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Standards & Guides for PBSC Web Maintainers



Palm Beach State College understands the value and importance of having information on the Web to assist students in their educational goals.  Palm Beach State's Web policies were created to encourage consistency, accuracy, and promote a standardized branding across academic and department webpages college-wide.

The quality of the information published by the College plays an important role in presenting PBSC to the community and maintaining its reputation and image as a major educational institution in Palm Beach County.  All PBSC webpages represent Palm Beach State College and all are expected to follow the Web Standards and Best Practices policies.

Campus Labs Engage Calendar

list of theme images

Theme: Arts & Music


Theme: Athletics


Theme: Cultural


Theme: Fundraising


Theme: Group Business


Theme: Learning


Theme: Service


Theme: Social


Theme: Spirituality


2019 list of events inputters

Event Inputters as of 11/15/2019
First Name Last Name Department
Adaly J Maldonado HR 
Amanda Sherrill Pathways - Health Science - Nursing
Andrew T  Harre SLC
Angel Camilo IRE + Branch Admin
Annette Rodriguez Pathways- Public Safety
Ashley  Cadena Admissions
Ayleen Martinez IRE
Bert  Echevers Duncan Theatre
Brenda Lesser Purchasing + Cafeteria
Christi White Academic Affairs
Christopher Pumphrey Pathways - Arts 
Clarisse P. May Academic Affairs
Crinston M Murray Dual Enrollment
Cynara Stubbs Academics
Cyndi C  Demitruk Academic Affairs
Cynthia Trager PERC SURF Appl reviewer (Forms)
Cynthia T Parent CCE
Dahnya N  Hamilton Pathways - Health Science - Sonography
David L Gibble Pathways-Arts - Music
Dean  Glorioso Foundation
Debra J  Bowles Theatre - BG
Debra C Jackson Testing
Dolores M  Buck Wellness - LW
Dominique Norbeck Information Technology
Donald L Kauts Pathway - Trade & Industry
Edith M Robinson-Johnson  
Eva Cruz Pedraz eLearning
Gary P Moo Young Pathways - STEM
Gigi N Pinto Pathways - Business
Iris Fiallos-Finstad Library - BG + Lox
Janell Wildgoose-Carroll IEECE
Jennifer Boehm Branch Admin + CRM
Jennifer Anderson Theatre - PBG
Jennifer E Hudson Academic Affairs
Joan M Roberts IRE
Joyce A Edelstein CRM + Pathways
Julia Sanchez CSA
Julia A Steff  
Julie Foos Web Admin
Julie A Sivigny Academic affairs
Karen Cover Career Center - LW
Karen D Pain IRE
Karla Walter  
Karuna Dara Learning Specialist - SLC
Kelly E Keith  
Kristin Hopkins PTLC
Laderne Jeudy Bachelors
Laura M Stevens SYC + SYAP
Leandria Vickers SLC
Lee Smith Finance
Linda Williams TRIO
Lisa A MacMullen PTLC
Lyam T Christopher Pathway - STEM
Mara J Abrams  
Marcella A Montesinos Honors
Marie A Hogan Pathways - Health Science - Nursing
Mark M. Abuguwod Eissey Theatre
Mark P Alexander Theatre - LW
Mary Masi Instructional Technology
Mary E Sanders Security
Melissa Solla-Gibble HR - Benefits
Michael MacMullen Pathways-Arts - Music
Monique Sheriffe Pathways - Public Safety - Fire
Mylene P Araujo SLC?
Nelsy Andros Duncan Theatre
Nikki Champagnie CSA
Norma Medina HR
Pamela Welch Financial Aid
Patricia Caldwell Pathway - Education
Patricia A Drake Advising
Patricia K Hoyle  
Paul D Slater Pathways - STEM - EPT
Philip Berlingo Pathways-Public Safety - Criminal Justice
Robin Johnson-Blake Community Engagement
Rowina Petion TRIO
Sabrina Etienne Pathway - Trade & Industry
Samia A Huda Pathway - STEM
Sandra Jakubow Career Center - BR
Sandra Livingston Career Center
Santana Lochard Pathway - Public Safety
Santrel Carries Registrar + Graduation
Shaunie Williams Purchasing
Shelly Jirinec Academic Affairs + Dev Day
Shelly Tirarahardja Career Center
Skip A Short IT
Sonia Ortiz Enrollment Management
Sonya Rawlins CTLE
Stephanie Sense Career Center - BG
Stephen Chase Wellness - PBG
Suarez Gomez Amaury SLC & Testing
Suresh Wijetunga  
Susy Martinez-White Academics
Tara L Chow Pathway - Business
Tawanna Wilson Public Safety
Teresa D Woolfe  
Theresa N Wilson Enrollment
Veronica Wood Diversity
Vincent Price CSA


How Can We Help?

