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Student Scholarships


Who We Are 

Palm Beach State Foundation manages a number of student scholarships created to assist students with achieving their academic goals. Note: All decisions made by the scholarship committees are final.

Donors: Who Are They?

  • Generous donors includes:
    • Individuals
    • Businesses
    • Foundations
    • Community Organizations

See the complete list of Scholarships

To become a Donor contact the Foundation Office at 561-868-3450

Students: Funds Disbursement

Fall Term Foundation Scholarships are posted to student account in Mid-October of the calendar year.

Spring Term Foundation Scholarships are posted to student accounts in February of the calendar year.

Questions about Disbursement? Visit the Financial Aid website for contact information for each campus


Students: Your Responsibilities

If you are selected to receive a scholarship

 Students: How Scholarships are Awarded

  • Scholarship recipients are selected based on scholarship criteria established by the donors.
  • Scholarship criteria can include GPA, credit hours enrolled, program of study, financial need and/or other criteria specified by the donor and consistent with Foundation policies and guidelines.

WoW Factor

Before you apply for that scholarship, add some "WOW factor" to your submission!
See a tutor in the Student Learning Center and find out how!



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