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Student Learning Center (SLC)


The Student Learning Centers on each campus offer a variety of options to meet the academic support needs of individual students, including the following:

  • Tutoring help! One-on-one and small group tutoring in most areas. Tutoring appointments available in most labs.
  • Open study areas staffed with discipline-specific tutors to guide students as they work and study independently.
  • Discipline-specific study groups hosted in some labs.
  • Interactive seminars and workshops on topics identified by students and faculty as critical to student success.
  • Hands-on access to Anatomy & Physiology models with tutoring assistance.
  • Personalized guidance for computer-assisted coursework or course assignments on Blackboard.

Our staff is made up of degreed tutors and/or peer tutors who are certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Tutor Training Program. Students have continuous access to SLC information through Facebook, Twitter, the College website, in-class orientations, and open house events.

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Important SLC Policies

  • You must have your PantherCard on you to gain access to the Labs.
  • Talking on your cell phone inside the Labs is prohibited.
  • Food & Drinks are not permitted inside the Labs.
  • Children are not permitted inside the Labs.


Staff Resources

CRLA Certification

Request for SLC Assistance


Test Preparation

ProCalc Packet

P.E.R.T. Study Guide

Preparing for the TABE


Student Testimonials

Listen to students and their experience with the SLC - Student Testimonial videos

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