The CRM Web Team can provide a number of different services, including:

  • Creating/Updating Forms
  • Creating/Updating Web Pages
  • Web Design Consultations
  • Provide Assistance With OU Campus

To view a list of services or to put in a request, please create a ticket



 Web Maintainers

All Palm Beach State College departments have at least one assigned Web Maintainer who has gone through web training and have access to edit their department web pages. If you do not know who your Web Maintainer is contact the web team.


Web Maintainer List as of Nov 15, 2019
Web Directory Web Maintainer 1 Web Maintainer 2 Web Maintainer 3 Web Maintainer 4 Web Maintainer 5 Web Maintainer 6 Web Maintainer 7
about CRM Web Team            
academic affairs  Julie Sivigny    Jennifer Hudson Maryann Mcgann Cynthia Demitruk    
academic services  Jennifer Hudson Maryann Mcgann Cynthia Demitruk Clarisse May Christi White    
AcademicCalendar David Garwood Santrel Carries Christi White        
adjuncts CRM            
admissions David Garwood Santrel Carries  Ashley Cadena        
Advising CRM Web Team Cluster Chair: Seamus Hunt (not a maintainer)          
afc - Association of Florida Colleges CRM Web Team            
alert CRM Web Team            
alumni CRM Web Team            
apprenticeships CRM            
artgallerylw  Victoria Martin            
artgallerypbg  Karla Walter    3rd party site Nick C          
autoservice (under programs) Donald Kauts            
auxiliary-services Jessica Bender Samhurline Etienne           
bachelors Laderne Jeudy            
boardoftrustees CRM Web Team            
bookstore Jessica Bender Samhurline Etienne           
bpc (Business partnership program/program advisory councils) Cynthia Parent            
business community CRM Web Team            
Career Center
Sandy Jakubow  CRM          
career-pathways/pathway-arts.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/pathway-business.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/pathway-education.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/pathway-health.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/pathway-industry.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/pathway-publicsafety.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/trade-and-industry.aspx CRM Web Team            
career-pathways/all-pathways.aspx CRM Web Team            
CCE - (Corporate & Continuing Education) Cynthia Parent            
Center for Student Leadership Nefi Narvaez            
childcare (under programs) CRM            
CHS  Brenda Lesser            
contactus CRM Web Team            
Continuing Education Fire CRM Web Team            
convocation - (New Student) CRM Web Team  Santrel Carries          
Counseling Center              
CRA Jeff Nowak            
crm - (College Relations & Marketing) CRM Web Team            
current - (Current & Returning Students) CRM Web Team            
curriculum-development  Christi M. White            
deved (under programs) CRM Web Team            
csa Vincent Price Nikki Champagni          
diversity Norma Medina Adaly Maldonado Veronica Woods Melissa Solla-Gibble      
Downloads - (Respondus) CRM Web Team            
drumline CRM Web Team            
dual enroll Crinston Murray            
elearning Sidney Beitler            
employeeweb CRM Web Team            
employment Norma Medina Adaly Maldonado Veronica Woods  Melissa Solla-Gibble      
enrollment management Sonia Ortiz            
erc - (Employee Recognition) Norma Medina Adaly Maldonado          
events CRM Web Team            
facilities/planning-construction Kathleen Miteff            
faculty staff resources CRM Web Team            
finance Lee Smith  Suresh Wijetunga          
financial aid Pamela Welch            
foundation CRM Web Team            
General Counsel CRM Web Team            
global education CRM Web Team            
graduation Santrel Carries  CRM Web Team          
grants development office CRM Web Team            
Guided_Pathways Julie Sivigny             
honors CRM Web Team            
hr Norma Medina Adaly Maldonado          
hta - (Human Trafficking Coalition) CRM Web Team            
Human Resource Council Norma Medina Adaly Maldonado          
ieece - (Institute of Excellence in Early Care & Education) Janell Wildgoose-Carroll Marklin Green          
iees (Institute for  Energy and Environmental Sustainability CRM Web Team            
