead to certification or continuing education, but do not culminate in earning a degree. Unlike credit programs, traditional financial aid cannot be used in non-credit programs.
    Some programs offered at Palm Beach State are classified as limited access programs, which means a limited number of students are admitted to these programs each term or year. There are also special standards and procedures established for admission to these programs. If you are applying for a limited access program, please check the program requirement to verify if secondary transcripts are necessary in addition to post-secondary coursework. For detailed information about each of the College’s limited access programs, visit Admission to the College does not imply nor guarantee admission into any program with special admission requirements.
    A prerequisite is a course (or equivalent skills or prior experience) that a student must successfully pass (or possess) before enrolling in the more advanced course. A corequisite is a course that a student must take together with a specific course (e.g., a science course with an associated lab). Prerequisites and corequisites are listed, where applicable, with each course’s description in the Course Description section of the catalog. Students who have completed a prerequisite or corequisite course at another institution must furnish proof before registering for the higher-level course. To appeal the requirements for taking a prerequisite or corequisite course, a student must obtain approval from the associate dean of the academic department offering the course. Students may not enroll for credit in a course (or prerequisite) for which they have successfully completed a higher-level course in the same logical sequence. Students may be allowed to pre-register for the next term for a higher-level course while they are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course. However, the registration for the higher-level course may be dropped by the College if the prerequisite course is not completed successfully (with a grade of C or higher).
    Please contact your assigned advisor for them to research the hold and get it lifted. You can also call our advising number (561) 868-3036 or email us at
    Students cannot repeat a course that was passed with a satisfactory grade of a C or better.
    Your academic advisor is assigned based on your major and the primary campus selected on your admissions application.
    Academic advisors on each campus can help you with course selection, choice of program, transfer requirements and general academic advisement.
    You select electives based on your specific major. If you are transferring to a university following your studies at PBSC, you would also select electives based on the pre-requisites of the upper-division program you wish to apply for. It is strongly recommended you meet with your assigned academic advisor to create an Educational Plan which incorporates all the electives you need for your major.
    If you are out of town and unable to meet with your advisor in person, the Academic Advisement Center offers phone and Skype appointments. It will be your responsibility to answer the call from your advisor or join the meeting at the scheduled time.
    Once you register, fees must be taken care of it in full by the payment deadline or your classes are dropped. You can see your fee payment deadline at the bottom of your schedule. If you are dropped from your classes for non-payment, you will need to register for your classes again. Make sure you pay for your classes by the deadline at the bottom of your new schedule or you will be dropped again.
    Advisors can't override a full class. You should keep checking the schedule to see if a space opens up in the class. One of the best times to check for open spaces is the day after fees are due because anyone who didn't pay for their classes would be dropped from those classes. Another option would be to check again on the first day of classes.
    If you try to register for a course that meets at the same time as a course you are already registered for, the system will not allow you to register for that section. Also, if you try to register for a course at another campus, you must have more than 15 minutes between the classes for traveling time.
    Withdrawing from a class can affect GPA calculations, financial aid implications (current and future), housing policies, or staying on track with your academic plan. Meet with your advisor before making any changes to your schedule.
    The grade W stands for withdrawal and indicates that you withdrew from a class after the last day to withdraw courses without penalty. You will not receive refund. The W is not calculated in your GPA; however, too many W’s can affect your academic standing. The Standards of Academic Progress state that you must earn at least 67 percent of the credits you register for. Dropping a class after the 100-percent refund date counts as an attempt. By having attempted more credits than you have earned, you could be placed on academic probation or suspension. W’s are never removed and appear on transcripts as being part of your academic record. Remember that classes dropped after the 100 percent refund date will still appear on your schedule. Remember also that there is a deadline to be able to drop a class and receive a grade of W. This date can be found on your schedule or on the academic calendar.
    If you are on Academic Probation or Warning, you will have an Academic Advising (AA) hold placed on your account. You will be required to work with an advisor to make a plan to get back to satisfactory academic progress (SAP = 2.0 or higher GPA and 67% completion rate).
    The responsibility for academic evaluation and grade assignment resides with the faculty member teaching the course. If you believe that you have been graded unfairly, you should first appeal the grade to your professor. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your initial appeal, you may appeal through administrative channels (either your department chair, academic dean or the grade-appeals committee).
    You may repeat courses taken at PBSC if you received a “W,” “U” “D” or “F” grade. You are allowed a total of three attempts at a single course. Third attempt will cost out of state tuition fee, and fourth attempts are considered only in the event of major extenuating circumstances and require an appeals process. All attempts, both the original and repeated, will appear on your transcript, along with the grades you received in each class. Your GPA is automatically recalculated to account for the third attempt and fourth attempt, if applicable.

