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Students can call 561-868-3980 or visit the PBSC Counseling Center website.

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Choice Challenge Exams and Portfolios

Over 50 courses are awarded through the Career Pathways (CP) Articulation Agreement (CHOICE). Many only need completion of the designated high school courses or verification of an industry certification. The following 16 courses awarded through the CP agreement program will require an exam or portfolio review.

Course #

Course Title Exam Type

Credits/Clock Hours


Indoor Air Quality for Air Conditioning Written/Practical

120 clock hrs


Introduction to HVAC/R Principles Written/Practical

120 clock hrs


HVAC/R Tools and Component Fabrication Written/Practical

120 clock hrs


Introduction to Biotechnological Methods Written/Practical

5 credits


Microcomputer Applications Written

3 credits


Professional Cooking Written

2 credits


Professional Cooking Lab Practical (Plus Recipe Portfolio Required) 1 credit
GRA2100C Introduction to Macintosh Graphics Project Portfolio  3 credits
MAN2021 Principles of Management Written

3 credits

MEA0242 Pharmacology for the Medical Assistant Written/Practical 95 clock hrs
MEA0310 Introduction to Medical Office Procedures Two (2) Written

90 clock hrs

MEA0520 Phlebotomy for the Medical Assistant Written/Practical 75 clock hrs
MEA0540 Electrocardiography for the Medical Assistant Written/Practical

75 clock hrs

OTA0100 Introduction to Keyboarding and Word Processing Practical

60 clock hrs

Written exams are administered through the College Testing Centers on any campus.  Practical Exams and portfolio reviews are done through the Department Chair, Program Director or Associate Dean listed in the CP agreement appendix. Go to the CHOICE main page and follow the directions to find out more information about this assessment process.

You are in luck! You can take these exams or obtain a portfolio review at a reduced rate! To qualify talk to the department chair, program manager or associate dean contact for the program you want to get credit in and they will help you qualify for the reduced rate to take these assessments.

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