info - (Class Roster & Grading Information) David Garwood Santrel Carries          
info center CRM Web Team            
Information Technology Amanda Canevari  Rajdai Alli  Teresa Woolfe Dominique Norbeck Sergio Palomino  Ginger Pedersen   
infosessions (under programs) CRM Web Team            
Instructional Design Technology Mary Masi (Director)            
instructional support center CRM Web Team            
international (international admissions)              
International Ed - (Study Abroad) Cynthia Parent            
ire - (Institutional Research & Effectiveness)  Alyeen Martinez (Admin Asst) Joan Roberts  Karen Pain  Jeffrey Nowak       
kitchen - (Campus Dining) Jessica Bender Samhurline Etienne           
learningoutcomes Karen Pain            
library/default CRM Web Team            
library/belle-glade-library Iris Fiallos (Temporary)            
library/lake-worth-library/ Kelly Keith            
library/palm-beach-gardens-library Susan Setterlund             
links 2 success CRM Web Team            
link to fau David Garwood            
locations CRM Web Team            
massage therapy (under programs CRM Web Team            
math awareness CRM Web Team            
mlk CRM Web Team            
ncbaa - (National Council on Black American Affairs) CRM Web Team            
NewVision - (Investiture) CRM Web Team            
nontradcareers CRM Web Team            
NSF-InnovATE Paul Slater            
panthertrail Nefi Narvaez            
pantherwatch Nefi Narvaez            
panthercard  Jessica Bender Samhurline Etienne           
panthers-closet CRM Web Team            
panthers-pride CRM Web            
pantherweb - (Login Landing Pg) CRM Web Team            
paw - (PBSC Wireless Network) CRM Web Team            
perc( Panthers Empowerment Resource Center) CRM            
perspectives - (Former NewsLetter) CRM Web Team            
Center for Teaching & Excellence in Learning
Sonya Rawlins Matt Klauser          
prep math LW Karuna Dara  Lyam Christopher          
President CRM Web Team            
printshop CRM Web Team            
prior-learning - (Assessment) Clarisse May             
procurement Shauntreana Williams             
prospective students CRM Web Team            
ptlc/belle-glade/ Lisa MacMullen  CRM          
ptlc/boca-raton/ Lisa MacMullen  CRM          
ptlc/lake-worth/ Lisa MacMullen  CRM          
ptlc/lox/ Lisa MacMullen CRM          
ptlc/palm-beach-gardens/ Lisa MacMullen  CRM          
purchasing Shauntreana Williams             
Qep (Quality Enhancement Plan) Lisa MacMullen            
QuickLinks CRM Web Team            
SACS - Accreditation Jeffrey Nowak  Joan Roberts  David Weber        
safety  John Garafolo  Ginny Rizzo          
Security Mary Sanders            
service desk Donald (Skip) Short            
service learning CRM Web Team            
site index                         CRM Web Team            
slc/belle-glade    Leandria Vickers          
slc/boca-raton Carol Morabito   Leandria Vickers          
slc/lake-worth Karuna Dara (SLC, Lake Worth) Lyam Christopher (SLC, Lake Worth)  Leandria Vickers Mylene Araujo(SLC, Lake Worth)      
slc/pbg Mara Abrams (SLC, PBG)            
socialmedia CRM Web Team            
starfish Patricia Hoyle            
Student Services CRM Web Team            
student activities Nefi Narvaez            
studentdevelopment (New) CRM Web Team            
student services-lw CRM Web Team            
student success Karuna Dara (SLC, Lake Worth) Lyam Christopher (SLC, Lake Worth)   Mylene Araujo(SLC, Lake Worth)      
student updates CRM Web Team            
Teacher Ed Theresa Wilson            
testing-center Debra Jackson            
theatre/ Humberto Echevers Mark P. Alexander          
theatre/dollyhand Debra Bowles Mark P. Alexander (Executive Director)          
theatre/duncan-theatre Humberto Echevers  Mark P. Alexander           
theatre/eissey-campus-theatre Ann Faber  Mark P. Alexander           
titleV Patricia Hoyle            
transfer - (Agreements) Clarissa May             
trespaths CRM Web Team            
Veterans Services              
vpab - (Vice Pres. Admin. & Business Services) Shauntreana Williams            
vpss - (Vice Pres. Student Services) Betty Dente            
web CRM Web Team            
Wellness center/boca              
Wellness center/belle glade              
Wellness center/LW Delores Buck
wellness center/pbg Andrew Harre            


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