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Web Accessible Tables

ADA Standards: Tables

Tables should only be used to showcase tabular data 

Note: Use the Column Layout snippets for laying out content


If you are going to use tables, you will need to include table headers and a caption:

  • Create your table. 
  • Highlight the top three rows, right click and choose Cell --> Cell properties

           Create <th> by highlighting the top row


  • From there, choose Cell type --> Header Cell

           Choose Header Cell as your cell type


  • Enter the names of the three columns in the first row:

           Insert the heading names across the top rows

To get a caption for the table, right click on the table and check the “caption”  box

            Check the Caption box to add a caption


  • You will then see a cell above your table headers. This is where the caption for the table will go (ex: “Advisors”).

           Enter the table caption in the top line


  • You can then fill out the rest of the table with your information.

            Completed table has a caption, th and other information


Though it's best not to use a table if possible, the table caption and headers are an important part of keeping your tables ADA compliant.

For more information, visit WebAIM table reference or UF's reference page.

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