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Frequently Asked Questions

When are Foundation Scholarships available to students?

  • Fall/Spring Term: In August of each academic year
  • Summer Term: If funds are available

Where do I go to fill out the Scholarship Application?
Please visit the Foundation Application Portal using your PBSC Username (Student ID number) and PBSC Password.


How long does the application process take?
The application process takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the length of your personal statement. If you are completing multiple essays, it may take longer. Please make sure you complete the application in full and print out your confirmation. 


What should I do if I have trouble with my user name and/or password?
The scholarship portal login credential should be your PBSC Username and Password. If you’re experiencing any login issues you may reach out to the Service Desk.


What happens when I complete the application?
When you complete the application you should print out the confirmation for your records. 


Once I complete my application, can I modify it?
Modification cannot be made once the application has been submitted.  


Are scholarships based on enrollment status?
The majority of the scholarships require the student to be enrolled either full-time status (9 or more credit hours or equivalent) or part-time status (6 or more credit hours or equivalent).


Should I complete the FAFSA?
The majority of the scholarships require a completed FAFSA as the donor has required that the student have financial need. The FAFSA is the instrument used by the Foundation to determine financial need. Both merit and need-based scholarships are available. Merit scholarships do not require the FAFSA or financial need. We are aware that some of our students may not be eligible to fill out the FAFSA due to immigration status and we would like to encourage everyone to complete the scholarship application nonetheless because there are scholarship opportunities available if funding permits.


Who determines which students receive Foundation Scholarships?
Scholarship recipients are selected based on scholarship criteria established by the donors. Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with the donor criteria and college policy. All decisions made by the Financial Aid Office regarding scholarships are final.


When are Foundation Scholarships awarded?
Foundation Scholarships are awarded in August of each Academic year. Students are required to pay their tuition as established when they register for courses. Foundation scholarships may be posted and disbursed after students’ payment due date therefore it’s crucial for students to make the necessary financial arrangement to safeguard classes from being dropped due to non-payment. 


How will I know if I have received a Foundation Scholarship?
Selected students will be notified via PBSC email in August. Please allow 2 weeks of processing for the award to be posted in students’ Workday account. All scholarship recipients will be required to complete and submit a “Letter of Gratitude” to the Foundation within 2 weeks of the initial award notification which will be forwarded to the donor. All “Letter of Gratitude” inquiries can be forwarded to the Foundation Office. 


Do I have to be a US Citizen to qualify for a scholarship?
No. However, students should have established Florida Residency if possible since it can open up more scholarship opportunities.


Is there funding for students in the Bachelor’s Programs?
Yes, there is some funding for students in the Bachelor’s Programs.

What if I am a new student at Palm Beach State College? Can I qualify for a foundation scholarship?
We do have some scholarships for incoming freshmen who have graduated from designated area high schools.

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