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College Readiness

Welcome to College Readiness at the PBSC Lake Worth campus. Our department serves students who want to refresh basic skills in Math and English. In addition, we offer courses for students whose primary language is not English. Lastly, the course "Introduction to the College Experience" focuses on acclimating first-time students to the college environment.


  • Developmental Reading and Writing  
  • Developmental Algebra 
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Introduction to the College Experience
  • Personal Development

Palm Beach State College provides a complete program for students to build academic skills for success, whether they are entering from high school or are starting or resuming their college career later in life. College readiness courses in reading, English, mathematics and success skills prepare students for college-level courses.

Any Associate degree-seeking student may enroll in these classes; however, they are designed especially for students who need some additional skills to be successful in college-level courses in reading, English and mathematics. State law prohibits baccalaureate students from enrolling in college readiness courses. Academic advisors work with these students to design a college readiness plan to help them prepare for college-level work.


The College Readiness program is tailored to each student’s needs. There are several options for college readiness in the areas of mathematics, reading and English. The College Readiness program is designed for students at all levels of college readiness in reading, English and mathematics. For those whose primary language is not English, the program offers English for Academic Purposes foundation courses.

College readiness courses for students whose primary language is English:

  • College Reading and Writing (ENC 0017)
  • College Writing Essentials (ENC 0052)
  • College Reading (REA 0056)

College readiness courses for students with limited English proficiency:

  • Introduction to Speaking/Listening (EAP 0300)
  • Integrated Reading and Writing (EAP 0382)
  • Integrated Speech/Grammar (EAP 0388)
  • Speaking/Listening 1 (EAP 0400)
  • Intermediate Reading (EAP 0420)
  • Intermediate Grammar (EAP 0460)

For all college readiness students:

  • Developmental Algebra (MAT 0022)
  • Developmental Math 1 (MAT 0055)
  • Advanced Developmental Algebra (MAT 0056)
  • Introduction to the College Experience (SLS 1501). This course is a key course in the College Readiness program. The course teaches study and test-taking skills and time management. Students also explore their own learning styles. Many students find the skills they learned in this course to be very valuable to their success in all of their College courses.


In addition to the courses, the College offers a complete support network, including academic advising for college readiness students to help in course selection and educational planning.


Once the college readiness courses are completed, take the required college-level courses in English (ENC 1101) and mathematics (MAT 1033) as soon as possible to apply the new skills in a college-level course.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at Palm Beach State College consists of the following four levels of instruction for students with limited English proficiency:

1 - Foundations

  • A - EAP 0160 Grammar Foundations A (4 credits)
  • B - EAP 0120 Reading Foundations A (4 credits)
  • C - EAP 0100 Speaking and Listening Level 1 (4 credits)

2 - Foundations

  • A - EAP 0260 Grammar Foundations B (4 credits)
  • B - EAP 0220 Reading Foundations B (4 credits)
  • C - EAP 0200 Speaking and Listening Level 2 (4 credits)

3 - Foundations

  • A - EAP 0360 Grammar Foundations C (4 credits)
  • B - EAP 0320 Reading Foundations C (4 credits)
  • C - EAP 0300 Speaking and Listening Level 3 (4 credits)

The College offers the Foundation program for students with limited English proficiency who have been placed into this level, prior to taking EAP College Readiness courses. The Foundation program includes three levels in reading and writing, grammar and speech, and listening and speaking. These courses combine lecture and lab components to meet the specific needs of non-native English speakers. Academic support is provided through tutoring, audio and video technology, and interactive computer software in the Student Learning Center at each campus location. 

4 - College Readiness

  • A - EAP 0460 Intermediate Grammar (3 credits)
  • B - EAP 0420 Intermediate Reading (3 credits)
  • C - EAP 0400 Speaking and Listening Level 4 (3 credits)

5 - Credit Courses

  • A - EAP 1584 High Intermediate English (3 credits)
  • B - EAP 1520 High Intermediate Reading (3 credits)
  • C - EAP 1500 Speaking and Listening Level 5 (3 credits)

6 - College Credit Courses

  • A - EAP 1684 Advanced English (3 credits)
  • B - EAP 1620 Advanced Reading (3 credits)
  • C - EAP 1600 Advanced Speaking and Listening Level 6 (3 credits)

*These courses earn A.A. elective credits that count toward the Associate in Arts (AA) degree. Please see an academic advisor for more information.

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center (SLC) at each campus provides services for all students. The SLC is a highly supportive environment where students can receive additional help through tutoring, individualized instruction and Supplemental Instruction (SI).

The SLC is equipped with computer software and other learning tools to support many credit and college readiness courses. Review materials for standardized tests such as TABE are available. The SLC also provides Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI) for students in career certificate programs who need additional skills to pass the TABE test. For more information about the SLC, such as hours of operation, visit

View individual course information in the College Catalog.

Grammar & Composition Courses
Course LOEP
EAP 0160  Grammar Foundations A 56-65
EAP 0260  Grammar Foundations B 66-75
EAP 0360  Grammar Foundations C 76-85
EAP 0460   Intermediate Grammar 86 - 95
EAP 1584   High Intermediate English* 96 - 105
EAP 1684   Advanced English* 106 - 115


Reading Courses
Course LOEP
EAP 0120  Reading Foundations A 56-65
EAP 0220  Reading Foundations B 66-75
EAP 0320  Reading Foundations C 76-85
EAP 0420   Intermediate Reading 86 - 95
EAP 1520   High Intermediate Reading* 96 - 105
EAP 1620   Advanced Reading* 106 - 115

*EAP1520, EAP1620, EAP1584, and EAP1684 are 
college-level EAP courses and can be applied  as
elective credits toward an associate degree



Speaking & Listening Courses
Course LOEP
EAP 0100   Speaking and Listening 1 56-65
EAP 0200   Speaking and Listening 2 66-75
EAP 0300   Speaking and Listening 3 76-85
EAP 0400   Speaking and Listening 4 86 - 95
EAP 1500   Speaking and Listening 5** 96 - 105
EAP 1600   Speaking and Listening 6** 106 - 115
**EAP1500 and EAP1600 are "optional" college-level EAP
courses and can be applied as elective credits toward an associate degree

Department Chairs

Department Chair Contact Info
Name/Email Office Phone Areas
Professor Carleton Chernekoff  SS 121 561-868-3021 Reading & English Prep 
Dr. Pamela Mason-Egan  TC 117 561-868-4223  Intro to College Experience 
Professor Sandra Demauro  BA 310 561-868-4223 Intro to College Experience 
Professor Valerie Lazzara BA 125 561-868-3790 Math Prep
Dr. Sophia Munro BA 305 561-868-3423 EAP

Full Time Faculty

Professor Rita Alonso-Sheldon

Professor Reggie Butler

Dr. Lisa A. Byard

Dr. Monica Hamlin

Professor Tricia Lynn

Dr. Jeannette C. Sullivan

Professor Mary Bailey


Location & Contact Info

The College Readiness Dept. is located on the first floor of the TC building, room 120.

Susan Bierster, Associate Dean  561-868-3245

Elida Ferro, Administrative Assistant  561-868-3290


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