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PBSC Website Resources

How Can We Help?

The PBSC Web Team can provide a number of different services, including:

  • Creating/updating web pages
  • Web design consultations
  • Creating/updating forms
  • Provide assistance with Modern Campus Omni CMS and the Engage College Events Calendar

To request assistance, please submit a web service ticket.

For questions, please contact the PBSC Web Team.



Note: CampusLabs, the company that owns Engage,  is now known as Anthology - you may see either name on documentation.

Anthology/CampusLabs Support Email

Anthology/CampusLabs Support Phone: 716-270-0000





Note: The Web Team is working hard to get departments and programs switched over to their own organization. If you're in immediate need for events or forms, please reach out to Jennifer Boehm at


  • Cross-Cultural Equity Institute
  • Dual Enrollment
  • SATC Grant Program
  • Student Counseling
  • tresPATHS
  • TriO


  • Automotive/Diesel Service
  • Biotechnology
  • Building Construction
  • Engineering Tech & Electrical Power
  • Marine Service Tech



Some quick notes:

When you enter an event into Engage, it will instantly be available to view in the system. Events will display on website feeds when the site refreshes at the top of each hour.

The events will only display in feeds if tagged with the proper categories. If you're unsure of what category that is, please contact Jennifer Boehm at



Video Conferencing

Right-click on the image you would like to use and choose "save image".

Image 1: Belle Glade Campus

Photo of Belle Glade campus

Image 2: Boca Raton Campus

Photo of Boca Campus

Image 3: Lake Worth

Image of the Lake Worth Campus

Image 4: Lake Worth

Photo of Lake Worth Campus

Image 5: Loxahatchee Groves Campus

Photo of Loxahatchee Groves Campus

Image 6: Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Photo of Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Image 7: Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Photo of Palm Beach Gardens Campus

Image 8

Image 9

Teams Support

Information Technology (IT) has various knowledge base articles available for to help support you.

If you need further assistance, please put in a ticket or contact the Service Desk at 561-868-3100 (faculty/staff) or 561-868-4000 (students.)

Getting Started - How To Install Teams

Microsoft Teams: Basics and Beyond

Microsoft Teams Best Practices

Scheduling a Teams Meetings

Unable to Sign in To Teams

View all Teams knowledge base articles

Teams Events

Are you planning an event and need help with the technology or equipment?

Just fill out a ticket and a technician will provide tech support & set-up for an event. You can also request live streaming (limited availability, not guaranteed, two or more weeks advance notice required).


Press Enter to add more content

Zoom Events

Are you planning an event and need help with the technology or equipment?

Just fill out a ticket and a technician will provide tech support & set-up for an event. You can also request live streaming (limited availability, not guaranteed, two or more weeks advance notice required).



PBSC Website

The College uses Modern Campus Omni CMS as its content management system.

How do I request a change to the website?

The Web Team is in the process of making site-wide changes to the PBSC website to improve the user experience. The College is shifting away from individual department web maintainers and the Web Team will be responsible for making all updates related to the PBSC website. For new sections/pages or updates needed for existing pages, please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to provide support.

Below is a list of current maintainers and pages they support.

Web Content Maintainer: These maintainers have been assigned to review page content and provide updates when needed.

Web Page Maintainer: These maintainers have gone through web training and have access to edit their department web pages.  

  • For changes needed to the College Catalog, please contact Jennifer Hudson.
  • For changes needed to the Student Handbook, please contact Marileidy Guzman. 
Web Content Maintainers List
Web Directory Content Maintainer(s) Last Full Site Audit Review
2FA/MFA Edith Robinson-Johnson Aug. 2023
Academic Calendar Gerri Romero  
Bachelors Patricia Alvarez July 2021
Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) Richard Hunter  
Civility Committee Monica Hamlin March 2023
College Readiness Susan Bierster/Sophia Munro May 2022
Corporate Deborah Gordon Jan. 2022
Financial Aid Eddie Viera Jan. 2022
Foundation Dean Glorioso June 2022
Graduation Santrel Carries Reviewed after each ceremony
Honors College Marcella Montesinos March 2022
HR (Main Site) Norma Medina December 2023
HR (Benefits) Katrina Valentino December 2023
HR (College Learning) Vincent Price December 2023
IEECE Katherine Johnson June 2022
Innovation Lab Jose Ortiz May 2022
International Admissions Francklin Laborde October 2023
International Students Jehu Chong  
IRE Ayleen Martinez Data Literacy: Aug. 2022
Job Corps Mikayel Ishmael Feb. 2022
Library Damian Chacon/Kelley Keith April 2022
Math Awareness Lauren Zatto April 2022
Medical Simulation Jason Farber Sept. 2022
New Student Orientation Jose Murillo March 2022
Partners/Amazon Will Fitts November 2022
Patners Grammarly Will Fitts March 2023
Partners/Tropical Shipping Matthew Lenihan December 2022
Prep Math Tricia Lynn May 2022
SACSCOC Ayleen Martinez & Julie Sivigny Aug. 2022
Social Media Caroline Sheikhnia Jan. 2022
Student Activities Greta Jackson Jan. 2022

