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Education Series

Cultural Arts For Education (CAFE)

For more information or to make reservations (deadline is August 18), contact Debbie at 561-993-1160.  Reservation requests received after August 18 will be filled based on availability.  Only those who have previously made and received confirmed reservations will be admitted to a performance.    Theatre Etiquette for Schools

Teachers: If you attended a performance with your class, please complete a survey and fax it to us at 561-993-1162. Your responses are very important to us - thank you!

NOTE: Available study guides or websites are listed below.


Dragons Love Tacos
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Grades K-5

Theatreworks USA's newest musical revue of beloved contemporary children's books including Dragons Love Taco's, Interrupting Chicken, The Dot, Mercy Watson Goes For A Ride and Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa School Days.

Standards:  LAFS, ELD, MU, TH



The STEAM Trunk Circus
Thursday, October 19, 2017      study guide
Grades 2-6

A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin a show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling, and physical comedy. The audience must solve clues, overcome obstacles, and figure out a 90 year-old-secret as they help to create the story from beginning to end. Based on a real character, the kids are empowered to write about people and events in their own lives, while discovering how authors develop story ideas.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Wednesday, October 25, 2017      study guide
Grades K-5

This musical adaptation of the classic Grimm’s fairy tale features a script with lovable characters portrayed by an ensemble of live actors and wonderful puppets. Follow along as Snow White meets her pint-sized friends, takes the apple from the Evil Queen, receives a kiss from the Prince, and lives happily ever after. This faithful rendition of the fairy tale will inspire young audiences to read the original.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



Bill Blagg in The Science of Magic
Monday, October 30, 2017      Bill Blagg
Grades 4-8

Illusionist Bill Blagg’s one-of-a-kind educational experience, The Science of Magic takes students on a rare, never-before-seen journey “behind the scenes” of the magic world where they will discover firsthand how magicians use science to create the impossible!  Bill’s comedy-filled, action-packed, presentation is highly interactive and makes science fun and exciting! Students will use the Scientific Method in order to levitate one of their teachers in mid-air and even learn how the science of reflection can make their homework magically disappear! In addition, Bill even performs some of his mind-blowing, grand-scale illusions with a scientific twist!

Standards: SC, TH



Junie B. Jones
Wednesday, November 1, 2017       study guide
Grades 3-8

Now that Junie B. Jones has been going to school for over one-and-a-half years, who better to write the book on EVERYTHING you need to know? From bus rules to band-aids, carpools to cookies, Junie B. and friends deliver the definitive word on surviving and thriving in style. With a jillion tips, tricks and trip-ups, Junie B. shares her hard-won expertise and shows us all how school is sometimes scary, sometimes super-fun, and ALWAYS something to sing about!

Standards: LAFS, MU, TH



Thursday, November 2, 2017     study guide
Grades PreK-2

Little Girl is thrilled when she receives Biscuit as a birthday present, but will this rambunctious puppy learn how to behave and accept being part of a family? ArtsPower’s popular musical features a frolicking little puppy who loves exploring, making new friends, and even stirring up some mischief.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, MU, TH



The Wright Stuff
Monday, November 6, 2017    study guide
Grades K-6 * Standards: SC; SS

Barely out of their teens, two plucky bicycle mechanics team up with their studious sister to out-invent the world’s top scientists and achieve the timeless dream of flight. From their tiny workshop in Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright travel to North Carolina and launch the first powered, sustained and controlled flight of an airplane, changing the world forever.

Standards: LAFS, SS, TH



Santa's Holiday Traditions
Monday, December 11, 2017

This fast-paced, rollicking musical that takes a joyous around the world tour of the dances, songs and stories from Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and many more. Students will sing, clap and tap along as they learn new and old traditions, customs and folklore that instill the magic of the season. This wonderful jubilee creates a memorable and heart-warming experience that celebrates the true spirit of cultural diversity.

