Under the Procurement umbrella, additional responsibilities include the PCard program, processing of mail and freight, inventory of capital items, management and disposal of surplus property, dining, vending and hospitality services, the Panthercard program and the bookstore.

As a branch of Administration and Business Services, Procurement is comprised of four departments: Purchasing, Auxiliary Services, Central Receiving and Property Records.

David Chojnacki  561-868-3465
Procurement Director

Bill Zaugg  561-868-3459
Administrative Assistant II

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Purchasing Dept

Vendor / contract relations, competitive solicitations, product sourcing, PCard
MS# 27


Karen Windham, Senior Buyer

Tranetta Rutherford, Buyer

Thomas Harkins, PCard Specialist

Department Fax: 561-868-3460

Auxiliary Services

Dining, beverage and snack vending and hospitality, PantherCard, bookstore
MS# 61


Jessica Bender, Aux. Svcs. & College Card Manager

Samhurline Etienne, Aux. Svcs. & College Card Representative

Department Fax: 561-868-3859

Central Receiving

Mail, express packaging, freight, stores orders - copy paper, envelopes, forms
MS# 4


Rene Almonte, Warehouse Supervisor

Jason Meadows, Warehouse Receiving Coordinator

Andre Lowe, Warehouse Receiving Technician

Department Fax: 561-868-3513

Property Records

Inventory, reusable and surplus equipment / furniture, vehicle titles
MS# 3


Danielle Goldstein, Inventory Reporting Representative

Paulo Bodnar, Inventory Representative

Department Fax: 561-868-3460