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Workday - Palm Beach State College's Project Site

Welcome to the Workday Implementation website!

Welcome to the project web site for Palm BeachWorkday Logo for decorative purposes State College employees to learn more about the Workday Enterprise Resource Planning project - a long-winded way to say "it's the software that will replace PantherNet." Each of the main links below will take you to a different section of the website.

The new Workday system will replace all existing PantherNet-based systems including the Student Information System (Admissions, Courses, Classes, Registration, Degree Audit, Test Scores, Transcripts), and the Financial Aid, Finance, Purchasing, HR Recruitment, Human Resources, and Payroll systems.

Together with Workday, we have also engaged with Sierra-Cedar, a consulting company that will guide our transition and transfer knowledge to staff on installing Workday, configuring the software and transferring data from PantherNet to Workday.

This is a complex project that requires all College employees to help in various project phases - as an assigned team member, a subject matter expert, in testing the software, or as a participant in training. Everyone can help!

Quick Video - What is Workday?

Have a question or comment? Email us at 

When we "Go Live," the IT Service Desk will be your point of contact for issues and questions:


QUICK STATUS UPDATE : TRAINING IS LIVE!!! Please proceed to the Training page and sign up for Classes and Webinars!

See detailed update here.

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