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Student Scholarships


A Foundation for the Future

Scholarships mean our young people can pursue academic and professional paths that benefit not only themselves and their families but also Palm Beach County in healthcare, public safety, local industries and more, bringing a better future for all of us.

Foundation scholarship selections are underway.
Updates will be sent via PBSC email in 6 to 8 weeks.


For scholarship related questions, workshops and information




Students: Funds

Foundation Scholarships are awarded in August of each academic year. Disbursement date is to be determined.

Students: Personal Statement Disbursement

Give the Scholarship Committee an opportunity to learn more about you and how the scholarship will help continue your education.


Get Help With Your Essay

The Student Learning Center can help with your application essay before you submit it.

Support Student Scholarships

Your commitment allows us to  serve the needs of our students for generations to come.


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