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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Palm Beach State College (PBSC) is proudly using 2FA, which provides an extra layer of protection to aid in the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.


How do I enroll in 2FA?

To enroll in 2FA you will need your PBSC email address and either a PC or a mobile device. 


Know what to do and are ready to set up your 2FA? 

How do I reset my Password?

Easy! Once you have your 2FA set up, you can change your own password any time using our self-service password reset tool. 

When changing your password, remember that your new password must follow the PBSC password requirements outlined below:

password requirements


You can change your 2FA verification methods at any time by accessing your profile. Click here to change your verification methods or see the link below for instructions.


** If you encounter issues when using this tool please contact our Service Desk at 868-4000 **



Some older mobile email apps do not support 2FA. If the email app on your mobile device does not support 2FA, it will stop syncing your mail and you will need to install the Outlook app. Download the Outlook app using one of the links below.

     Download from App Store   Download from Google Play


Am I required to enroll in 2FA?

All current students, faculty, and staff are required to enroll in 2FA. You will not be able to sign into your college email, Workday, etc. without enrolling in 2FA first.


What is Microsoft Authenticator?

Microsoft Authenticator is an app for mobile devices that sends push notifications or generates passcodes to be used during the Two-Step Verification process. 


How will logging into PBSC web services differ using 2FA?

After you correctly enter your username and password for certain PBSC services, students, faculty, and staff will be prompted to authenticate using their additionally configured authentication methods - EX: phone call, mobile app, email.


What versions of iOS and Android support the Microsoft Authenticator app?

The Microsoft Authenticator App is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later. For Android, the version varies with the device.


What can I do if I have my mobile device with me but no access to the Internet or phone calls?

The Microsoft Authenticator app generates six-digit codes that can be entered on the authentication page and does not require an Internet connection to use.


For additional assistance with 2FA, please contact our IT Service Desk.

IT Service Desk
Faculty/Staff: 561-868-3100
Students: 561-868-4000


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