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Letter of Gratitude

Gratitude messages are the perfect way to show appreciation and to say thank you to the donor. Their generosity supports the educational dreams of students like you. Let them know the scholarship is making a difference and you are grateful to them for helping you reach your goals.


Tips for writing your letter

  • Be sincere and express enthusiasm.
  • Make sure your letter is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Have someone review your letter before submitting.
  • Please do not include the dollar amount of your scholarship in the letter. Thank the donors for their support, not their money.
  • If you received multiple donor-funded scholarships, please submit a letter for each scholarship.

If you need help writing your letter, please contact the Student Learning Center or Foundation Office.


What to include in your letter

Introduction & statement of appreciation

Use a formal salutation to address the donor or organization. If you're writing the letter to an individual, use their last name an appropriate title.

Introduce yourself and express gratitude for the scholarship. What does this scholarship mean to you and your family? Include relevant information such as your hometown, family background and what scholarship you received.


What areas of study, degree or certification are you pursuing? What are your academic, career, personal goals? How will this scholarship help you achieve these goals? 

What are some of your activities (e.g. community service, clubs, memberships) that drive you? Describe these passions that tell the donor about your interests and goals outside of academics.

Restate your appreciation to the donor for your scholarship. What is the most significant impact that this scholarship has on you and your future? Please include a proper closing (e.g. Sincerely, In appreciation, Thank you, Kind regards, etc.) and your name. 

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