Last update: 1/10/2024

Web Maintainer List as of April 16, 2024
Web Directory Web Maintainer 1 Web Maintainer 2 Web Maintainer 3
Academic Affairs  Shelly Jirinec Sofia Toledo  
Academic Services  Jennifer Hudson Julie Sivigny Cynthia Demitruk
Athletics (

Michael Yousefian

Auxiliary Services Jessica Bender    
Bookstore Jessica Bender    
BPC (Business partnership program/program advisory councils) Cynthia Parent    
Catalog Jennifer Hudson    
CCE - (Corporate & Continuing Education) Cynthia Parent    
CRA Jeff Nowak    
Curriculum Development  Julie Sivigny    
Facilities Lisa MacMullen    
Field Observation Cyndi Demitruk    
Finance Teresa Woolfe    
HR Norma Medina    
International Ed - (Study Abroad) Will Fitts    
IRE - (Institutional Research & Effectiveness)  Alyeen Martinez  Jeffrey Nowak   
PantherCard Jessica Bender    
Procurement Bill Zaugg     
Purchasing Bill Zaugg     
Theatre (Dollyhand) Humberto Echevers    
Theatre (Duncan) Humberto Echevers    
Theatre (Eissey) Jennifer Anderson    


Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers can you use with OU Campus?

The most compatible browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is also supported but may not be as reliable.

What guidelines should I follow when naming image or document files?

There are a few things you should remember:

  • keep the names as short as possible
  • don't use any spaces or special characters (including periods or underscores)
  • a dash (-) can be used, if needed, for separation
  • don't use all CAPS, unless it includes an acronym

What is Dependency Manager and why do I have to use it?

Dependency Manager is very important because it will automatically update a link if the page happens to be moved or renamed.  When creating a hyperlink, you browse and "find" the page you want to link to and OU Campus creates the code for you.  This can only be used when linking to PBSC web pages. 

Why won't Dependency Manager work?  I can't see the page I want to link to.

When creating and working on new pages, always add links to that new page last.  To use Dependency Manager, those new pages must be published first and then you will be able to see and link to them.

I updated my page but I don't see the changes on the live site.

All changes must be submitted to be approved and published to the live site for them to show up.

I used Overwrite and uploaded a new version of an already posted document but I don't see the latest version on the live site.  Do I need to send the page for approval?

No, when you use overwrite, the update is immediate.  No approval or publish is needed and you don't have to touch the page where the link is.  However, sometimes you will not see the latest version on your computer because of your browsing history.  You can try deleting your browsing history but the easiest way to verify is to try the link in a different browser or ask someone around you to look at the live site to be sure the overwrite worked.  Your computer will eventually catch up and see the latest version also. 

Why can't I see the image on a page?  All I see is a red x.

That generally means the image was deleted from OU Campus which causes the link to that image to be broken.  If it is your page, upload the image and then insert it again to the page.  If it's not your page, contact the Web Team to fix it.

Is it better to link to a PDF or a Palm Beach State web page?

It is always better to link to a PBSC web page because you can use Dependency Manager which helps prevent broken links.  PDF files are often updated and renamed and that can cause broken links, if you don't know to update your link to it.

Why can't I get a single line space?  Every time I hit enter, it gives me a double line space.

Double space is the default.  You must hold the shift key and then enter to get a single line space.



The PBSC College Intranet is our faculty/staff resource to post information internally. Content is categorized into four sections: Professional Development, Events, Announcements and Recognitions. Specific individuals across campus have access to post to these areas.  Learn how to post your announcement to the Intranet

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