Vacation Leave
The vacation entitlement schedule is based on years of service. Full-time staff employees with continuous service accrue:

First 5 Years
1 day of vacation leave for each calendar month.
Next 5 Years
1¼ days of vacation leave for each calendar month.
Over 10 Years
1½ days of vacation leave for each calendar month.


Sick Leave
Full-time employees accrue one sick day per month. Sick leave shall be cumulative from year to year. If an employee leaves the college, pay-out for sick leave follows college guidelines as outlined in Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.021.

Employees may use up to four leave days during each fiscal year. Personal leave is charged to the employee’s unused sick leave time. Personal leave days do not accumulate from year to year. For further information refer to Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.09.


Sick Leave Pool
The Sick Leave Pool is intended to be used by eligible employees to assist in covering the gap between the exhaustion of all accumulated paid leave and the 90-day waiting period until long-term disability insurance benefits may become effective. Any full-time employee shall be eligible for participation in the Pool provided that the employee has been employed with the college for one (1) year and has accumulated 40 hours of unused sick leave after the employee's donation to the Pool. Participation in the Pool is voluntary. A member of the Pool can request time from the Pool in full day increments, if he/she cannot return to work because of a serious health condition, as defined under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the employee has exhausted all accrued leave.

As outlined in Board Policy 6Hx-18-5.031, eligible full-time employees may submit a Sick Leave Pool Enrollment Form during open enrollment which occurs in the month of October each year.  Details regarding the program can be found in the Sick Leave Pool Procedures. In order to request time from the Pool, participants need to complete the Sick Leave Pool Request Form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources with the required medical documentation.


Family Medical Leave
The College will grant up to 12 weeks of family medical leave to eligible employees within a 12-month period. Employees are eligible if they have worked for the College for at least one year and have worked at least 1,250 ours during the past twelve months. Employees may use FML on a continuous or intermittent basis during the 12-month period that begins o the first date that the employee uses FML. During Family Medical Leave, the College will continue to provide medical, dental, and basic life insurance coverage a the same level of contributions and benefits as before the leave. FML usage will be concurrent with other pay leave and all paid leave must be used before unpaid leave is granted. For further information refer to Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.131.


Extended Medical Leave of Absence
A full-time non-unit employee may be granted an Extended Medical Leave of Absence for up to six months. A full-time bargaining unit member may be granted an Extended Medical Leave of Absence in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. Such leave will include any Family Medical Leave for which the employee is qualified to receive. Family Medical Leave rules as described in board rule Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.131 will apply during any period of time when an Extended Leave of Absence and Family Medical Leave are concurrent. For further information refer to Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.13.


Illness In Line of Duty Leave
Full-time employees may be granted up to five leave days for an on-the-job illness or injury covered under workers' compensation, as determined by the workers' compensation physician. Eligible employees may be granted five illness in the line of duty days only once per injury or illness in a calendar year. These leave days are intended to pay for time lost during the wait period until workers' compensation payments begin. For further information refer to Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.07.

An employee is provided coverage for lost wages and medical expenses that result from a job related accident or illness in accordance with the Workers' Compensation laws of the State of Florida.

District Board of Trustees Policy 6Hx-18-5.07 "Illness in the Line of Duty Leave" allows full-time employees up to five (5) duty days of full compensation for absences due to on-the-job illnesses or injuries which are determined necessary by a certified workers' compensation physician.

workers' compensation poster

If you need emergency medical assistance

  • Call 911 and then Campus Security.
  • Inform the emergency room staff that you sustained a workers' compensation injury.
  • You will need to be drug tested by the emergency room in accordance with Board Policy 6Hx-18-5.84 "Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace".
  • After being treated by the emergency room contact Donna Agard or Melissa Solla-Gibble in the Office of Human Resources for follow up instructions.

If your injury does not require emergency medical assistance

  • Contact your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources immediately. (If your injury is after normal business hours contact security on your campus immediately and human resources the following day).  Even if you decide not to seek medical treatment, the accident/injury still needs to be documented by human resources.
  • If you do require medical treatment, human resources will refer you to a certified workers' compensation physician or facility. You must have a referral form before seeking medical treatment.  Do not go to your personal physician as it will not be covered under workers' compensation.
  • You will also be given paperwork in order to be drug tested in accordance with Board Policy 6Hx-18-5.84 "Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace".

After seeing the physician

The doctor or facility will complete a form regarding your work status, restrictions and a follow up date (if necessary) which is to be provided to human resources.

If the physician determines you are unable to work

If the doctor determines you are not able to return to work immediately, call your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources regarding your situation. Full-time employees may be eligible for Illness in the Line of Duty Leave. Otherwise, the College's workers' compensation carrier will begin paying 66 2/3 of the employee's salary after the waiting period required by law.



Leave for Court Purposes

Full-time or regular part-time employees who are summoned as a member of a jury panel or subpoenaed as a witness, not involving litigation in which the employee is principal, will be granted leave with pay, and jury/witness fees will be retained by the employee. The College will not reimburse the employee for meals, lodging and travel expenses incurred while serving as a juror. If an employee is subpoenaed in the line of duty to appear in court as a witness or defendant for a College related matter, the time in court is considered a part of a normal work assignment. The employee shall be paid per Diem, if eligible, and travel expenses. In no case shall leave with pay be granted for court attendance when an employee is engaged in personal litigation in which the employee is a principal; however, an employee may be granted vacation or personal leave in such cases with the approval of the President or designee. Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.38.


Educational Leave for Non-faculty Employees
Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.371.


Professional Leave and Extended Professional Leave
Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.39.


Military Leave
Board Policy #6Hx-18-5.08.


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