    PBSC has a GPA calculator when you log into PantherWeb.

    The direct link is:

    To calculate your grade point average (GPA) manually, you need to consider the number of units that each class is worth and the grades that were received for those classes. Then multiply the number of units in each course by the point value corresponding to the letter grade you earned.

    Distance learning courses are fully online classes and require few (if any) on campus time. These courses are rigorous and cover the same material as on-campus classes. Each online class requires a $12 per credit fee to cover support costs for online learners. See the course information for additional details.
    A course that has been converted from face-to-face to remote instruction requiring no physical classroom meetings. Instructions are synchronously scheduled with days/times for instruction and interactions. Uses electronic delivery methods (i.e., Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, remote labs, video conferencing, chats, collaborations, or social learning technologies) to transmit information.

    Blackboard link is on top of the PBSC website.

    Or click on direct link:

    Remote testing will be offered for certain types of testing. If the test is for an online course, your instructor has made it available to take from home. If it's a "make up" or "missed test", you will need to make arrangements with your instructor because these tests are unavailable to be taken through a remote format. Please check with your instructor for questions regarding these types of tests. If the test is for PBSC placement or other tests, remote access may be available through the Testing Center website,

    Yes. We are offering fully online tutoring through our Student Learning Centers

    Our libraries play an important role in support of teaching, learning, research and other activities. Libraries are operating virtually and will continue to provide services to our students remotely until further notice.

    Laptop supplies are limited and completion of this form does not guarantee that a laptop will be available for you to borrow. Only currently enrolled students with a paid schedule may borrow a laptop.

    For Blackboard issues contact E-learning at:
    Phone: 561-868-3303

    For other issues, contact the service desk:
    Phone: 561-868-4000

    Yes. Beginning with students initially entering a Florida College System institution or state university in 2014-2015 and thereafter, coursework for an associate in arts degree shall include demonstration of competency in a foreign language pursuant to s. 1007.262, Florida Statutes.

    No, graduation is an automatic process - No application is required. If you DO NOT receive an email, and you are certain you should be graduating, please contact the Academic Advising Department.

    Yes, Palm Beach State College uses an established curriculum approved by the Department of Education for the State of Florida. You may transfer to Palm Beach State College or transfer to another state college and take your accumulated credits with you. In some cases, placement tests or other evaluations may be necessary. Please consult the program director or an academic advisor for more information on credit transfers.
    Fines can be paid on line, by mail or at any Palm Beach State College Cashier's office.

    A student is classified as a transfer student if he/she has previously registered at any other regionally accredited college or university, regardless of the amount of time spent in attendance or credit earned. To be admitted to PBSC, you will need to submit official transcripts from every regionally accredited college that you've attended.

    • Submit high school and, if applicable, all college transcripts. Florida public high school, college, and/or university transcripts should be sent electronically via the Florida Automated System for Transferring Electronic Records (FASTER). Secure PDF Transcripts should be sent to

    • The high school transcript may be waived for admissions purposes if a student has earned an Associate, Bachelor, or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution. For details on how transfer credits will be applied at PBSC, review the "Transfer Student" section under Admissions in the College Catalog.

    • Students with college credit from colleges outside the U.S. must have a course-by-course commercial evaluation from an accredited company at or

    • View additional transcript information.

    Welcome back! If you have not registered for classes in 12 months or more, you need to apply for readmission so we can update our records.

    Complete Placement Testing (if applicable)

    • Submit current ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or PERT scores. PSAV students must take the TABE test.

    • Non-native English speakers must pass the LOEP test in addition to the PERT or TABE tests.

    • Visit the Test Center webpage for details:

    Read the "Catalog in Effect" Information

    • Students will complete requirements for graduation under the catalog in effect at the time of re-entry. For more information, review the "Catalog in Effect" information from the College Catalog.

    Step 1. Meet with High School Counselor to discuss dual enrollment eligibility

    • Do you have four HS credits (must include one language arts and one math)?

    • Is your unweighted HS GPA above 3.0 or 3.2 (Early Admissions)?

    • Do you have college ready placement scores (PERT, SAT or ACT) in reading, writing and math?

    Step 2. Apply to PBSC

    Step 3. Complete Dual Enrollment Orientation

    Step 4. Submit required documents

    • Palm Beach State College Dual Enrollment Permission and Registration Form: must be completed in its entirety and signed by the high school counselor, the student, and a parent/guardian every term.

