Palm Beach State College students who are enrolled in classes that may result in injury during training or clinical experience situations (e.g., in certain Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Public Safety and Trade & Industry programs) are responsible for all medical and/or personal expenses resulting from treatment of any such injury. However, to assist with this expense, all students in covered programs are covered by Student Accident (Education Training) Insurance coordinated by the College and paid for by the student as part of the course registration fee. This insurance coverage is in excess of any private insurance the student may have and is in effect only during classwork and/or training. If the student has their own private health insurance coverage, the College's policy will pay for any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the student's own insurance, e.g., any deductible or co-payment. If the student has no private health insurance, the College's policy will cover an accident fully up to its limit of $15,000. However, students returning to the College for agility tests, re-certifications, etc. are not eligible for this insurance.

If you are a student in a covered program who becomes injured while participating in classwork or training under that program, you should immediately inform your class supervisor or instructor of the accident. Your supervisor/instructor will then contact Security in order for them to complete a formal Accident – Incident Report. If you need any medical treatment for your injury, our policy allows for the first expense for treatment of the injury to be incurred up to 26 weeks after the accident. Upon deciding that you need medical treatment, or as soon as possible thereafter, you must inform your supervisor/instructor, who is responsible for obtaining and submitting the claim form, which both of you must complete and sign. The completed claim form must be submitted within 30 days of your first treatment to Fringe Benefit Coordinators, Inc., the administrator for the College's program (address is shown at the top of the claim form). Be sure that you keep a copy of the completed claim form for your records. Following any medical treatment, your medical insurance carrier (if you have one) will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) outlining what they have paid or will pay and what they will not pay. You must send the EOB to Fringe Benefit Coordinators, along with any bill you may receive from the medical service provider. A copy of the Accident – Incident Report prepared by Security must accompany the claim. You may contact Ginny Rizzo at or (561) 868-4014 to obtain a copy of this report to send to Fringe Benefit Coordinators.

The Claim Form can also be accessed at If you have any questions or comments regarding the Student Accident (Education Training) Insurance program, please contact Ginny Rizzo at or (561) 868-4014. If you have any questions regarding the status of a claim, please contact Fringe Benefit Coordinators at (800) 654-1452.


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