Standards: DA, ELD, MU, SS, TH



Cat in the Hat
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Grades K- 4

The Cat in the Hat is the host and emcee (and all-around mischief-maker) in this romp through the Seuss classics. When the sweet, good-natured elephant Horton hears a small cry for help coming from a small speck of dust, he promises to rescue and guard it because "a person's a person, no matter how small."

On that small speck of dust lives JoJo, an imaginative young Who. JoJo has astounding "thinks," in which anything is possible, but his parents believe this creativity is inappropriate for the son of the Mayor of Who-Ville.  Meanwhile, the one-feathered bird, Miss Gertrude McFuzz, desperately wants Horton to notice her. Maybe, she thinks, she just needs a more impressive tail. At the same time, the amazingly lazy Maysie La Bird connives, cajoles and convinces Horton to sit on her egg while she goes off on a spree.  Will the planet of Who survive? Will Horton pay attention to Gertrude? Will Maysie ever return for her egg? Dr. Seuss's beloved classic characters find themselves intertwined in an incredible crazy-quilt adventure, in which the power of imagination and the most miraculous "think" ever save the day!

Standards: LAFS, ELD, MU, TH



Stinky Cheese Man
Thursday, January 25, 2018    study guide
Grades PreK-3

Poor Jack. He’s got to use his wits to save himself from the terrible Giant, but a host of familiar fairytale characters keep messing up his plans—and then there’s that annoying Stinky Cheese Man! The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales deconstructs the tradition of the fairy tale. Characters slide in and out of tales; Cinderella rebuffs Rumpelstiltskin, and Goldilocks meets the Three Elephants. Nothing is quite the same and you remember it.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey
Thursday, January 30, 2018
Grades K-4

Marvin the mouse wants to be popular. Constantly bullied and picked on by the "cool" rats, he is labeled as a loser and a geek. To get away from the continuous badgering, he retreats into his science books and a world of fantasy. He longs to have adventures, to be the hero.  Join Marvin on the space adventure of a lifetime; a trip to the surface of the moon on his homemade rocket, where he meets a strange cast of misfit creatures and learns of infinite peril and awesome beauty. Will Marvin make his dreams come true and attain the glory and acceptance he craves?

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



Cirque Zuma Zuma
Thursday, February 1, 2018     
Grades K-12

The tradition of dance and acrobatics in Africa goes back over 2,500 years.  African Acrobatics International Academy was founded as a private academy to uphold this centuries' old tradition through training and artistry.  Cirque Zuma Zuma was established in late 2005 as a touring arm of the company with a mission of teaching the world about African cultures.  This performance blends traditional African dance, song and music with feats of acrobatics, contortionism, mime work, clowning, magic and more.

Standards: DA, LAFS, ELD, MU, PE



I Have A Dream
Monday, February 5, 2018    study guide
Grades 3-8

This biographical play details some of the events in the life of Martin Luther King, the most influential leader of the civil rights movement.  From those who inspired him, King formed the beliefs which changed the lives of many people for future generations.

Standards: LAFS, SS, TH



The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook
Wednesday, February 7, 2018      study guide
Grades 1-6

The true story of a boy born with one hand, HOOK teaches a stirring, humor-filled lesson in both accepting ourselves, and people who are different than us.

Standards:  LAFS, ELD, TH



Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny
Friday, February 22, 2018       study guide
Grades PreK-2

Adapted from Margaret Wise Brown’s sixty-year-old classic, Goodnight Moon is a celebration of familiar night-time rituals, while The Runaway Bunny's pretend tale of leaving home evokes reassuring responses from his loving mum. Both feature the endearing animal puppets, stunning scenic effects and evocative music that have earned international recognition for Mermaid Theatre.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



Rainbow Fish
Thursday, April 26, 2018     study guide
Grades PreK-2

The Rainbow Fish will enchant even the youngest child with his silver scales and heart of gold in this award-winning book about the beautiful fish who learned to share his most prized possession. Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia brings The Rainbow Fish to life with their enchanting puppetry.

Standards: LAFS, ELD, TH



All dates and performances subject to change.


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