    • Grades/GPA Verification form signed by high school counselor.

    • Applicable AICE, IB or AP scores for any course that requires a pre-requisite.

    • In addition, Early Admit students must:

    • Submit an official letter from their high school principal recommending them for the program.

    • Enroll at PBSC full time (12 credit hours or more) and maintain full-time status for the fall/spring terms only of their senior year.

    • Textbook Voucher: received from high/middle school principal/designee and submitted to BookSmart.

    Step 5. Register for Classes
    Once your documents have been processed, you will receive an email to your PBSC student email account letting you know you are okay to register! Be sure to check out the resources available under Current PBSC Student.

    Students currently attending another college or university who wish to take one or more courses at Palm Beach State College and transfer their credit back to their "home" institution may be admitted as "transient" students. Transient students should be advised by their home institution regarding which courses to take at Palm Beach State and determine if the student has satisfied the necessary course prerequisites.

    Transient Students currently attending a Florida public institution
    Complete and submit an electronic transient form through FloridaShines ( The transient form will also serve as the application for admission to Palm Beach State (do not submit an application for admission). Go to the FloridaShines web page for the Transient Student Admission Application.

    Transient Students who do not attend a Florida public institution
    Submit a transient student form or an official Letter of Good Standing from their home institution. The form or letter must indicate:

    1. the student is in good academic standing and

    2. the course(s) in which the student is eligible to enroll at Palm Beach State.

    Palm Beach State College welcomes students from around the world. The College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.), Associate in Arts (A.A.), and Associate in Science (A.S.) degree and more. Palm Beach State is authorized under United States Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

    1. New/transfer students: submit an online application for admission. Current/returning Palm Beach State College students: submit program objective change form

    2. Completion of ONE of the following is required to be accepted into the Bachelor’s program:

    • An A.S.* or an A.A.S.* degree (with a minimum of 60 semester hours) in a professional/technical field

    • An A.A.* degree with a minimum of 60 semester hours; or

    • Sixty* credit hours that are equivalent to satisfactory completion of a Palm Beach State College A.A, A.S., or A.A.S. degree program. * The degree or earned credits must have been completed and awarded by a regionally accredited educational institution. Refer to Areas of Study section of the catalog.

    • Completion of 36 semester hours of transferable general education credit hours, satisfying Palm Beach State College’s general education requirements (or indication on the transcript that the student has completed general education requirements at another Florida college or university). Each bachelor's degree has requirements as to the types of acceptable degrees and coursework that may apply. Please see a bachelor's advisor, CBP112, Lake Worth campus or visit website for more information.

    Students who wish to take college credit or vocational credit courses and do not intend to complete a certificate or degree program may be admitted as non-degree-seeking students. These students enroll for a variety of reasons, such as personal interest, job improvement, transfer credit purposes, or teacher recertification. Credits will be awarded for courses taken by non-degree-seeking students. To apply for admission as a non-degree-seeking student, submit an online application for admission. Students are eligible to remain non-degree-seeking up to 21 credit hours. After that time, they will be required to change their status to degree seeking. Upon changing to degree-seeking status, high school and college transcripts, as appropriate, will be required. Students with an associate degree or higher may request an exemption from the 21 credit hours requirement. For additional information, please contact a campus registrar's office. International students on an F-1 visa cannot be non- degree-seeking students. Non-degree-seeking students may be required to submit placement scores or transcripts to register for certain courses. Please see the Course Listing section of the catalog, or speak with an academic advisor.

    Note: Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for any type of financial aid (veteran benefits, federal grants, scholarships, student loans, Bright Futures, etc.).

    Eligibility for financial aid depends upon meeting the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Please visit the Financial Aid webpage for additional information on SAP. Students must meet SAP to be eligible for Financial Aid.

    The academic standards are measured each “payment period” as follows:

    • Academic Progress Standards: End of Academic Year (Spring Semester)

    • Minimum Cumulative In-Program GPA: 2.00

    • Cumulative Credit Hours Completed/ Attempted: 67 percent

    Students must complete their FAFSA and may indicate that they are interested in Work Study. This program is need-based and awarded on a first come, first serve basis; the sooner students complete their FAFSA, the sooner they may appear on the list.

    Students may be eligible to purchase books for Summer using financial aid. Summer financial aid will be available at the bookstore from May 18 - June 12. Students should purchase books for ALL SUMMER TERMS during this time. Students should speak with a financial aid advisor to determine if they are eligible. If eligible, here is a video on how to use bookstore credit:


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