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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates 5/21/2020
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Student Learning Center (SLC) - FAQs


Please Remember:

  • We are ONLY offering online tutoring at this time to currently enrolled PBSC students. Please click here to schedule your appointment. 
  • Same day appointments are available. 
  • Our tutoring hours are: Monday - Thursday 9am - 9pm; Friday 9am - 6pm; Saturday & Sunday Noon to 9pm. 
A. The SLC is now offering fully online tutoring in the same courses you were able to receive help in face-to-face. Go to the SLC main page to book your appointment. All you need is a working computer, internet, webcam, and mic to speak to a tutor. If you do not have a webcam and/or mic, we can still host an appointment with you through the chat feature available in WCONLINE.  Same day appointments are available as well. 
A. You have to come prepared prior to seeing a tutor. This means attending class or catching up on a missed lecture by reading the book and/or watching the taped-lectures. Tutors are not allowed to teach but to assist you in the areas you are having trouble understanding within the allowed time.
A. Tutors are not allowed to work on problems given on a take-home test, quiz, or graded assignment unless special permission is given by your instructor. Tutors are allowed to help with a similar problem found by you in your textbook.

A. While the SLC is operating remotely, we remind students that having a drink near a computer can be an unnecessary spill hazard; we’d hate for your tutoring session to be cut short from a soda spilled on the keyboard! Once the college and the SLC labs open again, food is not allowed in the labs; only beverages in a spill proof liquid container can be brought in. (Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups with plastic snap-on lids are also not permitted).

A. Only currently enrolled Palm Beach State College students are allowed in the Lab and are allowed to receive our online tutoring services. Non-Palm Beach State College students (children or adults) are not permitted in the Labs even if accompanied by a Palm Beach State College student.
A. Students should bring a copy of the assignment they are working on so that the tutors can provide effective feedback and guidance. For our online services, this includes attaching the assignment  when booking the tutoring appointment. This also includes coming prepared with your class notes, questions, and essential equipment such as internet, webcam, microphone, and ideally a quiet environment to fully be able to hear the tutor. 
A.  All students will need to make an appointment. Same day appointments are available as well. In order for a tutor to see you are requesting help, an appointment will need to be made. Please click here to schedule your appointment with us.
A. Reading tutors can help with all reading assignments in any class, from guiding students through reading challenging passages to answering questions on specific reading skills.
A. The Reading Lab offers the following resources:  textbooks, dictionaries and thesauri, helpful handouts and tip sheets, supplemental practices.
A. If students are enrolled in the TABE Reading Remediation Course, they are able to receive structured lab work and personalized tutoring in the SLC. TABE Tutoring appointments can be made on our online platform in WCONLINE. Log-in to WCONLINE with your Panther email and password, then search for the VPI Tutoring schedule for appointment slots. 
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